Borderway Store Sheep Sale

27th January 2020

On Monday 27th January Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of store sheep with a quality show of store hoggs on offer again with all classes selling with ease.

Topping the trade were two pens from Messrs Pickworth, Dotland Park, firstly a pen of 11 Beltex setting the bar at £97 followed by another pen of 14 from the same good home again selling for £97 both pens purchased by Andrew Graham, Wigton,

Horned lambs and mule lambs once again sold very well with plenty of bidders from start to finish. A consignment of Swale hoggs from Messrs Lamb, Burnes Farm, St Johns in the Vale, Keswick sold  to a top of £58 for a pen of 25 with his mules topping at £73.50.

Next week we are expecting a high demand for store hoggs again encouraged by the climbing Prime Sheep trade.  Also this day a number of In lamb ewes including the Adult portion of ewes on behalf of Messrs Howe, Cochrane Nurseries, Longtown including 12 Cheviot Mule ewes and 40 Texel X Ewes.

Leading prices per head:
Beltex £97 (x2) Dotland Park, £94 £90 £88 £84 Wardhall Guards Farm, £93 Stone House, Texel £84 £75 Longhurst, £83 £68 Desoglin £81 Hill Farm, £80 £66 Manor Farm, £75 Gosling Terrace £73 Moss Grove, £70 Ghyll Croft, £66.50 Mosergh Farm, £62 Hill Farm, Suffolk £79 High Keenley Fell Farm, £73.50 Mosergh Farm, Grey Faced £73.50 Burns Farm, £72.50 Manor Farm, £53.50 Rawfoot,Swaledale £58 £56 £46.80 Burns Farm, Black Welsh £79.50 Field Croft, Masham £67 Mosergh, Easecare £65 Coxhill Farm, Hill Cheviot £53 High Keenley Fell Farm.

For more information on store and breeding sheep at Borderway, please contact the Auctioneer David Fearon on 07500173273.