Borderway Store & Breeding Sheep Sale

25th November 2019

STORE SHEEP: On Monday 25th November 2019 Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of store sheep which saw a larger show forward with again huge demand from start to finish and vendors leaving highly delighted.

Top price of the day was from Mr Freddie Little who held the top two prices; firstly, for a pen of black Texel ewe lambs peaking the sale at £94 with a pen of wethers following at £92, seeing his tremendous run average up at £93.

All shapey lambs proved very popular once again seeing a pen of Beltex from Messrs J & R Harrison, Baggarah selling for a very respectable £85 per head.

Fell lambs also sold with ease once again seeing a pen of 83 Texel x Herdwicks from Messrs Knight, Stephney Farm, Seascale selling as a job lot for £60.

More store lambs are required once again, both off farm or through the ring.

Leading Prices per Head: Texel £94, £92 The Guards, £80, £69 Smithy Garth, £80 Kirkford, £80, £75.50 Rack Beck, £76 Midtown, £76, £70.50 Farnbury, £75.50 Randalfoot, £74.50 Whinney Hill, £74.50 The Paddock, £74, £70 The Guards, £72, £70.50 (x2) Croft Place, £72 Scarrowhill Beltex £85 Swiss Cottage, £82.50, £82, £75 The Paddock, £77 The Barns, £75 Aimshaugh, £68.50 Low Fauld, £67 Rawfoot Suffolk £75 The Paddock, £75 Scarrowhill, £74, £72 Low Fauld, £70.50 Wallthwaite, £68, £ 66 Mosergh Farm, £67 Tod Bank Dutch Texel £69 Stephney Farm Dutch Spotted £67.50, £67, £62.50 Low Fauld Greyfaced £64 Farnbury, £60 (x3) Green Close.

For further information on store and breeding sheep sales a Borderway please contact David Fearon 07500173273.