Borderway Store & Breeding Sheep Sale

26th March 2018

At Borderway Mart on Monday 19th March, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of store and breeding sheep with a larger show of ewes and lambs forward seeing trade equally as dear on the week.

Store Sheep
Leading prices: NC Cheviot £84 Lynn Shield Suffolk £80, £72 High Keenley Fell Greyfaced £77, £60 Middle Farm Texel £70 Buckabank, £68 Townhead Farm, £55 Long Park, £54 Ghyll House Charolais £67 Long Park Swaledale £49 Middle Farm

Breeding Sheep
Topping the trade was a pen of Texel x ewes with tremendous Beltex lambs at foot from Messrs Watson, Millriggs, Kirkbride peaking the sale at a very respectable £92 per head.  Messrs Jenkinson Ltd had another consignment of ewes and lambs again seeing the run topping up at £90 per head.  Many more ewes and lambs could have been sold seeing a very strong demand from start to finish.

Leading prices:
Geld Hoggs: Greyfaced £96 Greystone House
Ewes with Lambs at Foot: Texel £92, £77, £76.50, £70 Millrigg, £90, £84, £79, £78 (x2), £76 (x2), £75, £74 (x2), £73, £71 Clifton Moor, £76, £70 High Acres, £70 Midtown, £70 St Lois Farm Blue Texel £85 Millrigg Suffolk £78 Hermiston Greyfaced £68 Campingholm, £59 St Lois Farm, £59 Hermiston, £53.50 The Wreay, £53 High Acres, £53 Ribton House

Shearlings with Lambs at Foot: Rouge £87 Millrigg, Texel £79 Millrigg