Borderway Sale of Store & Weanling Cattle

10th July 2019

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd had forward 568 head at their Weekly Wednesday Sale at Borderway.  Numbers were light however buyers were forward in force and demand was strong for all classes.

Many more cattle are required in every ring to satisfy the large number of buyers in attendance at Carlisle every Wednesday.

STORE CATTLE – The smallest show of the year with only 205 store cattle forward seeing  very good trade achieved for all classes.  Top overall was a lovely Limousin cross heifer from Messrs Moscrop, Rye Close, Carlisle who received £1280.  Charolais crosses to £1170 from Messrs Graham, Hillhead, Canonbie.  Steers topped at £1185 for a Limousin cross from Messrs Grice, Newtown, Carlisle.  Aberdeen Angus crosses to £1160 for Messrs Miller, Tarn Lodge, Brampton.  Herefords to £1145 from Messrs Moscrop, Ryeclose, and British Blues to £1120 from Messrs Ferguson, Sandbed, Longtown.   More could have been sold.

Leading prices per head:

 Heifers: Limousin £1280 £1170 £1120 (x3) £1120 £1025 Rye Close £1105 Tarn Lodge Farm, £1045 Old Silloth Farm, £1030 Wydon Eals Farm, £1030 Hillhead Charolais £1170 Hillhead, British Blue £1020 Netherfield, Aberdeen Angus £1005, £985 Tarn Lodge Farm, £950 Bankend.

Steers: Limousin £1185, £1170 Newtown Farm, £1170 Hillhead, £1170, £1160 £1090 (x2) £1085 £1070 Brackenhill Rigg, £1075 £1050 Rye Close, £1070 The Grove, £1050 Horsleyhill Farm Cottage, Aberdeen Angus £1160 £1070 Tarn Lodge Farm, £1150 Bankend £1100 Beech House, £1020 (x4) Rose Farm, £1005 (x2) Jerriestown, £1005 Rye Close, Hereford £1145 (x2) £1040 (x2) Rye Close, British Blue £1120 £1110 £1100 £1020 Sandbed Farm, £1100 Beech House, £1040 Harbarrow Farm, £1025 Bankend, £1010 Netherfield, Galloway £1060 Eden Park, Simmental £1050 Whinneybrae, Charolais £1010 Old Silloth Farm, Friesian £945 £885 Brackenhill Rigg, £890 Rye Close.

Further information on the sale of store cattle at Borderway, please contact Auctioneers James Little 07872 840685 or Grant Anderson 07872 129274.

WEANED CATTLE: A smaller entry of just over the hundred barrier of weaned cattle were forward mainly  due to the Yorkshire Show and also drier weather than anticipated met a very strong ring side of buyers throughout seeing trade much dearer on the week.

Top price of the day was a tremendous Limousin bull from Messrs Thomlinson, Park View Farm, Scaleby peaking the sale at £1045 followed up with another two at £990 and £920.  Trade throughout the clean cattle also proved dearer on the week seeing Messrs Thomlinson also topping the bullocks at £935 for a Limousin x steer.  Smaller grazing cattle once again sold exceeding vendors expectations and saw everyone leaving highly delighted

Leading prices:

Bulls: Limousin £1045, £990 £920 Park View, £850 Croft House Farm, Hereford £810 (x2) Chattlehope Farm, Aberdeen Angus £795 Sanson Seal Farm, £645 Cubby Hill, British Blue £785 (x2) Croft House Farm, £735 Pasture House, Friesian £415 (x2) £330 Croft House, Fleckvieh £365 (x2) Woodhouse, Holstein Friesian £280 (x2) £250 (x4) Flatt.

Heifers: Limousin £940 £750 Blackrigg Farm, £825 Parkgate Hall, £815 Middle Brownrigg, £665 Wydon Eals Farm, £660 (x2) Nunfield, British Blue £930 Parkgate Hall, £850 Pasture House, £725 Far Brownrigg, £620 £600 (x3) Owlethirst Aberdeen Angus £775 Haltcliffe, Simmental £700 Cooper House Farm, Jersey £600 Owlethirst.

Steers: Limousin £935 Park View, £810 Blackrigg Farm, £795 (x2) Pasture House, £740 £725  North End Farm, £735 Wydon Eals Farm, Stabiliser £775 (x2) Cooper House Farm, British Blue £760 Pasture House, £740 Middle Brownrigg, Saler £560 Wydon Eals Farm.

For further information on the sale of weaned calves at Borderway, please contact Auctioneers David Holliday 07710 189804 or David Fearon 07500173273