Borderway Store and Breeding Sheep Sale

16th April 2018

At Borderway Mart on Monday 16th April, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of store and breeding sheep.

A larger show of ewes and lambs were forward proving all sheep very well bid for and sold to the vendors advantage.

Top price of the day was once again a tremendous Texel cross shearling with Beltex lamb at foot, peaking at £110 per head shown by Messrs MacIntyre, Downan Farm, Girvan, Ayrshire.  This tremendous run of 77 lives averaged £86.41 per life and £249.27 per unit, for a mixture of shearlings to aged ewes.

Many more units could have been sold with ease, seeing demand getting stronger week by week.
Entries are invited for next weeks sale, contact auctioneer David Fearon – 07764573436.

Leading prices:
Shearlings with Lambs at foot: Texel
£110, £83 Downan Farm, Beltex £75 Rash Mill Cottage.

Ewes with Lambs at foot: Beltex £106, £81 Downan Farm, Suffolk £101, £86 Crosshill Farmhouse, £80 Tedcastle Farm, Texel £100, £91, £82 Fineview, £90, £88, £85, £84 Downan Farm, £89, £70.50 Crosshill Farmhouse, £86 High Acres, £80, £76, £75, £71 Glebelands, £74 Midtown Farm, Greyfaced £60, £55.50 Crosshill Farmhouse, £58 Tedcastle Farm.

Store Sheep: Texel £70 Gosling Terrace, Suffolk £67, 364 Gosling Terrace.