Borderway Store and Weaned Cattle Sale

3rd July 2019

Harrison & Hetherington had forward 928 head of cattle at their Weekly Wednesday Sale. Once again the fine spell of weather meant a number of consignments were not forward as silage takes priority, nevertheless a large contingent of buyers in every ring ensured a sharper trade all round as the quantity of grazing available drives demand.

STORE CATTLE – A very good entry of 340 store cattle forward selling sharper on the week.  Top overall was three Limousin cross steers from Messrs Hewetson, Lords Close, Maryport achieving £1280, Charolais crosses from Messrs Watson, Howrigg, Wigton selling to £1200.

Heifers sold to a top of £1230 from three Limousin crosses from Messrs Moscrop, Rye Close, Carlisle.  British Blue crosses from Messrs Baxter, Eden Bank, Carlisle achieving £1195 and Charolais crosses to £1180 from Messrs Watson, Howrigg. Many more could have been sold.  Please advise entries for next week’s sale.

Leading prices per head:
Steers: Limousin £1280 (x3) Lords Close, £1180, £1110 £1080 £1050 Rye Close, £1180 £1070 Croft House, £1110 Lairdlaugh, £1100 Harbarrow Farm, £1080 Bankend, £1070 Eden Bank Farm, £1070 Well Head Farm, £1050 Newby Farm, Charolais £1200 Howrigg Farm, British Blue £1160 £1120 (x2) £1080 Sandbed Farm, £1100 Well Head Farm, £1095 (x2) Bankend, £1090 Harbarrow Farm, Hereford £1130 (x2) £1110 Rye Close £980 Town Foot Farm, £960 (x2) Harbarrow Farm, Holstein Friesian £1050 £1020 Croft House Farm, £820 (x4) Cross Hill, £705 Waingate Head, Beef Shorthorn £1050 Rye Close, Stabiliser £990 The Swaites, Friesian £935, £860, £830, £760 Roe Ghyll, Aberdeen Angus £915 (x3) Low Thorny, £860 Hayclose.

Heifers: Limousin £1230 (x3) Rye Close, £1180 £1100 Newtown Farm, £1055 (x2) £1050 Lairdlaugh, £1040 Croft House, British Blue £1195 Eden Bank Farm, £1000 Bankend, £955 Camphill Farm, Charolais £1180 Howrigg Farm, £1100 Old Silloth Farm, £980 (x2) Spout Bank, Aberdeen Angus £1030 (x4) Rose Farm, Simmental £935 Crowdieknowe, Holstein Friesian £915 Croft House Farm, Stabiliser £895 The Swaites, Hereford £825 Hayclose.

Further information on the sale of store cattle at Borderway, please contact Auctioneers James Little 07872 840685 or Grant Anderson 07872 129274.

WEANED CATTLE: A smaller show of 142 weanlings were forward with extra buyers in attendance which ensured a sharper trade.  Messrs Wallace & Co, Mains of Collin Farm, sold a Limousin bull for £890.

Leading prices: Heifers: Charolais £1200 Edenbanks, £760 Wheyrigg House, British Blue £880 £780 Mouswald Banks, £780 Wheyrigg House, £780 (x4) Stone House, Limousin £850 £735 Mouswald Banks, £710 (x2) New House Farm, Beef Shorthorn £780 Mark Farm, £710 Mouswald Banks, Belted Galloway £750 Plumpton Foot Farm, Simmental £750 South Croft.

Bulls: Limousin £890 £850 Mains of Collin Farm, £860 (x2) Wardhall Guards Farm, £830 Midtown Farm, Aberdeen Angus £620 (x3) The Grove, Hereford £530 Sexton House, Fleckvieh £405 (x2) Sexton House.

Steers: Limousin £670 (x2) New House Farm, £660 Orchard House, £650 (x3) Broomhills, Simmental £640 Mouswald Banks, Fleckvieh £615 (x6) £615 Ravelaw, Shorthorn £610 (x2) Burn House, Galloway £610 (x2) Burn House, Hereford £595 Orchard House, Belted Galloway £590 Mark Farm, British Blue £580 Mouswald Banks.

For further information on the sale of weaned calves at Borderway, please contact Auctioneers David Holliday 07710 189804 or David Fearon 07500173273