Borderway Primestock Sale

9th November 2020

PRIME BULLS: A reasonable entry of 76 Prime bulls forward with trade far surpassing that of previous weeks.  A noticeable lack of good heavy bulls forward but Messrs Hunter, Upper Brydekirk, Annan showed the right goods and received £1794.38 for a marvellous Limousin and was purchased by Morgan Helliwell, Rochdale.  Messrs Henshall, Sarkshields, Lockerbie sold another to £1667.61 purchased by Ralph Pearson, Wholesale Butchers, Bradford.  Charolais crosses from Messrs Vevers, High Stenries, Lockerbie sold to £1466.33 purchased by Wrights of Boston.

Top price per kilo of 230.5p was received by Messrs Henshall, Sarkshields and purchased by Bowland Foods, Preston.  Messrs Horn, Lower Griseburn, Appleby sold another to 229.50p purchased by Ralph Pearson, Wholesale Butchers.

Black and white dairy bulls sold to £1133.48 from Messrs Armstrong, Randalinton, Carlisle purchased by Wrights of Boston while Messrs Robinson, Burtholme, Brampton sold another to £1177.16 purchased by Jewitt Meats, Spennymoor.   Top overall pence per kilo of 178.00p was for another Holstein Friesian from Randalinton Farm, Carlisle.  Many more could have been sold to vendor’s advantage.  Please advise entries for next week weekly sale.

Leading Bull Prices per Head: Limousin £1794 Upper Brydekirk, £1667 £1500 Sarkshields Farm, £1503 Lower Griseburn, £1411 Ladyhousesteads, £1290 Mirkbooths, £1263 Aulby Farm, £1255 Wedholme House, Charolais £1466 £1399 High Stenries, £1391 Netherton, £1310 £1284 Carwood Farm, £1296 Lambhill, British Blue £1392 £1259 Netherton, £1261 Mirkbooths, Aberdeen Angus £1372 £1137Albyfield £1158 South Lambhill, Simmental £1347 £1266 Kirtleton House, Saler £1269 South Lambhill, Hereford £1161 Mirkbooths, Holstein Friesian £1133 £1054 £962 (x2) £960 Randalinton Farm, £1117 Burtholme Farm £1108 South Lambhill, £1028 Mirkbooths, Montbelairde £1113 Kirkbride House, £918 Seymour House, MRI £1107 Chapel House, Friesian £1016 Albyfield, £926 Aulby Farm.

Leading Bull Priced per Kilo: Limousin 230.5 Sarkshields, 229.5 Lower Griseburn 223.5 Sarkshields, 219.5 Ladyhousesteads 217.5 Upper Brydekirk 205.5 Aulby Farm, 202.5 201.5 Wedholme House, Charolais 223.5 221.5 High Stenries, 206.5 199.5 Carwood Farm, 203.5 South Lambhill 203.5 Netherton, Aberdeen Angus 213.5 196.5 Albyfield, 182.5 South Lambhill 179.5 Greensyke, British Blue 207.7 205.5 Netherton 201.5 Justicetown Farm, Simmental 198.5 192.5 Kirtleton House, Saler 184.5 South Lambhill, Hereford 179.5 Mirkbooths, Holstein Friesian 178.5 165.5 158.5 Randalinton Farm, 169.5 South Lambhill, 168.5 Burtholme Farm, 166.5 Mirkbooths, Montbelairde 174.5 Kirkbride House, Friesian 164.5 Albyfield, 159.5 Aulby Farm, Holstein 140.5 Castlesteads.

PRIME CATTLE: A small entry of only 36 Prime steers and heifers forward proving once again a fantastic trade throughout for all classes.  Messrs Crichton, Loughrigg, Egremont had forward his usual top quality run of Prime beef with the very best a Limousin cross steer achieving £1779.27 and purchased by Pioneer Foods, Carlisle.  Messrs Nicholson, The Lake, Carlisle to £1745.51 and Messrs Hewitson, Shatton Lodge, Cockermouth to £1732.33.  A light flashy British Blue cross from Messrs Storey, Limestone Cottage, Penrith topped at £1490.13 and Belted Galloways steers to £1229.14 from Messrs Bell, Woodhall, Hexham purchased by Wrights of Boston.  Top pence per kilo and overall top of 243.50 was attained by Messrs Storey, Limestone Cottage with their Limousin cross again purchased by Pioneer Foods, Carlisle.

Heifers once again proving a great trade and were seen to peak at £1731.62 for a Limousin cross from Messrs Crichton, Loughrigg and others to £1693.38 from Messrs Jenkinson, Lowergate, Penrith.  Charolais saw a top at £1545.77 from Loughrigg Farm, Egremont.  Top pence per kilo of 237.50 was paid to Lowergate Farm for their aforementioned Limousin cross.  Messrs Smith-Jackson, Hightown, Haltwhistle sold another to 235.5 and was purchased by Bowland Foods, Preston.  Please advise entries for next weeks sale.

Leading Prices per Head:
Steers: Limousin
£1779 Loughrigg Farm, £1745 £1598 £1444 The Lake, £1732 £1689 Shatton Lodge Farm, £1699 Limestone Cottage, £1632 High House, £1431 Burnside £1352 Hollins Farm, British Blue £1490 Limestone Cottage, Belted Galloway £1229 £1139 Woodhall Farm.

Leading Prices per Kilo:
Steers: Limousin
243.5 Limestone Cottage, 238.5 Burnside 234.5 231.5 224.5 The Lake, 233.5 Loughrigg Farm, 231.5 229.5 Shatton Lodge Farm, 224.5 High House, British Blue 227.5 Limestone Cottage, Belted Galloway 203.5 191.5 Woodhall Farm.  

Heifers: Leading Prices per Head: Limousin £1731 Loughrigg Farm, £1693 £1435 Lowergate Farm, £1462 £1424 Hosket Hill Farm, £1455 Hightown, £1326 Mirkbooths, Charolais £1545 Loughrigg Farm, Simmental £1311 Wynholm Farm, Fleckvieh £1146 £1132 £1111 Pelutho Grange.

Leading Prices per Kilo: Limousin 237.5 Lowergate Farm, 235.5 Hightown, 231.5 Loughrigg Farm, 231.5 Mirkbooths, 228.5 Hosket Hill Farm, 225.5 Burnside, Charolais 233.5 Loughrigg Farm, Fleckvieh 185.5 Pelutho Grange.  

CAST COWS & OTM CATTLE: A smaller show of 292 cast cows and stock bulls forward but better quality on offer and over 20 active buyers resulted in a better trade on the week. Messrs Hunter, Upper Brydekirk sold a Limousin cow for 800kg at 194.5p totalling £1556 to Messrs Wright & Son, Boston. Messrs Chalmers & Co, Outer Woodhead sold a Limousin x cow for 737kg at 195.5p totalling £1440 to Owain Llyr. Messrs Ward, Whitstonehill sold a Limousin x cow for 798kg at 159.5p totalling £1272 to Owain Llyr. Messrs Jenkinson, Lowergate Farm sold a Limousin x cow for 682kg at 186.5p totalling £1271 to Les Fell and 598kg at 183.5p totalling £1097 to Messrs Wright & Son. Messrs Mair, Meikleholm Farm sold a Limousin x cow for 704kg at 177.5p totalling £1249 to Owain Llyr. Messrs Dickinson, High House sold a Limousin x heifer for 578kg at 195.5p totalling £1129 to Messrs Wight & Sons, Boston. Messes Hill, Whitewall Farm sold a young Limousin cow for 636kg at 186.5p totalling £1186 to Bill Howard.

Black and white cows would be slightly better on the week. Messrs Wilson, Hardrigg Hall sold the top priced Holstein x cow for 753kg at 156.5p totalling £1178 to Les Fell. Messrs Sherwen, Greenmoorside sold a Holstein x cow for 895kg at 128.5p totalling £1150 to Dovecote Park. Messrs Brough, Buckabank Farms sold two Holstein x cows for 956kg at 115.5p totalling £1104 and 925kg at 113.5p totalling £1049 both purchased by Dovecote Park. Messrs Wilson, Evening Hill Farm sold a Holstein x cow for 849kg at 121.5p totalling £1031 to Dovecote Park. Messrs Mitchell, Grassknop Farm sold a Holstein x cow for 780kg at 128.5p totalling £1002 to Dovecote Park. Messrs Harrington, Mounsey Bank sold the top priced Friesian x cow for 786kg at 126.5p totalling £994 to Dovecote Park.

Leading young cow and heifer prices: Holstein x 156.5p Hardrigg Hall, 153.5p Errington Farm, 139.5p Thackwood, 136.5p Parkhouse, Montbelairde x 155.5p Swordwellrigg, 143.5p Beeches

Leading Prices per head: Limousin £1556 Upper Brydekirk, £1440 Outer Woodhead, £1272 £1061 Whitestonehill, £1271, £1097 Lowergate Farm, £1249 Meikleholm Farm, £1190 Hightown, £1189 £1052 Townfoot  £1186 Whitewall Farm, £1174 The Guards, £1128 High House, £1098 £1005 Townfoot £1088 Greengate Well Farm, £1086 Well Head Farm, £1073 Baldwinholme Farm, £1035 Laitha Farm, Holstein Friesian £1178 £922 Hardrigg Hall, £1150 Greenmoorside, £1104 £1049 Buckabank Farm,  £1031 Evening Hill Farm, £1002 Grassknop Farm, £980 Meinbank Farm, £963 Whins Farm, £955 Bridge End, £933 High Pow £930 Park House Farm, Charolais £1139 Holme House Dale £1100 Laverock Bridge, £1099 Greenfield, British Blue £1112 £1015 Agars Hill Farm, £1103 Broomhills, £1081 Ladyhousesteads, £1006 Seymour, Simmental £1054 Ridley Farm, Saler £1033 Greenfield, Friesian £994 Mounsey Bank, £923 Mirkbooths, £912 High House, Holstein £953 Errington Farm, Montbelairde £919 Swordwellrigg Farm, Fleckvieh £859 Low Tarns.

Leading Prices per Kilo: Limousin 195.5p Outer Woodhead, 195.5p High House, 194.5p Upper Brydekirk, 186.5p Whitewall Farm, 186.5p 183.5p Lowergate Farm, 177.5p 159.5p Whitestonehill, 177.5p Meikleholm Farm, 176.5p 152.5p 151.5p Townfoot 174.5p The Guards, 163.5p Greengate Well Farm, 157.5p Hightown, British Blue 173.5p Broomhills 145.5p 140.5p Agars Hills Farm, Holstein Friesian 156.5 115.5 Hardrigg Hall, 145.5 Justicetown Farm, 139.5 Thackwood Farm, 136.5 Park House Farm, 128.5p Greenmoorside 128.5p 114.5p Grassknop Farm, 125.5p Whins Farm, 125.5p Burthwaite Croft, 121.5p 120.5p Meinbank Farm, 121.5p 119.5p Evening Hill Farm, 115.5p 113.5p Buckabank Farm, Charolais 155.5p Laverock Bridge, 145.5p Greenfield, Montbelairde 155.5p 119.5p 115.50p Swordwellrigg Farm, 143.5 Beeches, 115.5 114.5 Gimmenbie, Holstein 153.5 Errington Farm, 126.5p 123.5p Cockleybank, 118.5p Crummock Bank Farm, Saler 136.5p Greenfield, Simmental 133.5p 123.5p Ridley Farm, Friesian 126.5p Mounsey Bank 122.5p Gelt Hall Farm, 121.5p Mirkbooths, 118.5p Whins Farm,  117.5p 115.5p High House 115.5p Bank House, Blonde 125.5p Drumshangan Farm, Beef Shorthorn 121.5p Farlam Hill Farm, Belted Galloway 113.5p Skiddaw View Cottage, Hereford 120.5p Skiddaw View Cottage, Aberdeen Angus 115.5p Drumshangan Farm, Fleckvieh 115.5p Low Tarns.

CAST BULLS: Messrs Carruthers, Glenzierfoot sold the top priced Limousin stock bull for 1040kg at 142.5p totalling £1482 to Owain Llyr. Messrs Armstrong & Sons, Broomhill sold a Limousin stock bull for 1035kg at 127.5p totalling £1319 also to Owain Llyr. Messrs Bell, Woodhall Farm sold overage Belted Galloway x bullocks for 174.5p, 169.5p, 168.5p and 164.5p.

Leading Prices per Head: Limousin £1482 Glenzierfoot Farm, £1319 Broomhills, Charolais £1211 Drumshangan Farm.

Leading Prices per Kilo: Belted Galloway 174.5p 169.5p 168.5p 164.5p 159.5p Woodhall farm, British Blue 159.5p Netherhirst, Highland 143.5p Bank Head, Limousin 142.5p Glenzierfoot Farm, 127.5p Broomhills, Whitebred Shorthorn 125.5p Walby Grange, Charolais 117.5p Drumshangan Farm.

PRIME SHEEP: A massive entry of 4022 head were forward at the weekly sale of prime sheep at Borderway. More buyers were in attendance buying for 23 outlets.  107 lots or 442 head sold over £100 with 50 lots (243 sheep) over 250ppk

All export and handy weight sheep sold well with a n SQQ of 216p being achieved, heavy lambs saw a drop on the week however with 1397 forward, these proved harder to place as lockdown takes its toll on the home market.

Adam & Amy Bell, Thethwaite Farm topped the day’s trade a £133 for a cracking Beltex x lamb selling to A Wright & Son, Boston. Beltex also topped the sale per kilo at 315.4p consigned by ML & LB Bell, WInterhope, Lockerbie purchased by Steven Stoddart, Wigton. Suffolks sold to £108 for heavies from M/s Dent, Beamwham, Hexham and 242ppk for a pair from the same home Mules to £92.50 for w runs of 24 from Kilnstown Farms Ltd and 194.7ppk from the same home.

Leading prices per head: Beltex £133, £116, £111, £110 Thethwaite Farm; £123, £118, £117, £115, £105 Winterhope Farm; £119, £118, £109(x2) Hollands; £118(x2) £113(x2), £106 Castlehill; £118, £110, £105 Farewell Grange; £116.5, £116, £109 Tinwald Farm; £114 Swallowdene; £111, £104 Park House; £110, £110 Shadwick Cottage Dutch Texel £130, £123, £122, £103 Thirlwall Castle Farm; £121, £109, £108, £101 Flimby Hall; £110, £107 Low Houses; £109, £107.5, £104 High Old Shield Farm; £109(x2), £108  Unity Farm; £101 Sowerby Wood Farm; £100 Braithwaite Hall Texel £124, £120 Halls Oven; £119 £105 Baggrow Farm; £119, £116, £112, £110, £107(x2)  Beechcroft Farm;  £118 , £112High Stenries £116, £109 (x2) £105(x2), £104 Nether Place; £113, £109 Wavercroft; £112 Pasture House Farm; £110 Hillhead; £108(x2) £105 (x2) Cardewlees Farm; £106 £105 Aimshaugh;  £106 Newbiggin Farm; £105 Howgillside; Suffolk £108, £98, £90 Beamwham; £97 Broomhill; £97, £93 Sowerby Wood Farm; £96 Nether Place; £95 Westhills Farm; £94 Waterside; £93, £92 Faugh Beeches; £90 (x2)Town Head; £90 Denton Mains Rouge £99 Swallowdene Millenium Bleu £96, £94, £93, £92.5(x2), £91, £90 Corrie Field Greyface £92.5(x2), £88 Kilnstown; £91.5 Nunscleugh; £90.5, £88 Reaygarth; £89.5 , £86 Gapshields; £88.5, £88 Lawston Farm; £88 Kilnknowe;  £88 Hundith House; £87.5 Pasture House Farm; £87 Broathill; £87 Hollands; £87 Denton Mains; £87 Beamwham; £86.5 The Throp Charollais £92 Outer Woodhead Blackface £90 Farewell Grange Hill/Cheviot £90 Castlehill

Leading Prices Pence per kilo: Beltex 315.4p, 277.1p, 274.4p, 248.9p Winterhope Farm; 297.4p, 291.4p(x2), 258.5p Castlehill; 290.2p, 287.8, 286.8p, 283.1 Hollands; 277.6p, 250p(x2) Farewell Grange; 277.1p, 270.7p, 268.3p, 257.8p Thethwaite Farm; 272.9p, 270.9p, 247.7p Tinwald Farm; 268.3p Shadwick Cottage; 264.3p, 255.6p Park House; 253.3p Swallowden; 252.5p Glebelands; 251.3p The Throp; 248.2p Lanerton; Dutch Texel 288.9p 287.1p, 279.5p, 226.4p Thirlwall Castle Farm; 282.1p, 264.2p Low Houses; 272.5p, 272.2p, 244.7p, 227.9p High Old Shield; 253.5p, 244.2p, 239.6p, 229.8p Unity Farm; 250.6p Hunley: 242p, 231.9p Flimby Hall; 228.2p Stone Hall; 227.6p Sycamore House; 225p(x2) Springfield Farm Texel 287.2p, 237.5p Pasture House Farm; 286.4p, 280p, 264.4p, 241.8p, 237.8p, 230.1p Beechcroft Farm; 269.7p, 263.8p, 263.2p Halls Oven; 268.2p, 243.5p High Stenries; 265.9p 262.8p Wavercroft; 265p, 253p Aimshaugh; 259.3p, 247.9p, 227.2p Baggrow Farm; 255.8p Hillhead; 244.2p(x2), 242.7p(x2), 241.9p Cardewlees Farm; 235.6p Newbiggin Farm; 227.9p Hayton Brow; 226.8p Brownrigg 226.2p The Green Suffolk 242p, 200p Beamwham; 208.2p Kinknockie; 202.3p, 195.8p Waterside; 201.2p Outer Woodhead; 200p Roe Farm; 190.1p Nether Place Millenium Bleu 220.7p, 213.8p Corrie Field Rouge 220p Swallowdene Herdwick 207.9p Baggrow Farm Hill/Cheviot 197.8p Castlehill Charollais 197.8p Outer Woodhead Greyface 194.7p Kilnstown; 193.4p Hundith House; 193.3p Broathill; 193.3p Gapshields; 193.3p Beamwham; 190.7p Kilnstown; 190.6p Nunscleugh; 190.5p Reaygarth; 190.2p Pasture House Farm; 190.1p The Throp


Ewes Leading Price Per Head: Texel £140 Nursery Road, £126.50 Northrigg Hill, £103.50, £98.50, £97.50(x2) Waterside, £99.50 Cardewlees Farm, £96.50, £94.50 Church Farm, £96.50, £94 Northrigg Hill, £95.50 Haydon Bridge Suffolk £110 Faugh Beeches, £100 White House Charollais £107.50 Outer Woodhead Beltex £90 Unity Farm, £76.50 The Throp Leicester £87.50 Laverock Bridge Greyfaced £84.50 White House, £82.50 Merryshield, £79.50, £77.50 Faugh Beeches, £79.50(x2) Reservoir Farm, £77.50 Church Farm, £76.50 Parkside Farm, £75.50 Randalfoot, £75 Beamwham, £74 Thornthwaite Hall, £73.50 The Garth, £73 Laverock Bridge, £70 Brandle Howe Cheviot Mule £76.50 Long Park Blackface £76.50 Kirkhouse Farm Swaledale £55 Haydon Bridge, £53.50 Church Farm, £52.50 Farewell Grange


For more information regarding entries for Borderway Primestock Sales Team –

David Holliday 07710 189804 Cast Cows & Cast Bulls
Grant Anderson 07872 129274 Prime Bulls & Prime Cattle
James Little 07872 840685 Prime & Cast Sheep