Borderway Store and Breeding Sheep Sale

4th November 2019

STORE SHEEP: On Monday 4th November 2019 Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of store sheep.

A smaller show of 649 lambs were forward, however trade for all classes looked sharper on the week.

Topping the sale was a fantastic pen of 16 Beltex x lambs from Messrs Hind,Parkhead, Bewcastle which sold for £71.50.

Mule lambs sold well and averaged £56 for 130 head. More store sheep could have been sold to the vendors advantage.

Leading Prices per Head: Beltex £71.50 Parkhead Farm, £64 Main Street, £63 Midtown Farm, £59 Brackenthwaite Farm, £56 Middle Gill, £56 Moor Farm, £52 Temple House, Texel £67.50, £67 Blackrigg, £66, £63 How Gill, £65 Burns Farm, £64.50, £63.50 Midtown Farm, £63.50, £58 Middle Gill, £63 Fell Hill, £62 Knowe Head Farm, £61 Fellside Farm, £61, £58.50 Taylor Burn, £60 Byresteads, £60 Foulskyke Farm, £60 Moor Farm, £59 Acrewalls, £58.50 (x2) Brackenthwaite Farm, Suffolk £60 Green Close, £58.50 Acrewalls, £52 Basco Dyke Head, Charollais £59.50 Byresteads, Greyfaced £59 Burblethwaite, £55 Fell Hill, £54 Temple House, £54 Burns Farm, £53 Green Close.

BREEDING SHEEP: A smaller show of breeding sheep and rams were forward.

Shearling gimmers topped at £104 for a pen of Texels from Messrs Robinson, The Costins.

Rams topped at £180 for a fantastic Texel ram lamb from Messrs Stockdale, Crosshow Farm.

Leading Prices per Head:
Shearling gimmers: Texel
£104 The Costins

Ram Lambs: Texel £180, £120 Crosshow, £135, £110 Wardhall Guards Farm.Aged Rams:

Shearling Rams: Texel £130 Whiteyard, £110 Wardhall Guards Farm, Beltex £110 (x2) Newsham Grange.

For further information on store and breeding sheep sales a Borderway please contact David Fearon 07500173273.