Borderway Store & Breeding Sheep Sale

3rd February 2020

The weekly sale of store sheep at Borderway on Monday saw a smaller entry forward but demand every bit as sharp. Size and quality was once again in high demand seeing a pen of Texel x lambs from Messrs Stott, Hill Top, Caldbeck topping the sale at a very respectable £99 a head. All classes of lambs were strongly bid for with a pen of 36 cheviots from Messrs Lamb, High Troweir selling for £77.50.

Following the store sheep was the dispersal sale from Messrs Howe, Cochrane Nurseries which had a very strong demand and the run of Texel x and Cheviot mule ewes averaged just pennies shy of £160. Topping the consignment was a pen of Texel x ewes scanned twins selling for £185.

Leading prices per head: Texel
£99, £91, £89, £71 Hill Top, £91, £86, £78 High Troweir Farm, £88 Kirkford, £87, £80, £79.50 Ashley Grove Farm, £83, £81 Long Park, £80 Woodhouse, £75 Horsleyhill Farm Cottage Beltex £89 Woodhouse Suffolk £89, £79 Hill Top, £82 White House, £71 High Troweir Farm Hill Cheviot £77.50 High Troweir Farm Charolais £77 Ashley Grove Farm Greyfaced £69, £66 Horsleyhill Farm Cottage


Leading prices per head:
Texel £185, £170, £166, £162, £152, £138, £135 Cochranes Nurseries, £140 Leapsrigg Farm Cheviot Mule £145 Cochranes Nurseries Greyfaced £120 Leapsrigg Farm Suffolk £102 Leapsrigg Farm

For more information on store and breeding sheep at Borderway, please contact the Auctioneer David Fearon on 07500173273.