Borderway Store & Weanling Sale including Annual Continental Cross suckled calf sale

16th October 2019

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd had forward 1864 head of cattle at their Weekly Wednesday Sale at Borderway comprising of a catalogued entry of 886 store cattle, un-entered young bulls and stirks and 262 calves.  Also, this day was the Annual Continental Cross suckled calf sale with a large entry of 639 forward.  There was another good entry of Dairy cattle in the Monthly Border and Lakeland Club sale of 132 Pedigree Cattle with 23 Commercial Dairy cows also.  A very busy day at Borderway Mart with all rings experiencing a very good days trading.

STORE CATTLE – A very good entry of 618 forward stores presented to a huge ring side of buyers, quality and trade was far better on the week. Top overall was a pen of three quality Limousins crosses from Messrs Hume, The Finches, Coldstream who attained £1160.  Aberdeen Angus to £1125 for a pen of four from Messrs Sloan, Stainton House, Carlisle.   Charolais bullocks sold well to top at £1100 from D Carr & Son, Highwood Farm, Hexham.  Black and whites sold to a top of £1020 for a bullock from Messrs Scott, Carrick Dean, Maryport.

In the heifer section a day’s top of £1135 from Messrs Hume, The Finches, for Limousin and Charolais to £1085 from Messrs Dobson, East View, Maryport.

Leading prices per head:

Steers: Limousin £1160 £1040 The Finches, £1135, £1080 Kershopefoot £1115 (x2), £1100 £1080 (x2) £1030 (x2) Highwood Farm, £1080 Thistledown, £1065 (x2) £1030 (x2) Lairdlaugh, £1050 £1040 Upper Higham Lane, £1050 New Sandsfield, £1045 (x2) Hall Garth, £1040 (x2) Rigg Head,  Aberdeen Angus £1125 (x4) Stainton House Farm, £1095 (x7) Cockleybank, £995, £910  Kelsick House, £985 Balnamoon Farm, £920 Burn House, £900 Upper Higham Lane, Charolais £1100 (x2) £1085 (x2) £1070 £1055 (x3) £1015  Highwood Farm, British Blue £1080 (x2) Rigg Head, £1010 Sandbed Farm, £1000 (x2) Rose Farm, Holstein Friesian £1020 £800 (x4) £725 Carrick Dean, £785 (x8) Cockleybank, Saler £970 Balnamoon Farm, Continental £935 (x2) Ballacutchel Road, Simmental £910 Ballacutchel Road, Beef Shorthorn £900 Calees

Friesian £810 (x2) Church View, £805 (x4) Wellington Farm.

Heifers: Limousin £1135 The Finches, £1030 Church View, £1010 £970 £950 Upper Higham Lane, £1010 (x2) Hall Garth, £965 Stubbsgill Farm, £960 Wallhead, £950 Midtown Farm, Charolais £1085 £1040 (x2) West End Farm, £1030 Rigg Head, £1030 Beck Farm, £960 Upper Higham Lane, £930 Kelsick House, £900 East Wharmley

British Blue £1005 Bridge End, £885 Rottington Hall, £880 £875 Rose Farm, £880 Thistledown, £880 Wallhead, Aberdeen Angus £950 (x5) Cockleybank £825 Rose Farm, Simmental £875 (x4) Auchenhill, £855 East Wharmley.

SUCKLED CALVES: – A great entry of 639 Suckled calves were forward with many regular and new customers coming forward with a great show of cattle.  Messrs Vance, Bridgehouse Farming Co run of Limousin x bullocks and heifers topped at £970 and £960 for six bullocks and £930 and £870 for two heifers.  Messrs Mattinson, Burthwaite sold a Limousin x bullock for £920.  Messrs Cadzow & Co, Duncrahill Farm, run of Limousin x bullocks topped at £910 for a pen of nine.  Messrs Thornton & Son, Dyke Croft run of cattle topped at £890 for a 7 month old Charolais Bullock.  Messrs Cousin, The Laws run of Limousin x bullocks and heifers topped at £890 for a 7 month old Limousin x.

Leading Prices:

Limousin £970 £960 (x6) £890 (x6) Bridgehouse Farm, £920 (x2) Burthwaite £910 (x9) Duncrahill Farm House, £890 (x2) The Laws, Charolais £890 £860 Dyke Croft, £800 Craigour, British Blue £800 Skiddaw View Cottage, Blonde £720 Mill Farm

Heifers: Limousin £930 (x2) £870 (x2) £790 (x6) Bridgehouse Farm, Charolais £790 £770 (x17) Craigour, British Blue £730 Skiddaw View Cottage.

WEANED CATTLE: A smaller show of 190 weaners were forward with well fleshed cattle continue to sell well.  Topping todays sale was a cracking British Blue heifer from Messrs Routledge, Lordstown selling to £890.  This great run of cattle averaged £850.  Poorer quality continue to be more difficult to sell.

Leading prices:

Heifers: British Blue £890 £800 (x2) Lordstown, Aberdeen Angus £890 Mouswald Banks, £770 Demesne Farm, Limousin £870 West Rennington, £790 Mouswalds Banks, £755 £750 Pasture House, Holstein Friesian £730 Mouswalds Banks, £620 Helm Farm, Beef shorthorn £685 Sandwick Farm, Friesian £670 Mouswalds Banks,Hereford £575 North Churchlands, Belted Galloway £420 Mouswalds Banks.

Steers: British Blue £880 (x2) Lordstown Farm, £680 Brackenhow, £655 Pasture House, Aberdeen Angus £730 (x2) Sandysike Farmhouse, £725 (x4) Hedley West Riding, Hereford £690 North Churchlands, £660 Mouswald Banks, Limousins £650 New House Farm, £625 Ashley Grove Farm, Galloway £610 Sandysyke Farmhouse.

Bulls: Limousin £745 West Rennington, Simmental £770 (x2) East WharmleyHolstein Friesian £370 (x3) Crossrigg Farm.