Borderway Store Sheep Sale

14th October 2019

At Borderway Mart, Carlisle on Monday 14th October Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of Store sheep.

STORE SHEEP: Once again a nice run of quality store sheep was forward, seeing an eager ringside of buyers ensuring a great trade throughout.

The trade topped at £77 twice, firstly for a pen of three Beltex cross lambs from Messrs Spruce, The Barnes, Brampton who sold another pen of nine to £72. The second pen fetching £77 was from Messrs Bell, Crops Hall, Alston, with a pen of five Texel cross lambs.

More lambs are required on a weekly basis, to fulfil the buyers requirements.

For further information on store and breeding sheep sales a Borderway please contact David Fearon 07500173273.

Leading prices per head: Texel £77 Crops Hall, £75, £74, £70, £65.50 Ghyll House Farm, £68, £64.50 Hill Top, £66, £64 Stubbsgill Farm, £65 Holm Cottage, £65, £58.50 Branch End Farm, £64 Harper Hill Farm, £63.50, £61 The Beeches, £63 Parkhead Farm, £62.50 Moss Grove, £62 Low Houses Farm, £62 Demesne Farm, £60 Brackenthwaite Farm, £60 Southernby Hall, £60 Beck Farm, £60 Low Fauld Farm, £59.50 Gallows Hill, £59.50 The Heugh, £58.50 Foulskyke Farm, £58 Jenetes Hill, £58 Fairhill Farm, £57.50 Spency Croft, £57.50 The Heugh, Beltex £77, £72 The Barns, Greyfaced £69 Demesne Farm, £55, £52 Dyke Croft, £50.50 Spency Croft, Suffolk 58.50 Foulskyke Farm, £57 Beck Farm, £56.50 Gallows Hill, £56, £53.50 Demesne Farm, £53 Seymour House, Bleu Du Maine £55 Luketon Stud, Zwartbles £53.50 Nether Balgray.