Borderway Store and Weaned Cattle Sale

2nd October 2019

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd had forward at their weekly Wednesday sale an entry of 1245 cattle comprising of 700 catalogued store cattle, unentered store bulls and stirks, 272 calves and 273 Dairy cattle in the Borderway Monthly Dairy Day.

STORE CATTLE – Yet another good entry of over 500 store cattle forward with quality low overall, trade would prove harder to cash on the day compared to that of last week with a lot of uncertainty looming over the current beef prices.  Top overall was a pair of Aberdeen Angus cross steers from Messrs Fisher, Lairdlaugh, Castle Douglas receiving £1155. Heifers saw a day’s top of £1085 for a Limousin cross from Messrs Faulder, Croft House, Cockermouth.  Despite trade being less on the year more cattle could have been sold with an enormous ringside of prospective purchasers actively bidding.

Leading prices:
Steers: Aberdeen Angus £1155 (x2) £1065 (x2) Lairdlaugh £1060 Auld Graitney Farming, £1060 (x2) Stainton House Farm, £1055 Bankend, £1040 Tarn Lodge Farm, £1040 King Street, Limousin £1120 Windy Nook, £1085 Southerfield Hall, £1080 (x3) £1020 (x3) Croftheads, £1070, £1050, Balnamoon Farm, £1045 Broathill, £1030 Sorrow Stones, Beef Shorthorn £1010 Rose Farm, British Blue £1115 £1100 £1035 (x4) Rose Farm, £1095 Craigour, £1070 Stainton House Farm, £1025 Stone House, Charolais £990 (x2) Stenries, £940 Balnamoon, Simmental £980 Stenries Farm, £980 Riggshields, £960 £950 Balnamoon Farm, Saler £900 Balnamoon Farm, Fleckvieh £880 Craigour, £855 Wardpark, £820 (x3) Croftheads, Holstein Friesian £805 Tarn Lodge Farm, £770 (x4) £710 (x4) Crookdyke, £695 Julian Holme, Montbelairde £790 (x2) Halldykes, £780 (x2) Swordwellrigg Farm, £770 Chapel Farm, £740 (x2) Stonewalls, Friesian £715 (x2) Town End Farm, £690 (x2) Holme Farm, Hereford £710 Stone Flatts.

Heifers: Limousin £1085 Croft House Farm, £1075 £1065 Windy Nook, £990 Tarn Lodge Farm, £985 Bridgehouse Farm, £965 £940 (x2) £920 Hesket Demain £960 Cross Hill, £910 West Cocklaw, £900 Southerfield Hall, £900 (x2) Stone Flatt, British Blue £950 (x2) Standing Stonerigg, £930 New House Farm, £925 Broathill, £870 Hesket Demain, £865(x2) Rottington Hall, Aberdeen Angus £940 Standing Stonerigg, £880 Kelsick House, £870 Town End Farm, Simmental £920 £860 New House Farm, Charolais £895 £835 (x2) Whiteside Farm, Hereford £885 Kelsick House.

WEANED CATTLE: A mixed show of 200 weaners were forward with Messrs Norman, Little Orton Farm run of pure Limousin bulls topped at £1000 x 2.  Messrs Mews, Glendue Farm, sold the top priced Angus bullock for £945.  Messrs Hall, Kelsick House sold two outstanding Limousin x heifers for £865.

Bulls: Limousin £1000 (x2) £910 Little Orton Farm, Simmental £800 (x2) Cardew House, Aberdeen Angus £780 Riddings Hill, British Blue £750 High Drybarrows.

Steers: Aberdeen Angus £945 Glendue Farm, British Blue £865 (x2) Oakbank Farm, Limousin £850 Hawksteel Farm, £840 (x2) Kelsick House, Montbelairde £790 (x2) Oakbank Farm, Hereford £715 School Hill.

Heifers: Limousin £865 (x2) Kelsick House, £840 £810 Hawksteel Farm, Blue Grey £800 Barwhanny Farm, British Blue £730 (x3) Pasture House, Aberdeen Angus £700 Corsock.