Borderway Store and Breeding Sheep Sale

8th October 2018

At Borderway Mart on Monday 8th October Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of store and breeding sheep.

STORE SHEEP: The weekly sale of store lambs saw a run of 1066 forward to a keen ringside of buyers. Pens of strong lambs sold very well on the week, with many pens selling £60 plus regularly.

Topping the trade at £77 was a pen of Texels from Messrs Welters, Kernal Rigg, Roweltown. Another run of Texel cross Mules  from Messrs Mattinson, Cragg Farm, Cockermouth sold to a top of £63.50 and averaged £61.44 for a run of 65.

Other consignments of cross bred lambs proved very good to sell, with plenty of prospective purchasers looking to buy.

Leading prices per head: Texel £77, £66.50 Kernal Rigg, £66 Crops Hall, £65, £64, £63.50, £60 Spency Croft, £63.50, £60.50 Cragg Farm, £63, £61.50, £60 Moss Grove, £60 Sanderson House, £60 The Square, £59.50, £59 How Hill Farm, £59.50 Low Buildings, £59.50 Low Fauld Farm, £59 Burthwaite, £58.80 Fairhill Farm, Beltex £62.50 Low Buildings, £605.0 Barnskew, £59.50 Parkhead Farm, Suffolk £61, £56 Oakbank Farm, £59 Low Fauld Farm, £57 Park Head Farm, Charollais £54 How Hill Farm, Greyfaced £53 Spency Croft, £52 Penny Hill Park, £50 Underbank, £49 Border Rigg, £48 Carrycoats Hall, £47.50 Gallows Hill.

BREEDING SHEEP: A good entry of breeding sheep was forward to a good ring side demand. Top price of the day was a pen of Texel shearlings from Mr Edward Smith, Westhills, Annan topping at £112. Older sheep also sold beyond expectations, seeing a pen of 4 crop Suffolk ewes from Messrs Robson, Merryshield, Capheaton selling for a very respectable £88 per head.

The next week’s sale will include the Dispersal sale of 250 Texel and Mule shearlings to 4 shear ewes from Messrs Roper C/o Thomssen Estates. For further information please contact  the Auctioneer David Fearon 07800173273.

Leading prices per head:
Shearling Gimmers: Texel £112 Westhills, Greyfaced £84 Fell House.

Ewes: Suffolk £88 Merryshield, Greyfaced £78 Fell House, £75 Elizabeth Cottages, £70 Fell House, £65 Merryshield, Texel £70, £60 Penny Hill Park, £60 Pallet Hill Farm,  Blackfaced £43 Penny Hill Park, Herdwick £35 Penny Hill Park.