Borderway Store and Weaned Cattle Sale

6th January 2021

On Wednesday 6th January Harrison and Hetherington held their weekly sale of Store and weanling cattle.

STORE CATTLE – A small show of only 140 Store Cattle forward with flying trade to start the first sale of the year.  Top of the trade was a superb Charolais cross steer from Messrs Neve, Riggfoot Farm, Brampton who attained £1350.  Messrs Allen, Ellerslea, Carlisle sold two cattle to £1290 and £1280 for Limousin and British Blues.  Messrs Haston, Swordwellrigg, Annan sold top Montbeliarde to £1250.  Heifers peaked at £1190 from Messrs Edgar, Woodhouse, Carlisle for Limousin crosses.  Messrs Batty, Flimby, Maryport sold a further two to £1160.  Black and whites peaked at £1055 from Messrs Stamper, Rose Farm, Cockermouth for Holsteins.  Please advise entries for next weeks special sale.

Leading prices per head:
Steers: Charolais £1350 Riggfoot Farm, Limousin £1290 Ellerslea, £1260 £1230 The Flatt, £1220 Barton Dale, £1220, £1180 Thackwood £1190 (x3) Woodhouse, £1180 (x3) £1140 (x2) Demesne Farm, £1170 Cinderbarrow Farm, £1155 Ellerslea, British Blue £1280 Ellerslea £1200 £1180 Stone House, £1140 (x2) £1100 Sandbed Farm, £1110 Barton Dale, £1100 (x2) Town House, Aberdeen Angus £1130 Stone House, £1060 (x4) Carleton House £1060 Pear Tree House, Hereford £1270 Swordwellrigg Farm, Montbelairde £1250 (x2) Swordwellrigg Farm, Simmental £1170 £1145 Ellerslea, £1170 (x2) £1145 Thackwood, Holstein £1055 £990 (x7) Rose Farm, Fleckvieh £990 Rose Farm.

Heifers: Limousin £1190 Woodhouse, £1160 (x2) £1135 (x2) Flimby Hall, £1140, £1095, £1080 Cinderbarrow Farm, £1090 (x2) Pear Tree House, £1045 Ellerslea, Simmental £1140 Ellerslea, British Blue £1125 Sandbed Farm, £1100 Town House, £1085 Cinderbarrow Farm, Charolais £1100 Brocklerigg, Aberdeen Angus £1075 (x2) Home Farm, £1000 Cinderbarrow Farm, Hereford £1000 (x3) Breckonhill Farm.

WEANED CATTLE:  Weaned cattle started the year on a high note seeing young cattle very well sold.  Bulls were much better trade than previous weeks with an Angus bull from Messrs Wiseman, Pear Tree House, Penrith topping the sale at £1030.  Messrs Johnston, Orton Hall, Great Orton had a good run of bulls with the Angus selling for £985 and Limousins selling for £970 at 8 and 9 months old.  Bullocks and heifers were also very well sold with Angus bullocks from Messrs Clark, Caton Street, Millom selling for £890 and a lovely 7 month old Limousin bullock from Gordon McGregor, Longrigg, Roweltown selling for £840.

Bulls: Aberdeen Angus £1030 £905 Pear Tree Farm, £985 (x2) Orton Hall, £835 Nunfield, Hereford £905 Pear Tree House, Danish Red £435 (x6) £390 (x5) £355 (x2) £335 (x6) Lambfield Farm, Holstein £355 Lambfield Farm, £305 (x4) Nether Collinhurst.

Heifers: Aberdeen Angus £690 (x3) £610 (x2) The Finches, £650 Skiddaw View Cottage, Hereford £590 £580 Chesterwood Farmhouse, Limousin £800 (x3) £790 (x2) Broomhills.

Steers: Aberdeen Angus £890 (x3) Caton Street, Limousin £840 £785 £700 Longrigg, £825 £800 Dry Howe, £820 £815 Broomhills, British Blue £755 (x3) £740 Low Meadows, Hereford £755 Chesterwood Farmhouse.