Borderway Weekly Calf Sale

19th June 2020

On Friday 19th June Harrison & Hetherington Limited held their weekly sale of calves with a smaller entry of 279 forward and all classes continue to be in high demand.

Top price was £590 for a Limousin bull calf shown by Messrs Sharp of Wolsty Hall, Silloth.  Black & White types continue to be an excellent trade and more are required on a weekly basis to fulfil buyers orders.

Next Sale will take place on Friday 26th June, please note sale time of 10am.

Leading Prices per Head:

Bulls:  Limousin £590 Wolsty Hall, £460 Hillcrest Farm, £440 Bridge End Farm,

British Blue £545 Winter Crag, £500 Wynholm Farm, £480 Bridge End Farm, Swedish Red & White £430 North Doddington, British Friesian £400 (x2) North Doddington, £275 (x2) Mounsey Bank, £365 Oulton Grange, Aberdeen Angus £380 Hillcrest Farm, £380 (x2), Whitrigg Grange, £375 Burton House, £350 Sunnycroft, £315 Campingholm, £300 Boggle Hall, Normandy £360 Bridge End Farm, Montbeliarde £360 Bridge End Farm, Norwegian Red £360 Bridge End Farm, Charolais £350 Mossband Hall, Fleckvieh £350 Nether Collinhirst, £350 Bridge End Farm,  Simmental £340 Wyseby Mains, Holstein Friesian £265 Oulton Grange, £250 Brunt Hill, £245 Blackdyke Farm,  Danish Red £255 (x2) Lambfield Farm, £235 Bridge End Farm, Hereford £470 Winter Crag, £280 (x2) Cairnhead Farm, £270 Cotehill Farm, Holstein  £142 (x2) White House Farm.

Heifers: Limousin £445 Bridge End Farm, £340 Street Head, £330 Burton House, British Blue £435 Burton House, £410 Monks Farm, £400 Nook House, Charolais £390 Prospect House, Aberdeen Angus £310 Limekilns Farm