Borderway Store and Breeding Sheep Sale

19th February 2018

At Borderway Mart on Monday 19th February, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of store hoggs and breeding sheep when 264 head were forward.

Another cracking trade with all types of store sheep forward seeing strong demand from start to finish. Topping the day’s trade was for a pen of 12 Charollais x Mule  hoggs from M/s Taylor, Hill Top, Penrith peaking at £91 a head. The same consigner saw £86 per head for Texel x hoggs.  Mr Graham Edwards topped the Texel trade for a pen of hoggs at £87.

Store Sheep- leading prices: Charollais £91Hilltop, Texel £87 Gorfen Letch Cottage, £86 Hilltop Farm £83.50 Burthwaite, £81 Woodhouse, £80 Hill Farm, £80 Woodhouse, £80 Low Wood Bank, £80 Woodhouse, £77 (x2) Gorfen Letch Cottage, £77, £76 Low Wood Bank, £76 Gorfen Letch Cottage, £76 Mosergh Farm £76 Holmewrangle Farm, Beltex £81 Woodhouse, £79 Farewell Grange, Greyfaced £76.50 Burthwaite, £76 Low Wood Bank, £75 Burthwaite, Suffolk £73, £57 Mosergh Farm, Zwarbles £73 Holmewrangle, Ryeland £68 14 Welsh Road, Swaledale £63 Low Wood Bank, Hebridean £44, £30.50, £27 14 Welsh Road.

Breeding Sheep – leading prices:
In-Lamb Ewes:
Texel £106, £105 Town Head Farm, Suffolk £105 Town Head Farm, Greyfaced £94 Town Head Farm, Beltex £68 Town Head Farm.
Ewes with Lambs at foot: Jacob £43, £35.50 Housenrigg Cottage.