Borderway Store and Weaned Cattle Sale

11th July 2018

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd had forward 708 head of cattle at their Weekly Wednesday sale, comprising of 461 catalogued store cattle and un-entered store bulls and stirks, as well as 247 calves.

A smaller selection of cattle across the board and despite the prolonged dry spell and apparent shortage of grass, most classes would be sharper on the week, with stronger shorter keep cattle meeting a very keen enquiry.

More cattle of all classes are required to satisfy the large number of buyers attending the weekly sales at Borderway.

STORE CATTLE –  A smaller entry of 244 store cattle forward selling very similar to that of last week with bigger well fleshed cattle a good trade and plainer or smaller cattle harder to sell.  Top overall of £1380 was attained twice, firstly by Messrs Little,  Maryland, Wigton and secondly by Messrs Grice, Newtown, Carlisle.  British Blues to £1310 from Messrs Ferguson, Sandbed, Longtown. Hereford to £1245 from Messrs Moscrop, Rye Close, Carlisle, Simmentals to £1210 from Messrs Beattie, Shield Green, Carlisle and Charolais  to the same price from Messrs Routledge, Old Silloth, Wigton,  Heifers sold to a top of £1290 from a Limousin cross from Messrs Grice, Newtown, Farm, Carlisle.

Leading prices per head:
Steers: Limousin £1380 £1275 Newtown Farm, £1290, £1260 £1250 Wood Head, £1240 £1200  Laversdale Farm, £1215, £1200 Reservoir Farm, £1200 (x2) Rye Close, £1190 Fishergill, £1180 (x2) Maryland Farm, British Blue £1310 £1295 £1240, £1210 Sandbed Farm, £1280 (x2) £1260 (x2) Castle Mains Farm, Hereford £1245, £1180 (x2), £1110 (x2) Rye Close, Charolais £1210, Old Silloth Farm, £1175 (x2) Laversdale Farm, Simmental £1210 Shield Green, Aberdeen Angus £1140 Rye Close, £1110 (x2) Cockleybank, £1070 (x5) Stainton House Farm, Fleckvieh £1045 (x2), £1005 (x2) £970 (x2) £920 (x2) Croftheads, Stabilizers £940 The Swaites, Holstein Friesian £940 Reservoir Farm, £910, £875 Waingate Head, Friesian £880 (x2) Beech House.

Heifers: Limousin £1270 Newtown Farm, £1250 £1080 £1040 (x2) West Cocklaw, £1250 (x2), £1235 (x2) £1170 (x2) Cumdivock Farm, £1180 £1150 £1060 Windy Nook, £1050 Fishergill, British Blue £1090 (x2) Old Silloth Farm, £1055 Fishergill, £1020 Kilnknowe, Aberdeen Angus £1080 £940 Cockley Bank Farm.

WEANERS –  A smaller show of 217 weanlings were forward with a good ring side of buyers.  However, trade for all classes would be less on the week.  Uskstar, Oakghyll farm sold British Blue heifers for £1140, £1040, £1030.  Messrs Reay & Sons, West Moorhouse sold a Limousin x bull for £975 and Crowhall Farms Bardon Mill run of weanlings topped at £950 for a 9 month old Limousin x bullock.

Leading Prices per head
Heifers: British Blue £1140, £1040 £1030 Oakghyll Farm, £880 (x2), £835 Barton Church Farm, Limousin £770 (x2) Crow Hall, Hereford £645 Holme Farm, Aberdeen Angus £770, £730 £710 Crow Hall, Charolais £685 (x3) Barrhill Avenue, Friesian £550 (x2) The Howes.

Steers: Limousin £950 £850 Crow Hall, £900, £875 Burthwaite, Fleckvieh £945 Muirston Farm, Charolais £830 (x5) Barrhill Avenue, Shorthorn £790 Mark Farm, Swedish Red & White £790 Muirston Farm, Aberdeen Angus £770 Crow Hall, Friesian £740 (x3) Muirston Farm, Hereford £665 Meikle Pinminnoch.

Bulls: Limousin £975 West Moorhouses, Simmental £750 Mark Farm, Charolais £740, £685, £670 Whitehead Hill Farm, Belted Galloway £545 (x2) Mark Farm, Fleckvieh £535 (x3) Lowther Low Moor.