Borderway Store Sheep Sale

20th August 2018

At Borderway Mart on Monday 22nd August, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of store and breeding sheep.

Once again a large show of 1063 store lambs were forward, seeing vendors leaving highly delighted with the day’s trade. Large consignments and quality lots proved very easily sold yet again.

Top price of the day was achieved by Mrs Wilson, Housenrigg, for a pair of Jacob cross shearlings selling to £92 per head.

Store lambs peaked at £70 per life for a pen of Dutch Texels from Messrs Spruce, The Barns, Brampton.

Leading prices per head:
Store Lambs: Texel £70 The Barns, £68.50 The Close, £68 Field Garth, £68 Harper Hill Farm, £68 Desoglin, £67.50, £64 New House Farm, £67.50 Barrhill Avenue, £66.50, £64 Elva Plain Farm, £66.50 Beck Farm, £66 Waver Head, £64.50 Blinkybonny, £64.50 Whiteside Farm, £64 Tedcastle Farm, £64 Field Garth, £64 Carrycoats Hall, £64 Midtown Farm, £64 Smithy Garth, Beltex £69.50, £64 Stubbsgill Farm, £68 Midtown Farm, £65 Coal Fell, £64 Greenside Keep Cottage, £63.50 Park House Farm, Suffolk £66 Knells Cottage, £65.50 Beck Farm, £65.50 Low Moorhouse Farm, Zwartbles £64 Blinkybonny, Greyfaced £56.50, £50.50 Dorryfield Farm, £54.50 Hill Side.

Breeding Sheep: Jacob £92 Bridge View.