Borderway Store & Breeding Sheep Sale

9th March 2020

On Monday 9th March Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of store and breeding sheep.

STORE SHEEP: Store sheep were very well bid for once again seeing the top price being set by Messrs Hodgson, Woodend, Egremont at £117 for a pen of 10 Beltex with the following pen going on to sell for £115.

Leading prices per head: Beltex £117, £115 Woodend Farm Texel £99, £86, £73 High Troweir, £82 Wallhead, £74 Castlehill Greyfaced £97.50, £81 High Troweir Hill Cheviot £87 High Troweir Suffolk £70 Woodend Farm.

BREEDING SHEEP: The opening sale of ewes with lambs at foot had a respectable show of 131 units forward, seeing the trade setting off with good momentum and topping at £114 for a tremendous Texel cross ewe with a single lamb from James Bailey, Ivanhoe Livestock, Wyvill Grange Farm, Bedale.  Following units from the same farm sold for £110, £108, £100 and £97 a life. All units sold very well seeing all vendors leaving highly delighted.

Leading prices per head: Ewes and lambs: Texel £114, £110, £108, £97, £94, £89, £80, £76, £70 Wyvill Grange Farm, £108, £81 Hermiston Farm, £91, £86, £81, £72 Anthorn Farm Suffolk £103, £86 Hermiston Farm, £100 Wyvill Grange Farm Herdwick £85 Mesona Bluefaced Leicester £78 Pears Gill

Shearling gimmers and lambs: Suffolk £90 Yew Tree Farm

All classes of store and breeding sheep are in demand and many more could be sold both off farms and through the ring. For more information please contact the Auctioneer David Fearon on 07500173273.