Borderway Store and Breeding Sheep Sale

24th September 2018

At Borderway Mart on Monday 24th September Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of store and breeding sheep.

Store Sheep: The sale of store lambs had another large show forward, with trade more selective than last week.

Top price of the day of £74 was attained three times, firstly from Messrs McIvittie, Holm Cottage , Langholm with a pen of five Texels, then by Messrs Fearon, Fell View Farm, Branthwaite again with Texels and finally by Messrs Horn, Birks Head, Appleby for a run of 8 Beltex lambs weighing 28-30kg.

With stronger lambs being in demand, vendors left delighted with their trade, seeing a consignment of 125 Texel cross lambs from Messrs Mattinson, Cragg Farm, Lockerbie, topping at £71.50 for a run of 30 and later averaging overall at £68.48.

Leading prices per head: Texel £74 Holm Cottage, £74, £69.50, £66 Fell View Farm, £71.50 Cragg Farm, £71, £70 Rack Beck, £70, £66, £64 Blinkbonny, £69.50 The Paddock, £69 Eden Dales, £68.50 Fairhill Farm, £67.50 (x2) Cragg Farm, £66.50, £66 Gallows Hill, £66 Burthwaite, £66 Ross Farm, £65 The Paddock, Beltex £74 Birks Head Farm, £67 (x2), £65 (x2) Stubbsgill Farm, £67 Mosshill Farm, £64 Birks Head Farm, £64, £62 Far Shields, £63 Beamwham,  Hampshire £68, £61 Middle Gill Farm, Suffolk £64, £63 Laverock Bridge, £62 Gallows Hill, £58 Longrigg, £58 Park Head Farm, £57 (x2) High Keenley Fell Farm, Bleu du Maine £57 Rose Cottage, Charollais £53.50 Bridge View, £51 Wadley Farm, Greyfaced £53 Underbank, £52 Laverock Bridge, £51 Penny Hill Park, £50 Parkhead Farm, £50 Blinkbonny, North Country Cheviot £51.50 High Troweir Farm, Welsh Black Mountain £43 Middle Gill Farm, Blackfaced £37 Milton Hill Farm, £34 Margaret Walk.

Breeding Sheep: The weekly breeding sheep sale included the second sale of Mule shearling gimmers. A great turnout of buyers ensured better quality Continentals and Mules sold very well.

Top price of the day of £145 was met twice, firstly by Messrs Irving, Thackmire, Hesket New Market with a pen of ten Texel cross shearlings, and secondly by Messrs Mair, Meikleholm Farm , Lockerbie for a pen of three pure Texel shearling gimmers.

Leading prices per head:
Shearling Gimmer: Texel £145 Thackmire, £145, £100 Meikleholm Farm, £130, £125 Carrycoats Hall, £120, £117 Branteth, £120, £116, £100 Millrigg, £118, £110 Skelsceugh Farm, £115, £100 Longrigg,  Blue Texel £122Carrycoats Hall, Suffolk £104 Millrigg, Greyfaced £100 Kirkandrews Moat, £96 Carrycoats Hall, £92 (x3), £90 Greenquarries.

Ewe Lambs: Suffolk £122, £115, £105 Talkin Head.

Ewes: Texel £102, £82 (x2), £81 Howgillside, £95 (x2) Millrigg, £88 Flimby Hall, £80 Stockhill, Suffolk £86 Howgillside, £80 East Cliff Farm.