Borderway Store and Breeding Sheep Sale

28th October 2019

STORE SHEEP: On Monday 28th October at Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of store sheep. Topping the sale once again was from Messrs Wood, Well Head, Workington selling a Beltex x wether lamb for £94, with a pen of 39 to follow from the same good home going on to sell for a very respectable £80. Trade throughout was very similar seeing quality and strength in high demand. Great pens of first cross lambs were also sold with ease, seeing large pens of Texel x Mules selling to £60 plus

Leading Prices per Head: Beltex £94, £80 Well Head Farm, £69.50 Pinegrove, Texel £74, £73 The Barns, £69.50, £66.50, £62 Branch End Farm, £64.50 Harper Hill Farm, £64 Croft House, £64, £60.50 Norman Farm, £63, £60, £59 The Beeches, £62, £60 Pinegrove, £62 Macherquhat, £60.50 Yew Tree Farm, £60 Middle Gill, £60 Meade Cottage, £59 Dyke Croft, £58.50 Row Brow Park, Suffolk £70 Somerville, £60, £59.50, £54 Green Close, £59 The Beeches, £58  Moss Grove, £56 Row Brow Park, £55 Yew Tree Farm, Kerryhill £56.50 Middle Gill, Greyfaced £56, £53 Branthwaite, £56 Macherquhat Farm, £55, £51, £49.50 Green Close Farm, £53 Hawksteel Farm, £52 Burns Farm, £51 Dyke Croft, £50.50 Yew Tree Farm, £49 Spency Croft, Swaledale £36, £26 Skelgill House Farm,

BREEDING EWES: Following the store sheep saw a smaller show of breeding sheep which included the dispersal sale of Herdwicks from Linda Wilson, Bridge View. A high quality run of sheep were on offer, topping at £80 for a pen of 11 shearlings with a pen of 12 ewes selling for £78 a life. Messrs Wilson also sold their stock ram to £160. Ewe lambs were also in demand selling to £52 for Herdwick lambs from the same good home.

Leading Prices per Head:
Aged Ewes: Herdwick £78, £54, £52, Bridge View, Texel £80 Demense Farm.

Shearling Gimmer: Herdwick £80, £46 Bridge View.

Ewe Lambs: Herdwick £52 (x3) Bridge View.

Ram: Herdwick £160 Bridge View.

BREEDING RAMS: A good entry of 80 rams were forward, with trade being very similar to other weeks. Topping the sale was a Blue Texel shearling from Mr Hamish Currie, Edendales, selling to £500. Dutch Texel’s topped at £ 300 from Mr Armstrong, Town Head, Walton. Pure Texel shearlings topped at £400 from Messrs WN & JC Gilhespy, Tedcastle Farm.

Leading Prices per Head:
Shearling Rams: Blue Texel £500 Eden Dales, £210, £200 Yeavering Farm Cottage, Texel £400 Tedcastle Farm, £220 Burgh head, £200 Woodhead, £150 Langdyke Cottage, Dutch Spotted £180 Port O’Spittal, Charollais £160 Lesson Hall, Beltex £140 Lesson Hall

Ram Lambs: Dutch Texel £300, £200, £180, £100 (x2) Town Head Farm, £120 Tedcastle Farm, Texel £340, £270, £160 Park View, £300 Eden Dales, £170 Burgh Head Farm, £160 Lesson Hall, Suffolk £210, £200 Williamsgill Farm.

For further information on store and breeding sheep sales a Borderway please contact David Fearon 07500173273.