Borderway Store and Breeding Sheep Sale

30th April 2018

At Borderway Mart on Monday 30th April, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of store and breeding sheep.

A larger entry of ewes and lambs came forward, and were met by a buoyant trade, with stronger units well sought after.

Top price of the day was a Texel 2 crop ewe with strong Texel lamb at foot from Messrs Thompson, Howburn, Garrigill, Alston which peaked the day’s trade at £108.

A small selection of hoggs attracted a good enquiry, with Beltex cross hoggs from Kallum Hunt, Braithwaite Shields, Ivegill selling to £94, £92, £88. A tremendous run of quality mule hoggs from Messrs Horsley, Woodhouse, Catterlen, Penrith peaked at £91.

Please contact the Auctioneer David Fearon on 07764573436.

Leading prices:
Ewes with Lambs at Foot: Texel
£108 How Burn, £86, £82, £75 (x2) Smithy Garth, £69.50 Whitehouse Farm, £69 Edenlin, Suffolk £90, £84 Scarrowhill, £73, £70 High House, Greyfaced £64 Whitehouse Farm, £60.50, £58 Tedcastle Farm, £55 How Burn.

Hoggs with Lambs at Foot: Beltex £94, £92, £88 Braithwaite Shields, Greyfaced £91 Woodhouse.

Shearlings with Lambs at Foot: Texel £92, £80, £76, £70 (x2) Winter Crag, £80, £72 High House, Greyfaced £68, £62 How Burn.

Store Sheep: Greyfaced £90 Middle Gill Farm, £66 Moffat Cottage, Texel £76 Middle Gill Farm, Swaledale £59, £50 Moffat Cottage, Charollais £85.50 Middle Gill Farm, Kerry Hill £52 Middle Gill Farm.