Borderway Store Sheep Sale

6th January 2020

On Monday 6th January Harrison & Hetherington held their first sale of store sheep for 2020 which saw a small entry forward, however averaging £72.87 per head.

Topping the sale at £95 was a pen of Texel hoggs from Messrs G Wilson, Redding, Moffat.

The next sale will take place on Monday 13th January, which will feature the opening sale of ewes with lambs at foot. Please contact the Auctioneer David Fearon on 07500173273 for further information.

Leading prices per head: Texel £95, £92, £81, £80 (x3) Reddings, £90, £88 Mossband Hall, £90 Walton Woodhead, £88 Wavercroft, £86 (x2) Wardhall Guards, Suffolk £78 Park Head Farm, £75 Hesket Demain, £72 Green Close, £70 Mosergh Farm, Greyfaced £74 Cambeckhill Farm, £70 Mosergh Farm, Kerry Hill £70 Catcrags.