Borderway Store & Weanling Cattle Sale

22nd July 2020

At Borderway Mart on Wednesday 22nd July, Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their weekly sale of store and weanling cattle.

STORE CATTLE: A great show of store cattle were forward with the top price of the day from Messrs Johnstone, Westray Farm selling two Charolais x bullocks for £1455.  Messrs Studholme, Ash View sold the top price Limousin bullock for £1330 and a Limouisn heifer for £1260.  Messrs Kyle, Spout Bank sold a Charolais x bullock for £1320. Topping the heifer section was Messrs Bowman Croft House with Limousin cross heifers attaining £1350 and £1280.  Messrs Brough, Clappers selling to £1270 and £1250 and finally Messrs Batty, Flimby Hall sold to £1270 again for Limousin crosses.

Leading prices: Steers: Charolais £1455 (x2) Westray Farm, £1320 £1240 £1190 £1155 Spout Bank, £1260 (x3) Campingholm £1240 £1160 (x2) Stoneraise Place, £1165 (x4) High Stand, Limousin £1330 Ash View, £1280 Croft House, £1280 (x2) £1270 High House, £1270 High Stand Farm, Aberdeen Angus £1270 (x2) Blackrigg £1230 Wydon Eals Farm , British Blue £1260 £1195 (x2) £1150 (x2) Briggle Farm, £1250 Brackenhill Rigg, £1190 (x4) Millstone Moor, £1180 Stainton House Farm, Holstein Friesian £1180 Greenwrae, £1090 £1000 (x2) Bankhead of Tinwald Farm, Simmental £1160 Buccleugh Street, Friesian £1030 (x2) Wellington Farm, Hereford £1030 (x8) Millstone Moor, Belted Galloway £1010 Millstone Moor, Holstein £1000 Greenview.

Heifers: Limousin £1350 £1280 Croft House, £1270 Flimby Hall, £1270 £1250 Clappers Farm, £1260 £1190 Ash View, £1190 (x2) Burnside, £1170 Lodge Farm, Aberdeen Angus £1170 Blackrigg, £1140 (x2) Lodge Farm, Beef Shorthorn £1190 Frankstown Farm, Charolais £1180 High Stand, £1140 (x2) Westray Farm, British Blue £1170 Blackrigg £1140 (x2) Stone House.

WEANED CATTLE: A smaller show of weanlings were forward with a keen ring side of buyers ensuring a great trade with Bulls being the dearest seen Messrs Lee, Langrigg Farm sold the top priced Limousin x bull for £1265.  Messrs Henshall, Sarkshields sold two Limousin bulls for £1225 and £1210.  Emslie Livestock run of bulls topped at £1200 for a Limousin cross and £1195 for a Charolais.  Ashley Thom, Marks Farm sold the top priced Limousin cross bullock for £1085.

Leading prices:

Bulls: Limousin £1265 Langrigg House, £1225 £1210 Sarkshields Farm, £1200 £1150 Kinknockie, Charolais £1195 Kinknockie, British Blue £1100 Langrigg House Aberdeen Angus £1080 (x3) £945 Barnglies, Hereford £995 (x3) Barnglies Longhorn £755 (x5) Fishwick Mains.

Heifers: Limousin £940 West Hot Bank, Charolais £790 Mark Farm, Simmental £785 Mark Farm.

Steers: Limousin £1085 Mark Farm, £950 Burthwaite, Charolais £880 Northrigg Hill, £880 Mark Farm, Simmental £865 Mark Farm, Aberdeen Angus £830 (x2) West Hot Bank, £785 (x2) £750 Northrigg Hill, £750 (x4) Barwhanny Farm.