Borderway Store and Weaned Cattle Sale

1st August 2018

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd had an entry of 880 head at the Weekly Wednesday Sale of Cattle at Borderway comprising of 499 Store cattle and weanlings, 321 calves and 60 dairy cattle in the Borderway Monthly Dairy Day.

STORE CATTLE –  A mixed offering of 499 store cattle were forward and trade was very level with a very good ringside of buyers forward.  Steers were seen to top at £1320 for a British Blue cross from Messrs Charlton, Crown Point, Penrith.  Limousin crosses to £1260 from Messrs Miller, Tarn Lodge, Brampton.  Messrs Beattie, Ratlinggate, Carlisle sold another two to £1255.  Herefords to £1250 from Messrs Slack, Newby, Carlisle and a pen of three Charolais from Messrs Routledge, Old Silloth, Wigton peaked at £1190.

Top overall was the first heifer in the ring achieving £1300 for a Charolais cross from Messrs Dobson, West End, Maryport.  Limousin crosses sold to £1205 from Messrs Wood,  Arnold House, Carlisle

Black and whites peaked at £970 from Messrs Slack, Newby.  More could have been sold please advise entries.

Leading prices per head:
Steers: British Blue £1320 £1220 Crown Point Farm, £1210 £1130 £1110 Sandbed Farm, £1170 (x2) £1090 (x2) Castle Mains Farm, £1140 Arnold House, £1050 Cardewlees, Limousin £1260 £1210 Tarn Lodge Farm, £1255 (x2) £1195 (x2) £1180 (x2) Ratlinggate Farm, £1250 (x2) Ash View, £1230 £1195 £1160 Brisco Hall, £1170 Fishergill, £1155 High Wreay Farm, £1150 Barton Dale, £1140 (x2) Wood Head, Hereford £1250 Newby Farm, £1100 Arnold House, Charolais £1190 (x3) Old Silloth Farm, Simmental £1170 Brisco Hall, Shorthorn £1140 Brisco Hall, Aberdeen Angus £1100 (x2) £1055 Spout Bank £1070 Tarn Lodge Farm, £1060 Brisco Hall, Friesian £970 Newby Farm, Holstein Friesian £905 (x3) Grassings Farm, £900 £795 Waingate Head, £795 (x5) Cross Hill, Fleckvieh £790, £730, £710 Wardpark.

Heifers: Charolais £1300, £1090 (x2) West End Farm, Limousin £1205 £1160 Arnold House, £1180 £1110 £1070 Tarn Lodge Farm, £1175 £1075 (x2) Ratlinggate Farm, £1170 £1090 Ash View, £1160 Park House, £1160 Newtown Farm, £1085 Stonewalls, British Blue £1130, £970 £925 Fishergill, £920 (x2) £900 (x2) Cardewlees, £910 (x2) Threapland Lees, Aberdeen Angus £1040 (x5) Grassings Farm, £1040, £1010 Lodge Farm, Shorthorn £890 Glebe Farm, Swedish Red & White £830 Grassings Farm.

WEANERS –  A small show of weanlings were forward with quality being in demand however plainer sorts would be less money.  Messrs Jefferson, Aspatria Hall sold two bulls for £1090 for a Limousin x and £1060 for a British Blue cross.  Messrs Graham, Wallhead run of bulls topped at £970 for a Simmental bulls and £950 for a British Blue.  Messrs Graham also sold a British Blue  x heifer for £920 and Messrs Thompson, East Unthank Farm sold a Beef Shorthorn cross bullock for £895.

Leading Prices per head
Bulls: Limousin £1090 Aspatria Hall, £940 £925 Wallhead, British Blue £1060 Aspatria Hall, £950 Wallhead Simmental £970 Wallhead, £905 Cardew House, Holstein Friesian £715 (x2) Wallhead, £550 Home Farm, Fleckvieh £540 Mouswald Grange.

Heifers: British Blue £920 Wallhead, Limousin £840 (x2) £800 Wallhead, Holstein Friesian £675 (x2) Castle Farm.  

Steers: Beef Shorthorn £895 East Unthank Farm, British Blue £850 (x5) Crosshill Farmhouse, Friesian £835 (x5) Ravenwood, £725 (x2) £640 Muirston Farm, Limousin £830 Castle Farm, Holstein Friesian £640 Muirston Farm.