Borderway Primestock Sale

21st September 2020

On Monday 21st September, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of Primestock with a smaller show of 325 cast cows, bulls and prime cattle forward.

PRIME BULLS: A very small show of only 44 Prime bulls forward resulting in an exceptional trade throughout seeing a day’s overall top of £1876.50 for a Limousin from Messrs Ridley, Haltcliffe, Wigton and purchased by Michael & Morgan Helliwell, Rochdale.  Messrs Wilson, Reddings Farm, Moffat sold another to £1829.59 and was again purchased by Messrs Helliwell,  British Blue crosses to £1585.88 from Messrs Brough, Old Rectory, Carlisle and purchased by Bowland Foods,  Simmentals sold to £1517 from Messrs Ward, West Mains, Lanark and purchased By Alan Jarvis.  Top price per kilo of 234.5 was achieved by Messrs Lawson, Stubsgill, Workington and purchased by Les Fell, Settle.  231.5 was further achieved twice, firstly by Messrs Brough, Old Rectory and secondly by Messrs Rome, Niven Hill, Gretna.  British Blue crosses from Old Rectory peaked at 229.5 also.  Dairy bred bulls topped at £1149.23 for a Holstein Friesian from Messrs Coulthard, Justicetown, Carlisle purchased by Jewitt Meats, this bull was also top price per kilo at 192.5p.  Many more could have been sold.

Leading Prices per Head: Limousin £1876 Haltcliffe, £1829 Reddings, £1795 Cairnwhin Farm, £1700 £1599 Stubsgill Farm, £1636 £1488 Niven Hill, £1499 Mirkbooths, £1486 Old Rectory Farm, £1457 Lower Griseburn, British Blue £1585 Old Rectory, £1192 £1162 Justicetown Farm, Simmental £1517 £1343 Mains Farm, £1435 £1415 New Steading Farm, Charolais £1421 Hoddamtown, £1267 Blackrigg, Hereford £1345 Mirkbooths, Holstein Friesian £1149 £828 Justicetown, £1128 £1011 £976 Blackrigg, £1061 Aulby Farm, £1031 £1011 Brisco Hill, £884 Boghead Farm, Montbelairde £1049 £1038 Beeches, Friesian £953 Nerewater Farm.

Leading Prices per Kilo: Limousin 234.5 Stubsgill Farm, 231.5 217.5 Old Rectory Farm, 231.5 224.5 Nivenhill 229.5 Stubsgill Farm, 229.5 224.5 Lower Griseburn, 221.5 Reddings, 215.5 Cairnwhin Farm, British Blue 229.5 Old Rectory, 201.5 (x2) Justicetown, Hereford 198.5 Mirkbooths, Charolais 194.5 Hoddamtown, Holstein Friesian 192.5 154.5 Justicetown Farm, 171.5 169.5 154.5 Blackrigg, 156.5 154.5 Boghead Farm, Simmental 189.5 New Steading Farm, Montbelairde 187.5 181.5 176.5 Beeches, Friesian 159.5 Nerewater Farm.

PRIME CATTLE: Once again an extremely light show of only 23 Prime steers and heifers forward which is well short of buyers requirements.  Top overall on the day was awarded to Messrs Lawson, Hundith House, Wigton for a Limousin cross steer achieving £1858.68 purchased by Pioneer Foods, Carlisle,  British Blue cross steers from Messrs Bowe, Bothel Parks, Wigton to £1685.32, top steer pence per kilo went to Messrs Nicholson, The Lake, Carlisle achieving 232.50p

Heifers were very good to sell and peaked at £1576.25 for a Limousin cross from Messrs Hall, Ainstable Hall, Carlisle and again purchased by Pioneer Foods. British Blue crosses to £1506.46 from Ainstable Hall again and purchased by Fraser Butchers Stranraer.  Top overall price per kilo of 247.5p was received by Messrs Lawson, Hundith House, Wigton and purchased by Owain Llyr, Ruthin.

Leading Prices per Head:
Steer: Limousin
£1858 £1687 £1682 Hundith House, £1673 Bothel Parks, £1656 £1647 Hoddamtown, £1578 The Lake, £1546 £1509 Halfway Well, British Blue £1685 Bothel Parks, £1585 The Lake, Belted Galloway £1020 Old Rectory.

Heifer: Limousin £1576 Ainstable Hall, £1494 £1481 Hundith House, £1478 Hollins Farm, British Blue £1506 Ainstable Hall.  

Leading Prices per Kilo:

Heifers: Limousin 247.5 224.5 Hundith House, 225.5 Ainstable Hall, 215.5 Hollins Farm, 177.5 Blackwell Farm, British Blue 239.5 Ainstable Hall, 187.5 Muirhouse.

Steers:  British Blue 232.5 The Lake, 231.5 Bothel Parks, Limousin 230.5 206.5 Halfway Well, 229.5 Bothel Parks, 229.5 227.5 221.5 Hundith House, 229.5 221.5  Hoddamtown 224.5 The Lake, 217.5 The Flatt, Belted Galloway 187.5 174.5 Old Rectory

CAST COWS & OTM CATTLE: Once again a large show of 310 cast cows and stock bulls were on offer to an increased ring side of buyers which ensured quality cows being sharper on the week.  Messrs Ridley, Haltcliffe run of Limousin cows topped at 868kg, 205.5p £1783 and 778kg, 203.5p £1583 both purchased by Charles Kirkpatrick.  Messrs Jackson, Lane End sold an outstanding Limousin cow for 954kg, 175.5p £1674 to Charles Kirkpatrick.  Messrs Hunter, Upper Brydekirk sold a Limousin cow for 813kg, 185.5p £1508 to Messrs Watson.  Messrs Wilson, Reddings sold a Limousin cow for 767kg 190.5p £1461 to Owain Llyr.  Another Limousin cow from Messrs Henshall, Sarkshields weighed 780kg, 180.5p £1407 to Messrs Watson.   Messrs Stamper & Son, Rose Farm sold a Limousin x cow to Dovecote Park weighing 823kg, 168.5p £1386.  Messrs Nelson, Rosgill Head sold a Limousin cow for 813kg 168.5p £1369 purchased by Owain Llyr.  Mr Brian Hall, Ainstable Hall run of cows topped at 653kg, 209.5p £1368 and 725kg 187.5p £1359 bought by Charles Kirkpatrick and Messrs Watson.  Messrs Long Keyla park sold the top priced Hereford cross cow for 687kg 187.5p £1288 to Capper farming.  The top priced Simmental cross cow was consigned by Messrs Illingworth, Howgillside weighing 761kg 158.5p £1206 purchased by Dovecote Park.

A mixed show of Dairy cows were forward with Messrs Slack, Cockley Bank run of Holstein x cows and heifers topped at 741kg, 157.5p £1167 and 615kg 165.5p £1017 to Les Fell.  Messrs Gillespie, High Ploughlands sold young Holstein x cows for 720kg, 157.5p £1134 and 695kg 145.5p,  £1011 bought by Pickstocks.  Messrs Peile, Moorthwaite Farm sold a Holstein x Heifer for 660kg, 167.5p £1105 to Les Fell.  A Fleckvieh cross cow from Messrs Gardhouse & Sons, Aikton House weighing 785kg, 137.5p £1079 to Charles Kirkpatrick.   Messrs Graham, Laws Hall sold a Holstein x cow from 809kg, 126.5p £1023, Messrs Harrison, Hazel Head sold a Holstein x cow for 790kg, 129.5 £1023, Messrs Graves, Elephant Farm  again a Holstein x cow weighed 814kg, 125.5 £1021 and lastly Messrs Coulthard, Justicetown Farm Holstein cow weighed 806kg, 125.5 £1011 all purchased by Dovecote Park.  A consigned of cows from Messrs Bowe, Low Plains with a Holstein topping at 814kg, 123.5p,  £1005  to Phillip Bowes.  A Friesian heifer from Messrs Dickinson, High House sold for 162.5p weighing 618kg,  £1004 purchased by Les Fell.

A large show of 14 stock bulls were on offer with Susan Black, Glengunnoch selling a Limousin Stock bull for 1094kg 146.5p, £1602 to Owain Llyr.  Another Limousin stock bull from Messrs Mitchell & Sons, Mirkbooths weighed 975kg 154.5 totalling £1506 purchased by Owain Llyr.  Messrs Taylor, Longlands Moor sold the top priced Charolais stock bull for 1093kg 129.5p, £1415 again to Owain Llyr.  The top price Aberdeen Angus bull came from Messrs Beaty, Newton Field and sold  Pickstocks weighing 977kg,  137.5p,  £1343.

Leading Cast Cow Prices per head: Limousin £1783 £1583 Haltcliffe, £1674 Lane End, £1508 £1338 Upper Brydekirk £1461 Redding, £1407 Sarkshields Farm, £1386 £1297 Rose Farm, £1369 £1214 £1211 Rosgill Head, £1368 £1359 Ainstable Hall, £1288 Hargill House, £1284 Riggfoot farm, £1252 Wood Hall, £1208 The Close, £1179 Bail Hill, £1145 Hudscale, Hereford £1288 Keyla Park, Simmental £1206 £1036 Howgillside, £1146 Muirhouse, £1098 Hallbankgate farm, £1069 Castlehill, Holstein £1167 £1017 Cockley Bank £1134 £1011 High Ploughlands, £1105 Moorthwaite Farm, £1023 Laws Hall, £1023 Hazel Head, £1021 Elephant Farm, £1011 Justicetown Farm, £1005 Low Plains, British Blue £1117 Rosgill Head, £1084 Netherhirst, £1044 Julian Holme, £1007 Hollin Close, Fleckvieh £1079 Aikton House, Aberdeen Angus £1045 Barnglies, Friesian £1004 High House, Belted Galloway £749 Durhamfield Farm.

Leading Cast Cow Prices per Kilo: Limousin 209.5 187.5 Ainstable Hall, 205.5 203.5 Haltcliffe, 190.5 Reddings, 187.5 184.5 182.5 172.5 168.5 Rosgill Head, 187.5 Hargill House, 185.5 Upper Brydekirk, 180.5 Sarkshields Farm, 179.5 Wood Hall, 178.5 Bail Hill, 175.5 Lane End, 168.5 Rose Farm, Hereford 187.5 Keyla Park, British Blue 184.5 Netherhirst, 158.5 Wall End Farm, 153.5 Rosgill Head, 153.5 Eden Bank Farm, 152.5 Julian Holme, Luing 183.5 Castlehill, Holstein Friesian 167.5 Moorthwaite Farm, 165.5 157.5 Cockleybank, 157.5 155.5 145.5 High Ploughlands, 154.5 Low Plains 135.5 Burthwaite Croft, 133.5 Netherfield Farm, Friesian 162.5 High House, 133.5 Aulby Farm, Simmental 162.5 158.5 Howgillside 158.5 Castlehill, Fleckvieh 153.5 (x2) 147.5 137.5 Netherhirst, 137.5 Aikton House, Aberdeen Angus 147.5 Barnglies, Shorthorn 132.5 Dirrops, 131.5 The Close, Belted Galloway 127.5 Durhamfield, Montbelairde 127.5 Brayshaw.


Leading Cast Bull Prices per Head: Limousin £1602 Glengunnoch, £1506 Mirkbooths, Charolais £1415 Longlands Moor, Aberdeen Angus £1343 Newton Field, Simmental £1236 Dornock Mains, British Blue £1179 Side Farm.

Leading Cast Bull Priced per Kilo: Aberdeen Angus 137.5 Newton Field, British Blue 130.5 Side Farm, Charolais 129.5 Longlands Moor.


PRIME SHEEP:  The weekly sale of prime lambs saw 1987 forward.  A stirling trade for all classes of lambs selling to average 217.22ppk (SQQ 222.65) a 3p rise on the week giving a sale average of £95.50 per head.  43 lots of lambs sold over 250ppk topping todays sale at £135 for an outstanding  Dutch Texel lamb from M/s Harrison, Lesson Hall. Topping the ppk trade for a pen of 15 phenomenal Beltex lambs selling for 325ppk came from weekly consignor M/s Hall, New Houses.  An outstanding run of Mule lambs from M/s Ridley, Wood Hall sold to average £103.  M/s Story’s, Woodhead Farm run of 30 Beltex lambs averaged £117.23 (289.82ppk)

Leading prices per head: Dutch Texel £135, £114 Lesson Hall Farm; £123, £120, £117, £110 Woodhead Farm; £117, £113, £110 Thirlwall Castle Farm; £115, £109.5, £108 Unity Farm; £114, £112 Sowerby Wood Farm; £112, £105(x2) Spritalriddinghill Farm; £110 Orton Rigg Farm; £107 Agars Hill Farm; £106 High Old Shield Farm Millenium Bleu £126 School Farm; £114, £109.5, £101.5 Corrie Field Beltex £126, £107 Hollands; £120, £114, £113, £110 Wavercroft; £119, £116, £114.5, £111, £110, £107.5 Walton Woodhead; £119, £117 New Houses Farm; £117, £116(x2), £113.5, £108 Harley Croft; £107 Sowerby Wood Farm Texel £125 (x2), £116 Burgh Head Farm; £124 Beck House; £124, £117, £116, £115 The Wreay; £122, £114 Crosshill Farmhouse; £120 Lanerton; £120, £115 Itonfield Cottage; £118, £115 Midtown Farm; £116 (x3), £115 Hermitage; £114 Lodge Farm Suffolk £115 Lanerton; £114, £106, £102 Wavercroft; £112 Spout Bank; £104 Burgh Head Farm; £103 Denton Mains; £103 Faugh Beeches; £102 Beck House; £102 Merryshield; £99.5 Albierigg; £96 The Wreay; £94.50 Denton Mains; £94 School Farm; £93 Church View; £93, £92 Howgillside; £90.50 Broathill; £90 Chapel Farm Greyface £110, £98, £92 Albierigg; £103(x2) Wood Hall; £102, £92.50(x2) Kilnstown; £97 (x2) Nunscleugh; £97 Baggra Yeat; £95 Lanerton £93.50 Birtley Shields; £94, £93 Round Meadows Farm; £92 Glenhill; £92 Whiteside Farm; £91 Cold Shields Dutch Spotted £95 Bogra Jacob £89 Ehen Place

Leading Prices Pence per kilo: Beltex 325p, 270.5p New Houses Farm; 300p, 274.4p, 253p Hollands; 292.7p, 259.8p Wavercroft; 286.7p, 286.4p, 279.3p , 267.5p, 265.1p, 247.1p Walton Woodhead; 263.6p, 260.9p, 257.1p Harley Croft; 255p, 248.8p The Throp Dutch Texel 307.5p, 296.3p, 296.2p, 268.3p Woodhead Farm; 289.7, 288.9p, 244.4p Thirlwall Castle Farm; 278p, 256.8p, 241p Lesson Hall Farm; 257.8p Agars Hill Farm; 254.7p Unity Farm; 254.3p, 246.8p High Old Shield Farm; 250p Orton Rigg Farm; 241.4p Spittalriddinghill Farm Millennium Bleu 273.9p School Farm; 235.5p Corrie Field Texel 269.8p, 257.8p(x2), 254.8p, 250p Hermitage; 267.9p, 266.7p, 242p, 241.9 Lanerton; 264.4p Midtown Farm; 264.3, 263.5p School Farm; 256.8p Langfauld; 256.4p, 250p Hunley; 247.2p, 243p The Wreay; 246.8p Burgh Head Farm; 241.5p Far Brownrigg Suffolk 221.3p Burgh Head Farm; 213.8p Church View; 213p Lanerton; 212p, 208.2p, 200p Wavercroft; 211.8p Chapel Farm; 211.7p Albierigg; 210.5p Broathill; 210.2p , 203.2p Denton Mains; 209p, 200p Howgillside; 209p, 202.3p Row Brow Park; 206.1p Beck House; 204p Merryshield; 202.3p Langfauld; 200p Faugh Beeches Dutch Spotted 220.9p Bogra Greyface 206.4p, 204.2p Nunscleugh; 206.3p Albierigg; 203.4p Birtley Shields; 203.3p (x2), 200p Kilnstown; 201.1p Spout Bank; 200p Glenhill; 200p Cold Shields; 200p Whiteside Farm

CAST SHEEP: A good show of 262 cast rams and ewes were forward with trade better on the week selling to a top of £133.50 for a Suffolk ram from M/s Hartley, 23 Row Brow Park.  Ewes topped at £120 for 3 Texel ewes from M/s Huddleston, Round Meadows with many ewes selling to £100+

Ewes: Texel £120, £118, £114.50 Round Meadows Farm; £115.50 Meinfoot; £110, £105.50 Hargill House; £107.50 North End Farm; £103.50, £101.50 Flimby Hall; £96.50 Church Farm; £95.50 Quarry Bank Farm Suffolk £93.50, £90.50 Millholme; £85.50 Denton Mains Charollais £91.50 Itonfield Cottage; £89 Langfauld; £84.50 Lintley Farm; £83.50, £77.50 Denton Mains; £82.50, £80.50 High Seaton; £78.50 Lintley Farm; £77.50 High Springfield Farm; £77.50 Millholme; £77.50 Flimby Hall Beltex £90, £80 Castlehill Zwartbles £84, £83.50 Bogra Jacob £74.50 Cumdivock House Hill Cheviot £66 Castlehill, £60 Cleuchfoot Farm; £60 Holm Cottage Swaledale £50.50 Hargill House; £50.50 Cold Shields; £48.50 Underbank; £48.50 Denton Mains; £47.50 Church Farm

Rams: Suffolk £133.50 Row Brow Park Texel £125 Flimby Hall; £110.50 £100.50 Lintley Farm Beltex £100(x2) Hargill House