Borderway Store and Weanling Cattle Sale

3rd January 2018

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd had forward 575  head of cattle at their first sale of 2018 at Borderway, comprising of 213 catalogued Store Cattle, un-entered Store Bulls and Stirks, 257 Calves and 105 Dairy Cattle in the Borderway Monthly Dairy day.

STORE CATTLE – A small entry of store cattle forward for the first sale of the New Year in Borderway whereby a top of £1200 for a Limousin cross steer from Messrs Wood, Waters Farm, Penrith and £1100 for another from Messrs Eilbeck, Glebe Farm, Cockermouth.  Heifers peaked at £1140 for a British Blue from Messrs Pattinson, Temon, Brampton.  £1100 for a Limousin cross from Messrs Ewart, Isle of Dalton, Lockerbie and same price achieved from another from Messrs Wood, Water Farm, Penrith.

Many more could have been sold.  Please advise entries for next week’s special sale whereby an entry of 600 is expected.

Leading prices per head:
Steers: Limousin £1200 Waters Farm, £1100 Glebe Farm, Aberdeen Angus £1050 Thornship Farm, £980 Limekilns Farm, Montbelairde £1000 Flimby Hall, Holstein Friesian £935 (x2), £750 Round Hill, Simmental £845 Limekilns, Jersey £750 Round Hill, Friesian £750 Round Hill.

Heifers: British Blue £1140, £920 Temon Farm, £1050 Flimby Hall, £1050 Waters Farm, Limousin £1100, £1010  Waters Farm, £1100 Isle Of Dalton, £960 Stockber, £960 (x2) The Grove, Simmental £1020 Hole in the Wall, Luing £850 Stockber, Aberdeen Angus £790 Limekilns Farm, Holstein Friesian £755 Park Farm.

WEANED CATTLE: – A good show of 179 weanlings were presented to a large ring side of local and distance buyers which ensured that all classes would be a flying trade.  Mr Mark Phillips, Mains of Minnydow sold an 8 month old Limousin bull for £1035

Leading prices:
Bulls: Limousin £1035 Mains of Minnydow, £975 Siwell House, Simmental £740 Dornock Mains, Holstein £685 (x3), £650 (x4), £600 (x2), £580 (x4) Stubbyknowe, Hereford £620 Nunfield.

Heifers: Hereford £860 (x2) Theakston Grange, British Blue £850, £780 Verona, £750 (x3) Bailey Town Limousin £760 (x2), £710 (x3)  Hesleywell, £760 Bailey Town, Beef Shorthorn £720 (x2) Theakston Grange, Aberdeen Angus £640 Kimberley Avenue.

Steers: British Blue £850, £730 Bailey Town, Aberdeen Angus £745 Murrah Hall, Hereford £720 (x2) Bailey Town, Shorthorn £705 Meikle Whitriggs, Fleckvieh £685 Moor Park Farm, Montbelairde £685 (x4), £635 Moor Park Farm, Norwegian Red £550 Bailey Town, Friesian £550 (x2) Bailey Town, Holstein Friesian £550 Bailey Town.



Cows & Calves Limousin £1780 Theakston Grange, British Blue £1780 Theakston Grange