Borderway Primestock Sale

19th October 2020

On Monday 19th October Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of Primestock.

PRIME BULLS:  A much smaller show of only 50 prime bulls forward with trade far sharper on the week selling to a top of £1756 from Messrs Twentyman, Osborne, Wigton for a British Blue x and £1751 for Messrs Common, Crossdykes, Lockerbie both purchased by Bowland Foods, Preston. Charolais sold to £1538 for Messrs Goldie, Greenfield, Cummertrees again purchased by Bowland Foods. Top overall price per kilo of 227.5p for the aforementioned British Blue x from Messrs Twentyman. Limousins sold to 225.5p from Messrs Callion, Bolfornaught Farm, Stirling purchased by Ralph Pearson Wholesale Butchers, Bradford. Black and whites peaked at £1122 from Messrs Story, Blackrigg, Longtown for a Holstein Friesian and top pence per kilo of 176p for a Friesian from Messrs Mattocks, Aulby, Penrith purchased by Jewitt Meats, Spennymoor.

Leading Prices per Head: British Blue £1756 Osborne Farm, £1615 Ainstable Hall, £1403, £1307 Netherton Limousin £1751 Crossdykes Farm, £1497 Netherton, £1483 Lower Griseburn, £1281, £1224 Bolfornought, £1247 Mirkbooths Parthenais £1582, £1508 Marina House Charolais £1538 Greenfield, £1438, £1202 Hallbankgate Farm Staberlizer £1200 The Swaites Fleckvieh £1191, £1164 Glenzierfoot Holstein Friesian £1122, £1119, £925 Blackrigg, £952 Cote House Farm Ayrshire £1079, £1006, £940 Plasketlands Friesian £923 Aulby Farm

Leading Prices per Kilo: British Blue 227.5p Osborne Farm, 223.5p, 222.5p Netherton, 214.5p Aintable Hall Limousin 225.5p, 219.5p(x2) Bolfornought, 220.5p Lower Griseburn, 208.5p Crossdykes, 201.5p Netherton Parthenais 221.5p, 219.5p Marina House Charolais 210.5p Greenfield Staberlizer 182.5p The Swaites Friesian 176.5p, 165.5p, 162.5p Aulby Farm Ayrshire 175.5p, 169.5p, 155.5p Plasketlands Fleckvieh 173.5p, 170.5p, 169.5p Glenzierfoot Farm Holstein Friesian 171.5p, 169.5p Blackrigg, 157.5p Cote House Farm Montbeliarde 163.5p Beeches

PRIME CATTLE: A better entry of 31 prime steers and heifers were forward achieving a fantastic trade throughout the sale for all classes forward.

It was the heifers that achieved the high spots with two realising £1732.15 and £1720.05 both for Limousin crosses for Messrs Crichton, Loughrigg, Egremont and both were purchased by Pioneer Foods, Carlisle.

Top overall pence per kilo of 242.5p was paid to Messrs Story, Newbiggin, Carlisle with their Limousin cross.  This was purchased by Bowland Foods, Preston.  Others to 236.5p from the same home and purchased by King Street Butchers.  Messrs Miller, High Aketon, Wigton also received 236.5p for a British Blue cross and purchased by Pioneer Foods.

Steers sold to a top of £1682.60 for a Limousin cross from Messrs Hewitson, Shatton Lodge, Cockermouth and £1650 for another from Messrs Bell, Hoddamtown, Lockerbie both purchased by Pioneer Foods, Carlisle.  Top price per kilo of 231.5p was achieved twice, firstly by Messrs Bell, Hoddamtown and secondly by Messrs Harrington, Hosket Hill, Carlisle.

Please advise entries to auctioneer, Grant Anderson for next weeks sale.

Leading Prices per Head:
Heifers: Limousin £1732.13, £1720.05, £1622.83 Loughrigg Farm, £1534.30, £1369.34 Newbiggin Farm, £1424.78, £1395.28, £1348.05, £1336.90 High Aketon. British Blue £1286.56 High Aketon. Simmental £1286.28 Balgray Hill. Galloway £1043.39 Balgray Hill.
Steers: Limousin £1682.60, £1619.80 Shatton Lodge Farm, £1650.60, £1588.08 Hoddamtown, £1439.93, £1424.49 Hosket Hill Farm, £1419.99 Muirfield.

Leading Prices per Kilo:
Heifers: Limousin
242.5p, 236.5p Newbiggin Farm, 236.5p, 235.5p, 234.5p, 230.5p High Aketon, 233.5p, 232.5p, 231.5p Loughrigg Farm, 228.5p Ainstable Hall. British Blue 236.5p High Aketon. Galloway 199.5p Balgray Hill. Simmental 198.5p Balgray Hill.
Steers: Limousin 231.5p, 228.5p Hoddamtown, 231.5p, 230.5p Hosket Hill Farm, 222.5p, 208.5p  Shatton Lodge Farm, 214.5p Muirfield. Aberdeen Angus 178.5p Muirfield.

CAST COWS & OTM CATTLE: A good entry of 355 cast cows and stock bulls was on offer on Monday with a very weathered show of cows which resulted in well finished cows being in demand. Mr Gary Bell, Haas Side Farm’s run of outstanding cows topped at 859kg at 211.5p totalling £1816 and 842kg at 208.5p totalling £1755 both British Blue x bought by David Holmes.

Messrs MacInnes, Ruaig sold a Blue cow for 800kg at 191.5p totalling £1532 to David Holmes. Messrs Wilshaw, Oulton Hall’s run of Blonde cows topped at 735kg at 196.5p totalling £1444 to Owain Llyr. Mr Brian Hall, Ainstable Hall’s run of Limousin cows topped at 758kg at 188.5p totalling £1428 to Owain Llyr. Messrs Jenkinson, Clifton Moor’s run of Limousin cows topped at 960kg at 147.5p totalling £1416 to Charles Kirkpatrick.

A plainer offering of dairy cows was on offer with Messrs Harrison & Son, Down Hall selling a Holstein x heifer for 802kg at 154.5p totalling £1239 to Les Fell. Messrs Magnay, Greenwrae sold the top priced Montbeliarde x cow for 871kg at 130.5p totalling £1136 to Dovecote Park. Messrs Paul & Son, Greigsland sold a Holstein x cow for 879kg at 128.5p totalling £1129 to Dovecote Park. Messrs Errington, Lowther Low Moor sold Fleckvieh x cows for 868kg at 120.5p totalling £1045 and 800kg at 126.5p totalling £1012 bought by Michael Helliwell and Dovecote Park. Seymour Farms sold a Holstein x cow for 789kg at 129.5p totalling £1021 to Sean McGimpsey.

Leading young cows & heifers prices: Holstein x 160.5p Gamerill Farm, 154.5p, 152.5p, 147.5p Down Hall, 154.5p Mainhill Farm, 152.5p, 147.5p West Whitrill, 146.5p Woodside, Friesian 157.5p Bankhouse, 144.5p Crownstone Farm 

Leading Cast Cow Prices per head: British Blue £1816, £1755, £1379, £1056 Haas Side Farm, £1532 Ruaig, £1375 Drumforber, £1237 Cawfields, £1226 Woodhouse Farm, £1183 Ainstable Hall, £1130 Lords Close, £1084 Cowburn Blonde £1444, £1203, £1000 Oulton Hall Limousin £1428, £1183 Ainstable Hall, £1416, £1378, £1269, £1244, £1215, £1158 Clifton Moor, £1396, £1281, £1160 Haas Side Farm, £1358 Drumforber, £1342 Balgray Hill, £1282, £1177, £1170 Haltcliffe, £1258 Lord Close, £1244 Woodhall Farm, £1202, £1187 Bonshawside Holstein Friesian £1239, £998 Down Hall, £1129, £967 Greigsland, £1021, £964 Seymour Farms, £980 Broomhills, £975 Upper Barr, £962 Old Town Farm, £951 Wood Farm Montbeliarde £1136 Greenwrae Aberdeen Angus £1106 Drumforber Fleckvieh £1045, £1012 Lowther Low Moor Staberlizer £1045 The Swaites Beef Shorthorn £1031 Gibbs Hill Hereford £993 Lowther Low Moor, £946 Clappers Farm Ayrshire £945 Campfield Farm Friesian £918, £890 Bank House

Leading Cast Cow Prices per Kilo: British Blue 211.5p, 208.5p, 177.5p Haas Side Farm, 191.5p Ruiag, 181.5p Cawfields, 169.5p Aintable Hall, 161.5p Lords Close, 158.5p Asby Mill, 152.5p Woodhouse Farm, 144.5p Drumforber Blonde 196.5p, 158.5p, 155.5p Oulton Hall Limousin 193.5p Balgray Hill, 188.5p, 174.5p, 167.5p, 164.5p Ainstable Hall, 182.5p Haas Side Farm, 175.5p Cawfields, 175.5p, 165.5p Haltcliffe, 171.5p, 158.5p Bonshawside, 168.5p, 165.5p, 164.5p, 162.5p Clifton Moor, 167.5p Drumforber, 165.5p Woodhall Farm, 161.5p Clappers Farm, 159.5p, 158.5p Low Farm Holstein Friesian 160.5p Gamerigg Farm, 157.5p(x3) Park Farm, 154.5p, 127.5p Mainhill Farm, 154.5p Down Hall, 152.5p, 147.5p, 137.5p West Whitrigg, 152.5p, 147.5p Down Hall, 137.5p, 136.5p Chalk Lodge, 132.5p, 131.5p Wood Farm, 129.5p Cairnhead Farm, 129.5p Seymour Farms, 128.5p West Whitrigg, 128.5p Greigsland Friesian 157.5p, 138.5p, 128.5p, 124.5p Bank House, 144.5p(x2), 137.5p, 129.5p Crownstone Farm, 127.5p The Howes, 125.5p Nerewater Farm, 123.5p Wavercroft Hereford 156.5p Lowther Low Moor Holstein 146.5p, 133.5p Woodside Farm Aberdeen Angus 143.5p Drumforber Charolais 141.5p Greenfield Beef Shorthorn 136.5p Frankstown Farm Staberlizer 133.5p The Swaites MRI 131.5p Flothers Montbeliarde 130.5p Greenwrae Galloway 130.5p Balgray Hill Fleckvieh 126.5p, 120.5p Lowther Low Moor Ayrshire 122.5p Campfield Farm

CAST BULLS: A smaller show of 8 stock bulls forward. Messrs Pattinson, Bonshawside sold the top priced Limousin stock bull for 1051kg at 135.5p totalling £1424 to Owain Llyr. Messrs Wigham & Sons, Coldshields sold a Limouin stock bull for 1104kg at 125.5p totalling £1385 to Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Inman, Kilnknowe sold the top priced Shorthorn bull for 1026kg at 117.5p totalling £1205 to Messrs Hall.

Leading Cast Bull Prices per Head: Limousin £1424 Bonshawside, £1385 Cold Shields, £1204 Hayclose Beef Shorthorn £1205 Kilnknowe

Leading Cast Bull Priced per Kilo: Limousin 135.5p Bonshawside, 125.5p Coldshields Beef Shorthorn 117.5p Kilnknowe

PRIME SHEEP: On Monday 19th October 2020 Harrison and Hetherington held their weekly sale of prime and cast sheep which attracted a bumper entry of 3246 head.

A pre-sale forecast of Brexit uncertainty causing a drop in values did little to dampen trade in Borderway with the overall average of 199ppk (SQQ 210.7p) sitting proudly at the top of the national table for Monday’s markets, this was achieved despite a large influx of middle weight and heavy sheep being forward which did prove slightly harder to place than in recent times. A smaller percentage of top end export sheep to keep the average over £2 per kilo were forward but again met ferocious bidding with plenty pens north of 280p per kilo. Many new and returning vendors are enjoying the trades on offer in Carlisle, one of these John Fell, Stanger Hill, Wigton made a return with a bang and led the day’s trading when taking £125 for a cracking Beltex which was purchased by Tony Harrison, Butchers, Main Street, Cockermouth.

Topping per kilo this week was William Hall, New Houses, Hallington who made his weekly pilgrimage to Carlisle and sold Beltex lambs to 301.2ppk for a pen of eight which were purchased by Scotlamb Ltd followed closely by Ann Little, Hollands, Penton at 300p and a pen of 13 Dutch Texel lambs from Will Storey, Woodhead, Haltwhistle at 298.8p, not to be outdone, Scott Dempster Castlehill, Lockerbie took 295p for his leading pen.

Suffolk lambs sold to a top of £111 for a pen of heavies from John Longlands, Tone Hall, Hexham and to 212.7p for a pen of handy weights from new vendor Charlton Farm Services making their way from Aberdeen!!

Mules sold to £92.50 for a great pen from Willy Lawson, Stubsgill, Workington and to 189.1p for a pen of 46kg from Kilnstown Farms, Carlisle.

Leading prices per head: Beltex £125, £113 £110, £105 Stranger Hill; £122, £101 New Houses Farm; £120, £118(x2) Ashknowe; £117, £104 Hollands; £114, £109 Horsleyhill Farm Cottage; £113 Glebelands; £112, £105, £103 The Throp; £108, £106 Farewell Grange; £103 Mid Farm Dutch Texel £119.5, £112.5, £112, £110, £104 Woodhead Farm; £118, £113, £104 Low Houses; £116, £112 Thirlwall Castle Farm; £116, £110, £108(x2), £105, £104(x2) Beechcroft Farm; £114, £106 Thorneyland; £104 Unity Farm Texel £119, £118 Castlehill; £113 Albyfield, £111, £108, £106 Ellerslea; £111(x2), £108 Stubsgill; £110, £109(x2), £106 Cracrop; £109 Sowerby Wood Farm; £108 Ghyll House Farm; £108 Street Head; £108 Bengall Farm; £107.5 Tinwald Farm; £107 Castlehill; £106 Sceugh Farm Suffolk £110, £104, £100, £95, £89.5  Tone Hall Farm; £107 Greensyke; £101 Broomhill; £100 The Croft; £98, £92 Sowerby Wood Farm; £90.5 Town Head; £89 Row Farm; £89 Yew Tree Farm; £88 Green Farm; £88 Little Herd Hill; £87.5 Dirrops; £87(x2) Hayclose; £86.5 Wiza Farm; £86 Stone House Millenium Bleu £95, £86 New Houses Farm Greyface £92.5 Stubsgill Farm; £89, £87 Hightown; £88, £84 Hundith House; £88 Baggra Yeat; £87.5 Spout Bank; £87, £86.5 Kilnstown; £87 Horsleyhill Farm Cottage; £86.5 Thirlwall Castle Farm; £86 Scarrowmanwick; £86 Reaygarth; £86 Redesmouth Farm; £85 Yew Tree Farm; £85 Farewell Grange; £85 High Park Foot; £84.5 Midtodhills; £84 Hollands; £84 Birtley Shields Charollais £92 Ellerslea Leicester £91 Baggra Yeat; £90, £88 Kilnstown; £84 Mid Farm; £84 Ormathwaite Farm; £80 Flimby Hall Farm; £80(x2) Pears Gill Blackface £90 Stobbs Farm; £84 Tone Hall Farm; £79 Birtley Shields; £72, £64 Whiteside Farm Bleu du Maine £89, £81 Ashknowe Rouge £88 Ashknowe Herdwick £86 Walby Grange; £82 Ribton House;

Leading Prices Pence per kilo: Beltex 301.2p New Houses Farm; 300p, 247.6p Hollands; 295p, 281p, 272.7p  Ashknowe; 280p, 256.1p, 251.2p The Throp; 275.6p Glebelands; 265.1p Horsleyhill Farm Cottage; 248.3p Farewell Grange; 241p Mid Farm Dutch Texel 298.8p, 274.4p, 273.2p, 252.9p, 247.6p Woodhead Farm; 295p, 272.3p, 241p Low Houses; 271.1p, 244.7p Beechcroft; 259.1p Thorneyland; 257.5p, 241.7p Thirlwall Castle Farm; 251.3p, 251.2p Burgh Head Farm; 251p, 244p Unity Farm Texel 295p, 270.5p, 246p, 245.2p, 229.5p Castlehill; 259.5p, 249.4p, 247.7p 241.4p, 237.5p Cracrop Farm; 253.2p, 227.5p Hunley; 246.7p ; 244.3p, 226.2p Tinwald Farm; 246.7p, 240p Ellerslea; 236.8p Mewbiggin Farm; 234.9p Pinegrove; 231.7 Glebelands; 230.8p Beechcroft Farm Blackface 225p Stobbs Farm Suffolk 212.7p, 191.3p Little Herd Hill; 200p Roe Farm; 200p Northrigg Hill; 193.3, 191.2p Hayclose; 190.2p Yew Tree Farm Millenium Bleu 209.8p New Houses Farm Rouge 204.7p Ashknowe Bleu Du Maine 200p(x2) Ashknowe Greyface 189.1p, 188p Kilnstown; 187p Redesmouth Farm; 186.8 Yew Tree Farm; 186.7p, 182.3p Birtley Shield; 185.1p Horselyhill Farm Cottage; 184.9p Scarrowmanwick; 183.5p Brampton Fell Farm; 183.1p Midtodhills; 183 Reaygarth; 182.3p Spout Bank Herdwick 187p Walby Grange

CAST SHEEP: Cast sheep saw a flying trade for a very plain show selling to £150 for Beltex from Grant and Gemma Anderson, Carrutherstown.

Ewes – Beltex £110 Mesona Texel £98, £96(x2) Hayton Brow, £96 Lea Hill; £94 Little Orton Farm; £92 Cracrop Farm; £90 Whinney Hill Farm Suffolk £86 Little Herd Hiil; £82 Skelgill House Farm; £80 Little Herd Hill Greyface £78 High Town; £76 Whinney Hill Farm; £72 Crosshill Farmhouse; £70 Tedcastle Farm Blackface £76.5 Stobbs Farm Zwartbles £70 Mesona Woodland £69, £62 Dalefoot Cheviot £58 Westgarth Hill Swaledale £54 Thirlwall Castle Farm; £48 Branch End Farm; £44 Underbank

Rams – Zwartbles £150 Mesona; £100 Ashfield Texel £140 Cracrop Farm; £85 Castlehill; £80 Branch End Farm; £50 Low Lonning Swaledale £68 Skelgill House Farm


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Grant Anderson 07872 129274 Prime Bulls & Prime Cattle
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