Borderway Store and Breeding Sheep Sale

8th April 2019

On Monday 8th April Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their weekly sale of breeding sheep.

STORE SHEEP: A small entry of store hoggs were forward to a large ringside, ensuring a very good trade. The entire run of hoggs averaged up at a respectable £77.62 seeing all vendors leaving highly delighted.

Leading prices per head: Suffolk £84.50, £73.50 Low Fauld Farm, Texel £72.50 Low Fauld Farm, Hill Cheviot £68.50 High Trowier Farm.

BREEDING SHEEP: Following on the sale of store sheep, saw a slightly smaller show of ewe and lambs forward, with the quality and strength much better on the week.

Topping the trade was a tremendous Texel cross 4 shear ewe with a Texel cross wether lamb at foot from Messrs Jenkinson, Clifton Moor, Penrith, who set the trade off at £92.50.

Shearlings peaked at £83.50 per life from Messrs Paul Storr, Abbeytown for a Charollais cross with twin Dutch Texel cross lambs at foot. This same good home also sold ewes and lambs to £84.50 (x2) and £82.50 (x2).

Continental bred units averaged up at £66.94 overall, seeing strong lambs very well bid for. Hill bred sheep sold to a lesser demand on the week.

Leading prices per head:
Ewes and Lambs: Texel £92.50, £80, £71.50, £70.50, £69, £67 Clifton Moor, £84.50 (x2), £82.50, £73, £68 Abbots Close, £73.50 Brackenbank, £73, £69 High Acres, £71.50 High Field, £69 Milton Mains, £68.50 Wayside Cottages.

Shearling Gimmers and Lambs: Charollais £82.50 Abbots Close. Greyfaced £70.50 Yew Tree Farm, Texel £69 Yew Tree Farm, £65 Elva Plain Farm, £62 Wayside Cottages.

For further information on store and breeding sheep sales at Borderway please contact David Fearon 07500 173273.