Borderway Sale of Store & Breeding Sheep

5th February 2018

At Borderway Mart on Monday 5th February, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of store lambs with 256 head forward.

The dramatic increase in the price of prime lambs has considerably raised the value of store sheep; the buyers are wanting lambs.  Topping the sale at £80 were four cracking Texel lambs from George Wilson, Reddings, his run of 33 lambs went on to average £70 with the sale as a whole averaging £59.72p.

Store Sheep Leading prices: Texel £80, £71 (x2) Reddings, £71 Fellside (Edgar), £71 Jenetes Hill, £71, £70, £69.50 Killicrankie, £69 (x2) Fellside (Coulthard), £61 Cocklett Hill, £60 Corrie Field, £58 Mosergh Farm, £56 Robin Hood Inn Beltex £77, £69.50 Fellside (Edgar), £76 East Farm Suffolk £73 Wize Farm, £72, £56.50 Tedcastle, £67.50 Mosergh Farm Greyfaced £65.50 Low House, £53.50 Mosergh Farm Bluefaced Leicester £59 Mosergh Farm