Borderway Spring Lamb Young Handler Show and Sale

7th May 2018

On Monday 7th May, Harrison and Hetherington held their annual Young Handlers and Spring Lamb show and sale.

The annual young handler and open show of spring lambs attracted a fabulous entry and was expertly judged by Martin McIntyre, McIntyre Meats, Leyburn, and was kindly sponsored by Northern Boiler Grants.

Prize Winners
Class 1 – Young Handlers aged 10 years and under
1st Alexander Slater, Rose Cottage
2ndRebecca Slater, Rose Cottage
3rd Sophie Bell, Mill Cottage

1st and 2nd prize winners in Junior Handler class – Alexander and Rebecca Slater with Gemma Metcalfe (sponsor – Northern Boiler Grants)

Class 2 – Young Handlers aged 11 years and over
1stMolly Park, 15 Sea View
2ndJack Richardson, Whitehead Brow,
3rdHannah Pickthall, C/o Swallow Heights
4th –  Charlotte Pickthall, C/o Swallow Heights

1st prize Senior Handler – Molly Park with Gemma Metcalfe (sponsor – Northern Boiler Grants)

Champion Young Handler: Alexander Slater, Rose Cottage

Reserve Champion Young Handler: Molly Park, 15 Sea View

Champion and Reserve Young Handlers – l/r Alexander Slater (Champion) & Molly Park (Reserve Champion) with Gemma Metcalfe (sponsor – Northern Boiler Grants)

Also on show was a special class for the best single and pair of Spring born lambs and was also judged by Mr Martin McIntyre.

The champion lamb came from M/s Bell, Mill Cottage, Waterbeck with an outstanding Texel which sold for £150 to the Judge.

The champion young handler was Alexander Slater who sold his 42kg Texel x lamb at £134 to John Scott Meats, Paisley.

The winning pairs came from Judy Brough, Buckabank with two outstanding Suffolks which sold for £150 to JC Guild & Sons, New Cummock.

Class 3 – Best Spring Lamb (Open)
1stSophie Bell, Mill Cottage
2nd Louise Brough, Old Rectory
3rd –  I & H Hornsby, The Stackyard
4th –  A&C Park, 15 Sea View

Class 4 – Best Pair of Spring Lamb (Open)
1stJ Irving, Buckabank
2nd     Adam Bell, Hillcrest
3rd M/s Brough, Old Rectory
4th – M/s Slater, Rose Cottage


Overall Champion: Sophie Bell, Mill Cottage, Waterbeck

Champion Spring Lamb shown by Sophie Bell

Reserve Champion: J Irving, Buckabank, Dalston

Best Pair of Lambs won by Judy Brough – l/r Craig Brough and Jimmy Irving with Gemma Metcalfe (sponsor – Northern Boiler Grants)