Borderway Store and Weaned Cattle Sale

20th November 2019

Harrison & Hetherington had forward over 802 head of cattle at their weekly Wednesday sale, comprising of 534 catalogued store cattle and un-entered store bulls, weanlings and 268 rearing calves.

Less numbers didn’t hinder the trade as all classes of rearing, growing and feeding cattle continue to sell exceptionally well.

More cattle are required in every department to satisfy the large number of buyers attending Borderway every Wednesday.

STORE CATTLE –A small entry of 400 store cattle forward selling to a very good trade.  Top overall was a Limousin cross steer from Messrs Bowman, Croft House, Penrith.  Aberdeen Angus crosses sold to £1150 for a pen of five from Messrs Nixon, Ribton House, Workington.  Charolais to £1140 from Messrs Bell, Westnewton Hall, Wigton.  Heifers peaked to £1120 from Messrs Slack, Newby Farm, Carlisle for a Limousin cross and £1100 for a Hereford cross from Messrs Stamper, Rose Farm, Cockermouth.  Black and whites remain a good trade and peaked at £1045 for a pen of three from Messrs Nixon, Ribton House, Workington.  More could have been sold and please advise entries to the main office.

Leading prices: Steers: Limousin £1185 Croft House, £1145 £1080 (x2) East Park, £1125 (x2) Newby Farm, £1115 £1090 Rose Farm, £1090 Greenwrae, £1090 Beckhall Farm, £1060 (x2) Wood Head, Aberdeen Angus £1150 (x5) £1095 (x2) Ribton House, £1085 (x4) Stainton House Farm, Charolais £1140 £1060 £1045 £1040 Westnewton Hall, £1110 £1100 £1060 Old Silloth Farm, £1100 £1040 How Cottage, £1030 £1000 (x2) Midtown Farm, Simmental £1060 (x4) £1060 £1050 £1040 Rigg Head, £1030 Grange Grassing, Holstein £1045 (x3) £960 (x2) Ribton House, Beef Shorthorn £960 £955 Greenwrae, Friesian £910 (x2) £810 (x2) Wellington Farm £715 (x4) Wavercroft, Hereford £875 Cumcatch Farm, Holstein Friesian £700 (x3) West Brownrigg.  

Heifers: Limousin £1120 £1080 Newby Farm, £1085 £1030 Croft House, £1080 Gapshield, £1080 £1045 Beckhall Farm, £1060 Reaygarth, £1050 (x2) Lawrence Holme, £1050 Balnamoon Farm, £1020 (x2) Harrot Hill Farm, Hereford £1100 Rose Farm, British Blue £1060 (x2) Lawrence Holme, £1055 £1020 (x2) Newbampton Farm, £1030 Beckhall Farm, Simmental £1055 (x3 £1000 Castlewigg Farm, Charolais £1010 £980 The Beeches, £1000 £980 Maunby House, Aberdeen Angus £950 (x2) Lawrence Holme £890 Hessin, Beef Shorthorn £915 Greenwrae.

WEANED CATTLE: A small show of weaners were forward with a large ring side of buyers ensuring one of the best trades seen for some time. Messrs Harrison, Lesson Hall Farm sold a Limousin x bull for £850.  Messrs Sherwen, Tarn How, sold 3 Saler heifers for £815 and Messrs Dodd & Son, Keepershields Farm sold 9 month old Limousin x bullock for £810 and Messrs Watson, Oakbank Farm sold 2 British Blue bullocks for £810.

Bulls: Limousin £850 Lesson Hall £720 Keepershield Farm, British Blue £610 Thornbank, Fleckvieh £520 (x2) Home Farm.  

Heifers: Saler £815 (x3) Tarn How, Limousin £790 Burn House, Aberdeen Angus £745 Cropper Road Farm, British Blue £730 Beck Farm, £720 (x3) Woodfield, Simmental £680 Burn House, Montbelairde £650 (x2) Burn House.

Steers: British Blue £810 (x2) £770 (x2) Oakbank Farm, £700 Holme Farm, Limousin £810 £750 (x2) Keepershield Farm, £740 Beck Farm, Fleckvieh £655 (x4) £545 (x4) Brackenthwaite Farm, Hereford £630 Holme Farm, Montbelairde £630 Oakbank Farm, Simmental £600 Wetheral Shields.