Borderway Store and Weaned Cattle Sale

18th March 2020

At Borderway Mart on Wednesday 18th March, Harrison & Hetherington Ltd had forward over 1676 head at their Weekly Sale including over 1007 entered in the ‘March’ Spring Show & Sale of Continental Suckled Calves as well as 379 Weekly Store Cattle, Store Bulls and Stirks, and 290 Calves.

STORE CATTLE – A smaller show of store cattle were on offer with a keen ring side of buyers ensuring a great trade. Messrs Ritchie, Croftheads’ run of Limousin x bullocks and heifers topped at £1350 for a 24 month old bullock and £1320 for a heifer. Mr Scott, Bolton Hall sold a Charolais bullock for £1270 and a Limousin x bullock for £1260(x2). Also Charolais heifers from the same home sold for £1165 and £1160. Messrs Nixon, Ribton House’s run of Aberdeen Angus heifers topped at £1220 for 4.

Leading prices:
Steers: Limousin £1350, £1260, £1250 Croftheads, £1260(x2) Bolton Hall Hereford £1070 The Bungalow Charolais £1270 Bolton Hall Simmental £1050 Tinnishall British Blue £1010 Dearham Hall Holstein Friesian £935(x3) Kelsick House

Heifers:  Limousin £1320 Croftheads Aberdeen Angus £1220, £1130, £1100 Ribton House Blonde £1140 Bolton Hall Charolais £1165, £1160 Bolton Hall British Blue £1080 Bolton Hall

For further information of store cattle sales at Borderway, please contact the Auctioneers:
James Little 07872 840685
Grant Anderson 07872 129274

WEANED CATTLE: A large show of 270 weaned cattle were forward with a keen ring side of buyers. Messrs Pattinson, Temon Farm sold a British Blue bull for £1800 and Messrs Wigham & Sons, Cold Shields sold two Limousin x bulls for £1030. Messrs Faulder, Amazone House sold two Limousin x heifers for £1020 and Messrs Bainbridge, Belmont Farm‘s run of outstanding cattle topped at £930 for a 9 month old Limousin x bullock

Bulls: British Blue £1800 Temon Farm Limousin £1030 Cold Shields, £890 Dendron Farm Simmental £940 Balnamoon Farm Belted Galloway £760 Broom Park Holstein Friesian £490 Aikton House Friesian £420 Little Float Farm

Steers: Limousin £930, £850 Belmont Farm British Blue £840 Rawfoot

Heifers: Limousin £1020 Amazone House, £950 High Troweir Farm, £900(x2), £870(x2) High House, £890, £860 Belmont Farm, £865 Dendron Farm Holstein Friesian £905, £850 Skirwith Hall British Blue £905 Skirwith Hall, £885 Rawfoot

For further information on weaned cattle sale at Borderway, please contact the Auctioneers:

David Holliday 07710 189804
David Fearon 07500 173273