Borderway Store Sheep Sale

18th November 2019

STORE SHEEP: On Monday 13th November 2019 Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of store sheep.

Once again there was a serious store lamb trade with all lambs very good to sell and topping at £89 on two occasions. Firstly, for a pen of 9 Beltex lambs from Messrs H & T Wood, Well Head, Dean, Workington with a pen of 17 following from the same good home selling for £88. Messrs Wood has topped the store ring on every consignment this year. The second lot to sell at £89 was a Texel x lamb from Messrs Eve, Stubbsgill.

All lambs very good to sell seeing a vendors leaving highly delighted with a pen of 29 of pure Herdwick wethers from Messrs Airey, Low Greenside, Ravenstonedale, Kirkby Stephen selling for £54.

Leading Prices per Head: Beltex £89, £88, £76, £73 Well Head Farm, £79, £69 Triermain, £72 Pelutho Park, £66 Fell View Farm, £65 High Old Shield Farm, £64 Low Greenside Texel £89, £74 Stubbsgill Farm, £84 The Barns, £78, £75, £69, £68.50, £68 Smithy Garth, £77 Long Park, £74 Holm Cottage, £72, £68.50 Southwaite Green Mill, £72 Pelutho Park, £71 Croft House, £70 Harper Hill Farm, £68 Scarrowhill, £68, £67 Lanehead Farm, £68 Triermain, £67 Denton Farm Greyfaced £65 Brampton Fell Farm, £64 Croft House, £62 Fell View Farm, £59 Fellview Suffolk £62 Southwaite Green Mill Herdwick £54 Low Greenside


For further information on store and breeding sheep sales a Borderway please contact David Fearon 07500173273.