Borderway Primestock Sale

4th January 2021

On Monday 4th January Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of Primestock. Whereby a smaller show of 205 cast cows, bulls and prime cattle, along with 1211 prime and cast sheep were forward on an icy day at Borderway.

PRIME BULLS: A quiet first day back to 2021 with only 52 prime bulls forward. Trade remains firm for all classes and there was plenty demand. Top overall was a Simmental from Messrs Houldey, Kirtleton House, Lockerbie achieving £1751.04 and was purchased by Bowland Foods, Preston. Blonde crosses from Messrs Byers, Ellen Bank, Wigton attained £1559.28 and British Blue crosses from Messrs Hird, West End, Cockermouth to £1498.10. Top overall pence per kilo of 233.5ppk was attained by Messrs Byers for the aforementioned Blonde cross and was purchased by Ralph Pearson, Wholesale Butchers, Bradford.

Top Dairy bred bulls sold to £1156.16 for a Holstein from Messrs Graham, South Lambhill, Longtown, purchased by Jewitt Meats, Spennymoor. Top pence per kilo of 184.5ppk for a British Friesian from Messrs Mattocks, Aulby Farm, Penrith purchased by Bowland Foods.

Leading Bull Prices per Head: Simmental £1751, £1637 Kirtleton House, £1611, 1425, £1371 Ellen Bank, Blonde £1559 Ellen Bank, British Blue £1498 West End Farm, £1128 South Lambhill, £1124 Beckstones Farm, Limousin £1422 Willows Farm, £1413 Beckstones Farm, £1408, £1356 West End Farm, £1319 Barwinnock Farm, Holstein £1156 South Lambhill, Saler £1154 Beckstones Farm, Norwegian Red £1146, £995 Kirkbride House, British Friesian £1111, £1103 The Flatt, £1035, £1018 (x2), £1001 Aulby Farm, £1010 Beckstones Farm, Aberdeen Angus £1099 Justicetown Farm, Holstein Friesian £976, £910 Barwinnock Farm, £914 Lodge Farm.

Leading Bull Priced per Kilo: Blonde 233.5p Ellen Bank, Limousin 223.5p, 221.5p West End Farm, 218.5p Aulby Farm, 218. 5p, 210.5p Willows Farm, 218.5p Beckstones Farm, 210.5p (x2) Barwinnock Farm, Simmental 208.5p, 207.5p, 194.5p Ellen Bank, 201.5p Kirtleton House, 195.5p South Lambhill,  British Blue 205.5p West End Farm, Saler 189.5p Beckstones Farm, British Friesian 184.5p, 178.5p, 173.5p, 167.5p Aulby Farm, 169.5p, 167.5p The Flatt, 164.5p Beckstones Farm, Norwegian Red 183.5p, 173.5p Kirkbride House, Holstein 181.5p South Lambhill, Hereford 170.5p Mouswald Grange, Aberdeen Angus 164.5p Justicetown Farm, 169.5p Field House, Holstein Friesian 159.5p Barwinnock Farm, 155.5p Lodge Farm, Montbelairde 154.5p Mouswald Grange.

PRIME CATTLE: A good show of 32 Prime steers and heifers forward with a good trade seen throughout.  Top overall was an outstanding Charolais cross heifer from Messrs Neill, Upper Tinwald, Dumfries attaining £1765.63 purchased by Pioneer Foods, Carlisle.  Top overall pence per kilo of 245.50p was paid to Messrs McKelvey, Burnside, Lockerbie for a British Blue cross and was bought by Owain Llyr, Ruthin. The same vendor sold another to 243.50 for a Limousin cross.  Steers peaked at £1754.06 for a quality Limousin cross from Messrs Bowe, Bothel Parks, Wigton purchased by Pioneer Foods.  The same vendor achieved top pence per kilo of 234.5 twice bothf or Limousin crosses.

Please advise entries for next weeks sale.

Leading Prices Per Head:
Charolais £1765 £1672 Tinwald Farm, Limousin £1587 Shatton Lodge Farm, £1546 £1389 Burnside £1354 Rosgill Head, British Blue £1460 Burnside

Steers: Limousin £1754 £1683 Bothel Parks, £1595 £1530 Petteril Hill Farm, £1549 £1546 Newbiggin Farm, £1526 Shatton Lodge Farm, Blonde £1519 Newbiggin Farm, British Blue £1382 Little Broomhills Farm.

Leading prices per kilo:
Heifers: British Blue
245.5 Burnside, Limousin 243.5 Burnside, 238.5 Rosgill Head, 226.5 Shatton Lodge Farm, Charolais 235.5 230.5 Tinwald Farm,

Steers: Limousin 234.5 234.5 Bothel Parks, 230.5 (x2) Petteril Hill Farm, 229.5 225.5 Newbiggin Farm, 229.5 Shatton Lodge Farm, Blonde 227.5 Newbiggin Farm, British Blue 178.5 173.5 Little Broomhill Farm, Friesian 164.5 162.5 Gelt Hall Farm.

CAST COWS & OTM CATTLE: A smaller show of 130 cast cows and stock bulls were on offer and sold 20p up on December’s trade.

Mr I Bell, Hallbankgate Farm sold 3 Charolais cows to a top if 950kg, 154.5ppk or £1467 to Capper Farming. Messrs Little, Greenhill Farm run of cows topped at 689kg, 207.5ppk or £1429 and to 633kg, 197.5ppk or £1250 for Limosuin crosses both purchased by James Mather. Mr Harry Houldey, Kirtleton House sold the top priced Simmental cross cow for 749kg, 148.5ppk or £1112 to Mr Roberts.

Trade for all classes of dairy cows were on fire, with Messrs Vevers, High Plains sold a Holstein cross cow for 856kg, 124.5ppk or £1065 to Mr Les Fell. Messrs Paul & Son, Greigsland sold a Holstein cross cow for 667kg, 155.5ppk or £1037 also to Mr Fell. Drumburgh Castle Farming run of Friesian cows topped at 827kg, 123.5ppk or £1021 to Phillip Bowes. Messrs Watson, Millrigg sold the top prices Montbeliarde cross cow for 822kg, 122.5p, £1006 again to Les Fell. Messrs Eilbeck & Son, Plumbland Farm sold a Holstein cross cow for 931kg, 107.5ppk or £1000 to Mr Charles Kirkpatrick.

Leading Prices per head: Charolais £1467, £1189 Hallbankgate Farm, Limousin £1429, £1250 Greenhill Farm, Simmental £1112 Kirtleton House, Holstein Friesian £1065, £908 High Plains, £1000 Plumbland Farm, £962 Marsh House, £940 Helm Farm, £937, £928 Greigsland, £936 Campfield Farm, £931, £905 Justicetown Farm, £907 Barwinnock Farm, Holstein £1037 Greigsland, £900 Millrigg, British Friesian £1021 Drumburgh Castle, British Blue £1022 Noble Mill Farm, Montbeliarde £1006 Millrigg, Beef Shorthorn £969 Marsh House, Hereford £919 Barsalloch Farm, Shorthorn £891 Greenhill Farm, Fleckvieh £888 The Howes.

Leading Prices per Kilo: Limousin 207.5p, 197.5p, 152.5p Greenhill Farm, British Blue 165.5p Barsalloch Farm, Holstein 155.5p Greigsland, 129.5p Gaitsgill Hall Farm, 119.5p, 117.5p, 116.5p, 116.5p Newbampton Farm, 116.5p Stubbyknowe, 115.5p Millrigg, 125.5p, 122.5p, 115.5p Helm Farm, 124.5p, 116.5p (x2) High Plains, 123.5p, 123.5p, 122.5p, 121.5p Broomhills, 122.5p Justicetown Farm, 119.5p Barwinnock Farm, 119.5p Chalk Lodge, 118.5p, 116.5p Drumburgh Castle, 118.5p Campfield Farm, 116.5p Marsh House, Charolais 154.5p Hallbankgate Farm, Hereford 149.5p Barsalloch Farm, Simmental 148.5p Kirtleton House, 147.5p Drumjargon Farm, Fleckvieh 137.5p Stoneybrook Farm, 117.5p The Howes, Aberdeen Angus 126.5p, 123.5p Skiddaw View Cottage, 120.5p Breckonhill Farm, Luing 125.5p Greenhill Farm, Beef Shorthorn 123.5p Marsh House, British Friesian 123.5p, 116.5p Drumburgh Castle Farm, 121.5p Campfield Farm, 117.5p Brackenthwaite Farm, Montbeliarde 122.5p Millrigg, Shorthorn 115.5p Greenhill Farm.

CAST BULLS: Only 4 stock bulls were on offer with Messrs Nelson, Rosgill Head selling the top priced Limousin stock bull for 922kg, 145.5p or £1341 to Jewitts.

Leading Prices per Head: Limousin 145.5p Rosgill Head, Montbelairde 121.5p Hillend Farm.

Leading Prices per Kilo: Limousin £1341 Rosgill Head, Montbelairde £1149 Hillend Farm.

PRIME SHEEP: The weekly sale of prime hoggs saw numbers tightened with the hazardous conditions making it difficult for consignors to make their journey.  Those who managed to attend were rewarded with a flyer of a trade with an overall average of 245ppk which equates to £108.02 a head with a plainer show of sheep forward.

Topping the sale at £128 were two consignors with heavy sheep, both lots were Texels sold by Cochranes Nurseries, Longtown and RC Mitchell & Sons, Mirkbooths, Raughton Head.

A pair of 41kg Beltex hoggs topped per kilo at 309.8p (£127 per head) consigned by regular supporters A & A Little, Hollands, Penton.

Commercial sheep met a ferocious trade with 44-46kg hoggs regularly surpassing £110 per head.  Suffolks to £118 from M/s Story, Jackson Rigg, Longtown and M/s Hird, Broomhills, Wigton which also topped per kilo at 245.9p

A run of 80 Blackfaced hoggs topped at £114 for a pen of 42 M/s Hope, Albierigg and to 248.8p for a pen from M/s Fisher, Smalmstown

Mules sold to £112 from M/s Story. Jackson Rigg, Longtown and to 237ppk from M/s Murray, The Throp

Leading prices per head: Texel £128 Dickstree; £128, £125, £119 Mirkbooths; £125 Grassgarth; £123 Broomhill; £123, £122 Campfield Farm; £122 Newbiggin Farm; £120, £117 Comlongon Mains; £119, £118 Grassgarth; £119, £118.5 Jackson Rigg; £118(x2) High Park Foot; £117 Denton Mains; £117 High Park Foot; £117 The Garth Beltex £127,  £120, £118, £115(x3) £110 Hollands; £120 Harley Croft; £117, £115, £111 Low Houses; £116, £110 Smalmstown; £111 (x2) The Throp; £110 Winterhope Farm; £110 Rietfontain Dutch Texel £126, £121, £118 Hargill House; £122, £121 (x2), £118(x2), £115 Unity Farm; £121, £119, £117(x4) New Grange Farm Suffolk £118 Jackson Rigg; £118 Broomhill; £112 Smalmstown Farm; £112 Nook House Blackface £114, £106 Albierigg; £102 Smalmstown Greyfaced £112 Jackson Rigg; £110, £106 Denton Mains; £108.5, £101 Reaygarth; £107 The Throp; £106 Hollands; £105 Low Moor; £104 Mirkbooths; £103 Stoneraise Place Swaledale £103 Cold Shields; £97.5 Hargill House.

Leading Prices Pence per kilo: Beltex 309.8p, 302.6p, 300p, 280.5, 278.5p, 277.6p Hollands; 288p, 274.4p, 262.5p, 261.7p Low Houses; 284.6p (x2), 270.9p The Throp; 278.3p, 271.6p Winterhope Farm; 275p Rietfontain; 272.7p Harley Croft; 269.4p Halls Oven Dutch Texel 300p, 295.1p, 274.7p Hargill House; 270p, 264.3p, 255p Sycamore House; 269p, 267.4p, 265.9p, 263p, 251.6p New Grange Farm; 268.9p Unity Farm Blackface 248.8p Smalmstown Farm; 235.6p, 233.8p Albierigg Suffolk 245.8p Broomhill; 243.5p Smalmstown; 238.4p Town Head Greyface 237.8p The Throp; 235.6p, 234p Denton Mains; 233.3p Low Moor; 233.3p, 232.2p Reaygarth; 231.1p Mirkbooths Herdwick 228.9p Border Rigg Swaledale 223.9p Cold Shields; 220.5p Hargill House Texel 300p, 275.9p Comlongon Mains; 281.9p, 277.6p, 271.3p, 261.4p High Park Foot; 276.2p, 269p, 264.4p Grassgarth; 275p, 265.5p The Lake; 268.3p, 266p Newbiggin Farm; 260p Halls Oven.

CAST SHEEP: The weekly sale of cast ewes where trade once again was on fire with a sale average of £91.  Topping todays sale at £140 for a cracking Beltex ewe from Messrs Little, The Guards. Texels topped at £138 from Messrs Norman, Low Moorhouse.

Ewes:  Beltex £140 £135 £110 The Guards, Texel £138 £130 £109 £106 Low Moorhouse Farm, £130 £120 £107 £104 Wavercroft £114 £109 £108 Far Brownrigg, £112 £110 Greensyke,

Suffolk £109 Low Moorhouse Farm, Greyfaced £96 £86 Greensyke, £86 Park Head Farm, Zwartbles £86 Park Head Farm.

Rams: Leicester £130 Sheepriggs, Suffolk £120 Low House, Beltex £119 Hargill House, Texel £94 Greensyke, £118 Border Rigg, £110 Stonewalls, £110 High Wreay Farm, £108 Border Rigg.


For more information regarding entries for Borderway Primestock Sales Team –

David Holliday 07710 189804 Cast Cows & Cast Bulls
Grant Anderson 07872 129274 Prime Bulls & Prime Cattle
James Little 07872 840685 Prime & Cast Sheep