Borderway Special Show and Sale of Store Lambs, including Sale of Breeding Sheep

17th September 2018

On Monday 17th September, Borderway Mart held their Special show and sale of store lambs.

The show attracted a quality entry of 1466 head forward with all sheep.

The pre-sale show was expertly judged by Ann Little, Hollands, Penton who awarded first prize to Messrs TA Storey, Bushfield with a tremendous pen of 16 Texels. Second prize was won by Messrs J Mattinson, Son, Burthwaite, for his pen of Texels, and finally 3rd prize was given to Messrs JW & DN Ewe, Stubbsgill also for Texels.

Outwith the show, topping the sale was a Black Texel lamb from Messrs GI McVittie, Holm Cottage, Alma Place topping at £81.

Demand for all classes were consistent throughout, and saw larger lambs once again being very well bid for, with many pens realising £64+ regularly.

Longer keep lambs were also well sought after, with a pen of 28kg Beltex lambs from Mr Grant Rennie, Bridgeend Farm, Bassenthwaite selling for £64 for a consignment of 10.

For further information regarding store and breeding sheep sales at Borderway, please contact the Auctioneer David Fearon 07764573436

Prize List
Store Lambs
1st TA Storey, Bushfield, Penton – £69
2nd J Mattinson & Son, Burthwaite, Keswick – £64
3rd JW & DN Eve, Stubbsgill, Wigton – £68

Champion Pen – Vendor- Messrs TA Storey, Bushfield

Leading Prices per head: Texel £81, £69.50 Holm Cottage, £75, £65, £63 Barrsalloch Farm, £70 Carrycoats Hall, £69.50 Fairhill Farm, £69 Brackenthwaite Farm, £69 Bushfield, £68 Stubbsgill Farm, £66 New House Farm, £65.50 Desoglin, £65, £64 Sanderson House, £64.50 Rose Cottage, £64 Scales Farm, £64 Bridgeend Farm, £64 Burthwaite, £64 The Barns, £63 Branch End Farm, Blue Faced Leicester £72 Barsalloch Farm, Greyfaced £64.50 Rose Croft, £53.50 Parkhead Farm, £52.50 Lonning Foot, £52 Carrycoats Hall, £50 Tod Bank, £50 Hill Side, Beltex £64 Bridgeend Farm, £63.50, £60, £55.50 Elva Plains, £62, £60, £54 Highfield Farm, Suffolk £64 Dykecroft, £59 Demesne Farm, £57.50 Green Close, Charollais £63.50 Croftlands, Dorset £49.50 Blakebeck Farm, Kerry Hill £47.50 Chapel House.

Breeding Ewes: A small consignment of breeding sheep followed the sale of store lambs, whereby top price of the day was claimed by Messrs L Davidson, Halls Oven, Easton for his consignment of 26 Mule shearlings, selling to £122 per head..

Leading Prices per head:
Shearling Gimmers: Greyfaced
£122 Halls Oven.

Ewes: Texel £110, £90, £82 Low Wood Bank, £80, £76, £72 The Barns, Greyfaced £80 Parkhead Farm, Suffolk £78 Hilltop, North Country Cheviot £60 Bonshawside.