Borderway Store & Breeding Sheep Sale

26th February 2018

At Borderway Mart on Monday 26th February, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of store hoggs and breeding sheep when head were forward.

Once again a very dear day within the store sheep ring at Borderway this week seeing all sheep selling to the vendors advantage. Due to the dramatic price increase in the prime ring, all sheep were very well bid for.

Topping the day’s trade was a pen of Texel x Mule hoggs from M/s Taylor, Hill Top Farm, Penruddock, Penrith peaking the sale at £93 a head also followed by £91 a head and another pen at £86 seeing the consignment of 30 sheep average at £89.70 a head.

In-lamb sheep also proved a lot more in demand than previous weeks due to the fine snap of weather, seeing breeding sheep much dearer on the week once again.

Store Sheep- leading prices: Texel £93, £91, £86 Hill Top Farm, £80, £75 Moss Side, £80 Clea Mire, £78, £75 How Gill, £76.50, £74, £69 How Hill Farm, £76 Beamwham, £73, £69 Nutholm Farm, £471 Spency Croft, £70, £69 Shadwick Cottage, £69 Dykecroft, £68.50 Blinkbonny, £68 Middle Gill, Beltex £78 Beamwham Suffolk £76 Nutholm Farm, £65 Mosergh Farm Greyfaced £75.50 Low House, £74.50 Beamwham, £74 Moss Side, £63 Nutholm Farm, £60 Fellside Farm, £58 Mosergh Farm Hill Cheviot £70, £69, £68, £67, £64 Cleuchfoot, £61 Nutholm Farm Bluefaced Leicester £64 Mosergh Farm Rouge £63 Nutholm Farm, Grit £62 Middle Gill Blackfaced £51 Edges Green

Breeding Sheep – leading prices:
In-Lamb Ewes:
Texel £115, £114, £104, £96, £94 Penlaw Farm Greyfaced £106 High Drum Hampshire £101 Penlaw Farm

Ewes & Lambs: Suffolk £76 High Drum