Borderway Primestock Sale

20th July 2020

At Borderway Mart, Carlisle on Monday 20th July Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of Primestock where a good show of 385 Cast cows, Bulls and Prime cattle were forward.

PRIME BULLS: Fewer bulls were on offer with only 81 forward seeing trade sharper to that of past week.  Top overall was a British Blue from Messrs MacDonald, Bowershield, Hexham receiving £1749.62 purchased by Messrs Kirkpatrick, Lockerbie.  Limousins to £1652 from Messrs Thompson, Townfoot, Penrith purchased by Morgan Helliwell.  Simmentals to £1651.38 from Messrs Lowry, New Steadings, Lanark purchased by Pickstocks.  Charolais to £1454 from Messrs Graham, Miller Hill, Brampton purchased by Jewitt Meats who in return also bought the top priced Galloway at £1330 from Maxwelton Estate, Thornhill.  Top overall pence per kilo of 223.50p was attained twice firstly by Messrs Cowx, Hudscales, Wigton with their Limousin and secondly by Messrs Jenkinson, Clifton Moor, Penrith and were purchased by Morgan Helliwell and Robert Medcalf, Brookwood Abattoir.

Black and whites proved easiest to sell and were seen to peak at £1260 for a Holstein Friesian from Messrs Gott, Prospect House, Cockermouth and £1210 from Messrs Thompson, Gates Garth Hall, Maryport both purchased by Charles Kirkpatrick.  Top priced Dairy bred was a Fleckvieh from Messrs Carruthers, Glenzierfoot, Canonbie receiving 188.50p purchased by Bowland Foods and finally Holstein to 175.00p from Messrs Grierson, Musgrave Hall, Penrith purchased again by Bowland Foods, Preston.  More are required for next week’s sale.

Leading Prices per Head: British Blue £1749 Bowershield, £1240 Peel Flatt Farm, £1087 Justicetown Farm, Limousin £1652 £1604 £1511 Townfoot, £1607 Allerby Hall, £1555 Prospect House, £1513 Clifton Moor, £1501 Hudscales, £1476 Reddings, £1468 £1442 Clifton Moor,

Simmental £1651 £1536 New Steadings Farm, Charolais £1454 Miller Hill, £1428 Waters Farm, £1396 £1343 £1340 Carwood Farm, £1317 The Square, Aberdeen Angus £1298 Auchenhill, £915 Justicetown Farm, Beef Shorthorn £1278 Peel Flatt Farm, £1231 £1198 Beckstones Farm,Holstein Friesian £1260 £1074 Prospect House, £1210 £1103 £1010 Gates Garth Hall Farm, £939 Musgrave Hall, £926 Castlesteads, Saler £1258 (x2) The Square, Whitebred Shorthorn £1191 Burgh Head Farm, Fleckvieh £1150 £1129 £1104 Glenzierfoot, £1125 Beckstones Farm, Montbelairde £917 Castlesteads.

Leading Prices per Kilo: Limousin 223.5 Hudscales, 223.5 217.5 211.5 Clifton Moor 222.5, 217.5 213.5 Reddings, 212.5 Prospect House, Charolais 208.5 200.5 191.5 Carwood Farm, Beef Shorthorn 201.5 190.5 Beckstones Farm, British Blue 199.5 Bowershield 188.5 Justicetown Farm,Saler 193.5 192.5 186.5 The Square, Fleckvieh 188.5 183.5 (x3) Glenzierfoot Farm, 184.5 Beckstones Farm,  Galloway 185.5 181.5 Breconside, Aberdeen Angus 178.5 168.5 Justicetown Farm, 167.5 Auchenhill, Holstein 175.5 169.5 163.5 Musgrave Hall, 167.5 165.5 164.5 Castlesteads, 165.5 Boreland of Colvend Farm, Holstein Friesian 170.5 164.5 Prospect House, 166.5 162.5 Gates Garth Hall Farm, Whitebred Shorthorn 165.5 Burgh Head Farm, Montbelairde 154.5 Castlesteads, Jersey 133.5 Cotehill Farm.  

PRIME CATTLE: A similar show of 36 Prime steers and heifers forward selling to a sharper trade on the week and more could have been sold to vendors advantage please advise entries.  Top overall on the day was a marvellous steer from Messrs Hewetson, Lords Close, Maryport with their Limousin cross attaining £1739.88 and was purchased by Pioneer Foods, Carlisle.  Messrs Story, Newbiggin sold another to £1686.83.  Top British Blue cross came from Messrs Nicholson, The Lake, Carlisle achieving £1685.19.  Top price per kilo of 224.5p was received by Messrs Hewetson, Lords Close with another Limousin cross.  Heifers peaked at £1380.14 by Messrs Story, Newbiggin who sold top price per kilo heifer at 229.5p and 228.5p purchased by Pioneer Foods and King Street Butchers.

Leading Prices per Head:
Steers: Limousin
£1739 Lords Close, £1686 £1537 Newbiggin Farm, £1632 £1601 Hoddamtown, £1607 £1594, £1578 £1545 The Lake, £1527 Hollins Farm, British Blue £1685 The Lake,Friesian £1184 Gelt Hall Farm, Bazadaise £1146 Gelt Hall Farm, Holstein Friesian £1010 Windy Hill

Heifers: Limousin £1380 £1374 £1342 £1263 Newbiggin Farm, £1370 Wetheriggs Farm Cottage

Leading Prices per Kilo:

Steers: Limousin 224.5 Lords Close, 223.5 220.5 215.5 Newbiggin Farm, 218.5 Hoddamtown, 217.5 216.5 215.5 213.5 The Lake, British Blue 223.5 The Lake, Friesian 167.5 Gelt Hall Farm,Holstein Friesian 163.5 159.5 158.5 Windy Hill.

Heifers: Limousin 229.5 228.5 (x2) 216.5 Newbiggin Farm, 209.5 Baggrow Farm,

CAST COWS & OTM CATTLE: Once again extra buyers came to take advantage of the large show of cows at Carlisle.  Messrs Dobson, West End Farm sold the top priced Charolais cow for 823kg, 172.5p £1419 to Owain Llyr.  Messrs Oliver & Sons, Walton Woodhead sold two outstanding Limousin x cows for 799kg, 175.5p £1402 and 775kg 174.5p £1352 both purchased by Sean Mallon.  Messrs Bell, Hallbankgate Farm sold an outstanding Charolais cow for 845kg, 164.5p £1390 to Messrs Roberts.  The top priced Beef Shorthorn cow was consigned by Messrs Goddard, Frankstown Farm which weighed 883kg, 153.5p £1355 to Charles Kirkpatrick.  Bays Leap Dairy Farm sold a Beef Shorthorn cow for 851kg, 153.5p £1306 to Dovecote Park.  Messrs Thompson, Townfoot’s run of young Limousin cows sold for 210.5p, 193.5p and 186.5p and 182.5p.  Messrs Cowx & Son, Hudscales sold two Limousin cows for 639kg, 184.5p £1178 and 726kg, 175.5p £1274 both bought by Owain Llyr.

A mixed show of black and cows were on offer with all classes being very good to sell.  Mr David Harrison, Dundraw Farm run of cows topped at 764kg, 165.5p £1264 to David Holmes.  Messrs Rogerson & Son, Wardpark sold the top priced Fleckvieh cow for 848kg, 147.5p £1250 bought by Dovecote Park.  Messrs Irving, Meinbank Farm sold a Holstein x cow for 819kg, 144.5p £1183 to Dovecote Park.  Messrs Harrison, Baggrow Farm run of cows topped at 731kg 161.5p, £1180 for a Norwegian Red and 921kg, 126.5p £1166 for a Holstein bought by Pickstocks and Les Fell. Messrs Walker, Morton Farm, Holstein x cow topped at 799kg, 144.5p £1154 and 809kg 142.5p £1152 bought by Dovecote and Les Fell.  Prescott Farm sold a Fleckvieh heifer for 667kg 171.5p £1143 to David Holmes. Messrs Harrington, Mounsey Bank sold a Friesian Heifer for 157.5p and Messrs Little & Son, Kirkbride House sold a Holstein Heifer for 156.5p.

Leading Cast Cow Prices per Head: Charolais £1419.68 West End Farm;£1390.03, £1329.06 Hallbankgate Farm; £1259.69 Crummock Bank Limousin £1402.25, £1352.38, Walton Woodhead; £1274.13, £1178.96 Hudscales; £1273.38 Netherhill Farm; £1241.26 Grange Grassings; £1200.98 West End Farm; £1153.26, £1140.91, £1104.08 Townfoot; £1133.65 Holmecroft Farm Beef Shorthorn £1355.41 Frankstown Farm; £1306.29, £1056.76  Bays Leap Farm; £1223.40 Frankstown Farm Holstein Friesian £1264.42 Dundraw Farm; £1183.46 Meinbank Farm; £1165.07 Baggrow Farm; £1154.56, £1152.83, £1095.93, £1015.94, £991.51 Morton Farm; £1080.89 Cockleybank; £1069.46 Woodhouse; £1061.50 Limekilns; £1047.55, £985.60 Woodhouse; £1034.55 Tempest Tower; £997.58 Ellerton Grange; £992.72, £966.54 Bays Leap Farm; £983.35 High Pow £982.56 Torpenhow Hall; £959.18 Whins Farm British Blue £1259.28 Ladyhousesteads; £1118.98 Netherhill Farm; £1090.48 Standing Stonerigg; £1034.67 Cardew House Fleckvieh £1250.80 Wardpark; £1143.91 Stoneybrook Farm; £1040.03 Laws Hall Norwegien Red £1180.57 British Blue Cross £1171.80 Ladyhousesteads Shorthorn £1057.32 Bays Leap Farm Holstein £1029.71 Limekilns Farm; £986.88 Broathill; £960.91 Kirkbride House; £933.43 Whins Farm; £923.36 Cote House Farm Simmental £1017.42 Castlewigg Farm Friesian £998.64 High Pow; £979 Baggrow Farm; £950.88 The Flatt; £937.65 Mounsey Bank Dairy Shorthorn £990.86 Bays Leap Farm Montbelliard £962.89 Greenwrae Jersey £663.39, £603.86 Bays Leap Farm

Leading Cast Cow Prices per Kilo: Limousin 210.5p, 193.5p, 186.5p, 182.5p, 164.5p Townfoot; 184.5p, 175.5p Hudscales; 175.50p, 174.50p Walton Woodhead; 167.50p West End Farm; 159.50p Balgray Hill; 154.50p Willimoteswick Farm; 152.50p Netherhill Farm; 151.50 Wavercroft Charolais 172.50p West End Farm, 164.50p Hallbankgate Farm Fleckvieh 171.50p Prescott Farms; 147.50p Wardpark; £141.50 Laws Hall Holstein Friesian 165.50p Dundraw Farm; 149.50p, 143.50p Cockley Bank; 147.50p, 142.5p Morton Farm; 147.5p Chalk Lodge; 144.50p, 135.50p Meinbank Farm; 144.50p Morton Farm; 144.50p, 133.50p(x2) Bays Leap Farm; 143.50p Woodhouse; 142.50p Tempest Tower; 138.50 High Pow; 137.50p Limekilns Farm; 136.50 Laws Hall; 134.50p High Plains; 133.50 Baggrow Farm; 133.50p Torpenhow Hall Shorthorn 162.50p Parton Farm; 148.50 Bays Leap Farm Norwegien Red 161.50p Baggrow Farm; British Blue 156.50p Ladyhousesteads; Friesian 157.50p, 142.50p, 135.50p Mounsey Bank; 141.50p, 135.50pThe Flatt; 137.50p Baggrow Farm; 136.50 High House; 135.50p High Pow; 134.50p, 131.50p Bank House; 133.50 Greenwrae; Holstein 156.50 Kirkbride; 144.50p Cote House Farm; 136.50 Blencogo House; 134.50 Whins Farm Beef Shorthorn 153.50p (x2) Bays Leap Farm; 153.50p (x2) Frankstown Farm; Simmental 150.50p Cardew House Dairy Shorthorn 145.50p Bays Leap Farm Hereford 140.50p Burgh Head Farm; Montbeliarde 143.50p Greenwrae; Ayrshire 138.50p, 133.50p Aigle Gill; 135.50 Horseclose Farm Galloway 128.50 Balgray Hill Jersey 121.50p, 106.50p Bays Leap Farm;

CAST BULLS: Five stock bulls were forward.  Messrs Graham & Sons, Barnglies sold the top priced Angus bull for 1240kg, 119.5p £1481 to Owain Llyr.  Mr Ian Bell, Hallbankgate Farm sold the top priced Charolais Stock bull for 863kg 158.5p £1367 also to Owain Llyr.  Messrs Thompson, Howburn sold a Limousin Stock bull for 777kg 174.5p £1355 also to Owain Llyr.

Leading Cast Bull Prices per Head:.Aberdeen Angus £1481.80 Barnglies; Charolais £1367.86 Hallbankgate Farm; Limousin £1355.87 How Burn

Leading Cast Bull Priced per Kilo: Limousin 174.50 How Burn; Charolais158.50p Hallbankgate Farm


Another bumper entry of 3115 head comprising of 2696 prime lambs and 419 cast sheep

A fabulous entry of lambs were forward once more with all classes good to sell, numbers again came in their droves from all directions with types to suit all accounts.  An overall average of 222.6p was achieved which equates to £94.73 a head.

Topping the sale at £130 was a sensational Black Beltex lamb shown by Master Freddie Little, The Guards, Ireby which sold to Mr Robert Skelton achieving 302.3p

Top per kilo was 302.6p for another superb Beltex x lamb for M/s WL Musgrave, Cawdrew Hall, Dalston weighing 39kg it sold at £118 to Mr Robert Skelton.  Suffolk lambs sold to £119 from M/s G Park, Hen Moss Farm, Belle Vue. Mule lambs topped at £109 for a pen from M/s Browell, Quarry House Farm, Hexham. A feature of the sale was a fantastic run of 161 Mule lambs brought forward from Messrs Marston, Milstone Moor, Cockermouth who topped the section per kilo at 217p to average 213ppk for the run. Carlisle continues to deliver results for all breeds, weights, and grades.

Leading prices per head:Beltex £130 The Guards; £124, £118, £113, £110 (x2), £101(x2) Cardew Hall; £115.50, £101 Limestone Cottage; £115 Waterside Farm; £113.50, £100 Walton Woodhead; £108, £107, £100 Hollands; £106, £101 The Throp; £105 Limestone Cottage; £100 Castlehill Texel £123 Longhurst; £122 Wavercroft; £121, £120, £115, £114 West Cocklaw; £119 New Sandsfield; £116 Tedcastle Farm; £115 Slealands; £115 (x2) Ashknowe; £115 Corrie Field; £115 Agars Hill Farm; £114 Bon Vista; £114 Greensyke , £113 Flimby Hall; £112.80 Ribton House, £112 Cardewlees Farm; £112 Longhurst Suffolk £119 Hen Moss Farm; £118 Ewan Close; £111.80 West End Farm; £110, £100,  Morton Farm; £105.50, £97 Whitehouse Farm; £105, £99 Clappers Farm; £105, £99 Faugh Beeches; £98 Ashknowe; £98 Ewan Close; £98 Spout Bank; £98 High Wreay Farm; £96.80 New Sandsfield; £95.50 Greensyke; £95 Springfield Farm; £95 Jackson Rigg; £94 Town Head Dutch Texel £118, £105, £104(x2), £100;  Springfield Farm; 114.80, £109.80, £106.80, £102, £100 Hargill House, £101 Thorneyland Greyface £109, £97, £93.50  Quarry House Farm; £96 The Garth; £89 Millstone Moor; £87 Horsleyhill Farm Cottage; £83.50 Chapel House Farm; £83.30 Highside Farm: £82 Midtodhills Charollais £98, £94 Springfield; £92 Dunnabie House

Leading Prices Pence per kilo:Beltex 302.60p, 289.70p, 282.10p, 275.60p, 259p, 254.10, 252.50p  Cardew Hall; 302.30p The Guards;  277.90, 253.20p Hollands; 275p, 265.80p, 246.30 Limestone Cottage; 270.20 Walton Woodhead; 270p, 245p Hollands; 266.70 Castlehill; 265p , 259.20pThe Throp; 255.60p Waterside Farm Texel 280.50p, 252.40p Ashknowe; 278p  West Cocklaw; 273.20 Cardewlees Farm; 273p, 253.20p Church View; 271.30, 269.20p; 253.70p  Little Swinburne Farm; 269p Flimby Hall; 268.50 Baggrow Farm; 267.40, 262.20p Agars Hill Farm; 260.50p Limestone Cottage; 255p, 250.60p Harley Croft; 254.50p Glebelands; 254.50p Lanerton; 253.50 Auchenhill; 253.10p Wavercroft Dutch Texel 266.70p, 262.50p, £260p, 256.40p, 245.60p Springfield Farm; 261.50p, 261.40p, 255.10p ,248.40p Hargill House; 259p Thorneyland Suffolk 228.80 Hen Moss Farm; 227.90 High Wreay Farm; 224.50p Whitehouse Farm; 222.70p Ashknowe; 222.70 Ewan Close Greyface 217p, 214, 212p, 211p Millstone Moor; 208.70 The Garth; 207.80p Quarry House Farm; 205.70 Highside Farm Charollais 216.10p Springfield; 214p Dunnabie House; 213p Springfield;

PLEASE NOTE ALL STOCK MUST BE PRE-BOOKED IN FOR NEXT MONDAYS SALE – 27th JULY. Please advise the auctioneers of vendor email addresses so we can send returns as soon as possible.

For more information regarding entries for Borderway Primestock Sales Team –

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Grant Anderson 07872 129274 Prime Bulls & Prime Cattle
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