Borderway Store & Breeding Sheep Sale

10th February 2020

STORE SHEEP: The weekly sale of store sheep at Borderway on Monday saw a massive jump on the week with the overall average up at £80.66 and all sheep selling with ease.

The Texel portion of the sale averaged £88.85 and Beltex once again averaged £93.06. Top price of the day was a Beltex hogg from Messrs Mattinson, Burthwaite, Keswick that sold for £114. All classes of store sheep were in demand and many more could be sold both off farms and through the ring.Leading prices per head: Beltex £114 Burthwaite, £100, £95, £94 The Throp, £95 Hayton Brow Texel £100 Howgillside, £94, £84 The Throp, £94, £81 Fell View Farm, £94(x2), £82, £81 Romanway, £89, £88.50(x2), £87.50 Low Buildings, £83 Burthwaite Greyfaced £94 The Throp, £92 Romanway, £84 Fell View Farm Hill Cheviot £85 Hayton Brow Suffolk £72 Howgillside Herdwick £70.50, £63, £58 Burns Farm Swaledale £55.50, £53 Burns Farm

BREEDING SHEEP: Following the store sheep was a select run of in lamb ewes and gimmers which had plenty of interest and bidders. Topping at £182 was a pen of 3 Texel x 3-4 crop ewes from Messrs Ritson, Triermain, Gilsland and following pens from the same vendor sold for £175(x2). Shearlings also sold very well with a tremendous run from Messrs Holliday, Sewell House, Ivegill selling to £180 for Bleu Du Maine x gimmers and Texel gimmers selling to £168.

Leading prices per head: Ewes: Texel £182, £175(x2), £152, £149, £146 Triermain, £172, £155 Sewell House Gimmers: Bleu Du Maine £180 Sewell House Texel £168, £156 Sewell House Greyfaced £140(x2), £125 Taylor Burn Hoggs: Greyfaced £95 Taylor Burn

For more information on store and breeding sheep at Borderway, please contact the Auctioneer David Fearon on 07500173273.