Borderway Weekly Primestock Sale

18th November 2019

At Borderway Mart, Carlisle on Monday 18th November Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of prime cattle and sheep and once again a very good entry of 480 cast cows, bulls and prime cattle, along with 4015 prime and cast sheep were forward.

CAST COWS & OTM CATTLE – A smaller show of 305 cast cows and stock bulls were on offer with trade for well finished cows a lot better on the week.

Messrs Campbell, Strawfrank run of Limousin cows topped at 811kg, 170.5p, £1382 and 932kg, 129.5p, £1206 bought by Owain Llyr and Charles Kirkpatrick.  Messrs Ridley, Haltcliffe run of Limousin cows topped at 765kg, 179.5p, £1373 to Owain Llyr.  Messrs Pattinson, Temon Farm sold two outstanding British Blue cows for 771kg, 169.5p, £1306 and 800kg, 161.5p, £1292 purchased by Owain Llyr and Charles Kirkpatrick.  Messrs Graham, Fell View sold a Limousin cross heifer for 179.5p to Sean McGimpsey.

Messrs Martin, Orton Grange sold the top priced Holstein cross cow for 841kg, 115.5p, £971 to Dovecote Park.  Messrs Wilson, Hardrigg Hall Holstein cross cows topped at 670kg, 138.5p, £927 to Les Fell.  Messrs Moffat & Co, Kirtlebank sold a Holstein cross cow for 871kg, 103.5p, £901 to Dovecote Park.  Messrs Robinson & Son, Gelt Hall sold the top priced Friesian cow for 676kg, 131.5p, £888 to Les Fell.  Messrs Errington, Lowther Low Moor sold the top priced Montbeliarde cross for 808kg, 106.5p, £860 to Dovecote Park.  Messrs Workman, The Beeches sold a Montbeliarde cross heifer 147.5p to Les Fell.

Leading prices per head: Limousin £1382, £1206 Strawfrank, £1373, £1062 Haltcliffe, £1193 Osborne Farm, £1178 West Farm, £1169 Sycamore Rise, £1150 East Unthank, £1101, £1034 Hill House, £1098 Midtown, £1082, £1048 Warksfield Head, £1070 Manor Farm, £1050 Croft House British Blue £1306, £1292 Temon, £1144, £1128 Cawfields, £1096 Hill House, £1093 West Farm, £1065 Creca Hall Simmental £1092 Maryfield Aberdeen Angus £1088 Newlands Haugh Farm Holstein Friesian £971 Orton Grange, £927 Hardrigg Hall, £901 Kirtlebank, £880 Langhorn, £880 The Ling, £879 Bridgehouse, £856 Cushathill, £856 Mirkbooths, £842 Lamplugh Hall, £836 Crookdyke, £815 Berrier Head Beef Shorthorn £922 Farlam Hill Holstein £895, £873 Crossrigg, £835, £812 Newbampton, £831 Berrier Head, £831 Justicetown Friesian £888 Gelt Hall, £845, £833, £825, £813, £804 Whitlawside Montbeliarde £860 Lowther Low Moor, £842 The Beeches

Leading prices per kilo: Limousin 179.5p Haltcliffe, 179.5p Fell View, 170.5p Strawfrank, 161.5p Osborne Farm, 156.5p East Unthank, 149.5p West Farm, 148.5p, 135.5p Warksfield Head, 147.5p, Manor Farm, 141.5p, 138.5p Midtown Farm, 138.5p Cawfields, 137.5p, 135.5p Sycamore Rise, 135.5p Dumbretton British Blue 169.5p, 161.5p Temon, 167.5p, 160.5p Cawfields, 159.5p Gelt Hall, 144.5p Mossband Hall, 135.5p West Farm Montbeliarde 147.5p, 111.5p The Beeches Highland 139.5p Bank Head Holstein Friesian 138.5p, 121.5p Hardrigg Hall, 125.5p Street Head, 123.5p Crookdyke, 121.5p Limekilns, 115.5p Orton Grange, 111.5p Seathill Charolais 134.5p Kimmeter Green Friesian 131.5p Gelt Hall 128.5p High House, 121.5p Whitlawside Simmental 129.5p Maryfield Aberdeen Angus 127.5p, 123.5p Bank Head, 127.5p, 125.5p Newlands Haugh Farm, 123.5p Westnewton Hall Holstein 121.5p Newbampton, 121.5p Crossrigg, 119.5p Justicetown, 118.5p Low Rigg Saler 118.5p Westnewton Hall Galloway 114.5p The Swaites MRI 114.5p Cumdivock House Fleckvieh 113.5p Lowther Low Moor Beef Shorthorn 110.5p Hollands, 110.5p Farlam Hill Luing 108.5p Geltsdale Welsh Black 107.5p Douglas Square Blue Grey 103.5p Chapel Farm.

CAST BULLS – Messrs Armstrong & Sons, Broomhills sold the top priced Limousin stock bull which sold for 1011kg, 125.5p, £1263 to Owain Llyr.  Messrs Taylor & Gill, Fell End sold a Limousin stock bull for 964kg, 126.5p, £1219 to Charles Kirkpatrick.

Cast Bull Leading prices per head: Limousin £1263 Broomhills, £1219 Fell End Simmental £1099 Merryshield.

Cast Bull Leading prices per kilo: British Blue 177.5p Yew Tree Limousin 126.5p Fell End, 125p Broomhills, 116.5p Manor Farm.

PRIME BULLS – A Good entry of 116 bulls were present and were met by a strong trade throughout.  Topping the sale was a Blonde bull from Mr R Wilshaw, Oulton Hall selling for £1565.55 to Messrs Helliwell, Rochdale.  Limousin bulls topped at £1526.93 from Brian Hall, Ainstable Hall selling to Ralph Pearson Wholesale Butchers.  British Blues again from Brain Hall, Ainstable Hall sold to £1498.10 and again were purchased by Ralph Pearsons.

Top pence per kilo went to a British Blue from Brain Hall, selling at 223.5p to Messrs Medcalf with Limousins topping at 218.5p again from Messrs Hall and selling to Messrs Helliwell, Rochdale.  A lot more bulls are needed to satisfy demand.

Leading prices per head: Blonde £1565, £1303 Oulton Hall Limousin £1526, £1507, £1456 Ainstable Hall, £1473 Mirkbooths, £1437 Townfoot, £1413 Fell End, £1394 Prospect House, £1391 Osborn Farm, £1375 Park View, £1368 West End, £1355 Sarkshields British Blue £1498, £1435, £1368, £1352, £1292, £1284, £1273, £1245 Ainstable Hall Simmental £1412 Newbie Mains, £1359 Oakrigg, £1346 Bectonhall Charolais £1370, £1275 Burnside Hereford £1205, £1145 Randalinton Montbeliarde £1106, £1077 The Beeches, £1000 Cowlyers, £932 Kirkbride House Aberdeen Angus £1094, £1087 The Flatt Friesian £1089 Hillhead, £1059 Albyfield Fleckvieh £1040, £1025 Albyfield Holstein Friesian £986, £933 Prospect House, £873, £855 Blackrigg, £846 Old Church Holstein £928, £819 Musgrave Hall.

Leading prices per kilo: British Blue 223.5p, 218.5p, 217.5p, 215.5p, 212.5p, 208.5p, 205.5p, 202.5p Ainstable Hall, 202.5p, 189.5p, 188.5p Justicetown Limousin 218.5p, 208.5p, 199.5p, 195.5p Ainstable Hall, 209.5p, 208.5p Lower Griseburn, 207.5p Prospect House, 205.5p Osborne Farm, 205.5p High House, 204.5p, 202.5p Sarkshields, 204.5p, 197.5p Townfoot, 198.5p Fell End Blonde 195.5p, 177.5p Oulton Hall, 185.5p, 184.5p Merryshield Simmental 186.5p Bectonhall Friesian 185.5p, 147.5p Albyfield, 146.5p Hillhead, 138.5p High House Charolais 184.5p, 174.5p Burnside Montbeliarde 180.5p, 174.5p The Beeches, 149.5p Cowlyers Hereford 177.5p, 173.5p Randalinton Fleckvieh 176.5p, 170.5p Albyfield Aberdeen Angus 174.5p, 173.5p The Flatt, 169.5p The Beeches Holstein 149.5p, 134.5p Musgrave Hall Holstein Friesian 140.5p, 135.5p, 130.5p Blackrigg, 139.5p, 137.5p Prospect House, 132.5p Randalinton, 132.5p Bectonhall.

PRIME CATTLE – A smaller entry of 57 prime steers and heifers forward selling to a sharper trade on the week. Messrs Pearson, High Plasket Lands, Maryports run of outstanding cattle peaked at £1894 for a Limousin cross heifer purchased by Messrs Mather, Kelso; this same heifer was also top overall pence per kilo of 269.3p. British Blue crosses sold to £1573.52 or 239.5ppk from the same home also.

Steers peaked at £1627.17 for a Limousin cross from Messrs Dixon, Low Whinnow, Carlisle purchased by Pioneer Foods, Carlisle the same vendor also sold top priced British Blue cross to £1508.75. Top pence per kilo steer was 224.5p for a British Blue cross from Messrs Pearson, High Plasket Lands and purchased by Pioneer Foods.

Leading prices per head:

Steers: Limousin £1627 Low Whinnow, £1558, £1426 Bothel Parks, £1517 Elm House Blonde £1508 Low Whinnow British Blue £1497, £1443 High Plasket Lands.

Heifers: Limousin £1894, £1551, £1478, £1321, £1318, £1309, £1304 High Plasket Lands, £1453, £1379 Elm House, £1286 Haltcliffe British Blue £1573, £1403, £1309 High Plasket Lands Blonde £1253 High Plasket Lands.

Leading prices per kilo:

Steers: Limousin 215.5p Elm House, 213.5p High Plasket Lands, 211.5p Newbiggin Farm, 210.5p Low Whinnow, 209.5p Bothel Parks British Blue 224.5p, 213.5p High Plasket Lands Blonde 212.5p Low Whinnow.

Heifers: Limousin 269.5p , 227.5p, 226.5p(x2), 223.5p, 222.5p, 221.5p, 220.5p, 216.5p, 214.5p High Plasket Lands, 221.5p, 219.5p Elm House, 216.5p Haltcliffe, 214.5p Newbiggin Farm British Blue 239.5p, 222.5p, 221.5p High Plasket Lands Blonde 229.5p High Plasket Lands Charolais 220.5p Hosket Hill, 212.5p High Plasket Lands.

For more information of Cast and Prime Cattle Sales at Borderway please contact David Holliday 07710 189804 or Grant Anderson 07872 129274.

PRIME SHEEP – ‘A Bleating Good Day at Borderway’

The weekly sale of prime and cast sheep had a large entry of 4015 total head forward.

A great show of 3318 prime lambs met another great enquiry, with 30 outlets operating. All classes were well bid for, ensuring all vendors left happy with their trade. Lambs weighing 22-63kg all found homes with ease, with an overall average of 183.62ppk or £84.85 and an SQQ of 192.2ppk.

The sale topped at £120 for exceptional Beltex cross lambs, shown by Messrs A & B Fisher, Lairdlaugh, Castle Douglas, which sold to A Wright & Son, Boston. Messrs Fisher’s run of lambs averaged £113.36 per head (51.67kg, 219ppk).

Topping per kilo for the second consecutive week was Messrs A & A Little, Hollands, Penton who sold a beautiful Beltex at 264.7ppk (43kg, £113.80) which also sold to A Wright & Son.

Suffolk lambs sold to a top of £105.80 for a great pen from Messrs J & D Longlands Ltd, Tone Hall, Hexham with their run of 66 lambs averaging £99.87 per head.

A large show of Mule lambs sold to £87.30 from Messrs JW Smith-Jackson, High Town, Haltwhistle and to 181.8ppk from The Hollands, Penton.

Leading Prices per Head: Beltex £120 Lairdlaugh £113.80, £102.80 Hollands, £109.80, £92, £91.50 Castlehill, £104, £103.80, £102.80, £98.30, £93.80 Hayclose, £101.80, £92.80 Dykehead, £97, £95.80, £93.80, £92.80 The Wreay, £95.80, £93.30 Reddings, £95.30, £94.30 Craigdhu Texel £114.80 (2), £112.80, £110.80, £104.80 Lairdlaugh, £107.80 Craigdhu, £103.80, £102.80, £100 Tone Hall, £102, £101.80, £100 (x2) Dearham Hall, £98.80 Hermitage, £97.80 Swiss Cottage, £97 Lanerton, £96.80 Mirkbooths, £96.80 Intack House, £96 Swiss Cottage Suffolk £105.80, £100 Tone Hall, £90.80 Denton Mains, £90 Anchor Farm, £89.80, £86.30 The Wreay, £86.80 Shankfieldhead, £86.80, £84.30 Aimshaugh, £85.80 White House, £84.80 High House, £84.80 Thorneyland, £80 Roe Farm, £80 Swiss Cottage, £80 Cowranside Dutch Texel £102.80, £100, £95.80, £95, £93.80 £91 New Grange, £102.80, £98.80, £97.80, £92.80 Hargill House, £97.80 (x2), £95 Thirlwall Castle, £95.80, £94.80 Unity, £94.80 Thorneyland, £93.80, £91.80 Springfield, £92.80, £91.80 High Old Shield Charollais £90.30, £90 The Wreay Greyfaced £87.30, £86.30 Hightown, £87 Denton Mains, £86.80 Albierigg, £85.80, £80.30, £80 Gate Farm, £84.30 Old Rectory, £83.80 Round Meadows, £83.80 Hargill House, £82.80 (x2) Kilnknowe, £81.80 Reaygarth, £80 Hollands, £80 The Wreay Bleu Du Maine £85.80 New Houses Herdwick £81.30 Ribton House Cheviot £80 Outer Woodhead.

Leading Prices per Kilo: Beltex 264.7p, 241.9p, 229.9p, 216.2p Hollands, 261.4p, 234.6p Castlehill, 260p, 239.1p, 236.9p Hayclose, 238.9p Harley Croft, 236.7p, 226.3p Dykehead, 225p New Houses, 225p The Throp, 224.5p Craigdhu, 219.5p, 219.3p Winterhope, 219.5p, 219p Reddings, 214.7p Pelutho Park Dutch Texel 250.7p, 247.6p, 215.8p, 214.8p Hargill House, 234.5p, 226.7p, 203.2p Springfield, 231.2p Thorneyland, 227.4p, 222.3p, 220.9p Thirlwall Castle, 217.7p, 215.1p, 212p, 211.1p New Grange, 216p, 204.9p High Old Shield, 215.5p, 208.8p, 203.8p Unity Texel 239.6p Craigdhu, 233.7p Lanerton, 229.9p Hunley, 228.6p, 223.4p,219.4p, 216.6p Lairdlaugh, 225.7p Low Barn, 224.5p, 222.8p Hermitage, 223.9p Anchor Farm, 223.6p, 217.2p Copperthorns, 222.7p, 221p Little Swinburne, 222p Shankfieldhead, 220.5p Newbiggin, 220.5p Holmewrangle, 220p Intack House, 219.5p Hunley Bleu Du Maine 190.7p New Houses Greyfaced 181.8p Hollands, 180.4p, 177.8p, 171.6p Gate Farm, 175.4p Shankfieldhead, 175.3p Fell View, 174.3p Church Farm, 174p Denton Mains, 173.7p, 171p Hargill House, 173.6p Albierigg, 171.7p The Throp, 171.5p Round Meadows, 170.7p (x) Kilnknowe, 170.5p Farnbury Suffolk 181.8p Roe Farm, 179.1p Hunters Place, 177.5p, 171.9p Aimshaugh, 176.5p Anchor Farm, 175.4p, 172p Tone Hall, 173.6p Shankfieldhead, 173.1p High House

CAST SHEEP – On Monday 18th November Harrison and Hetherington held their weekly sale of 244 cast ewes where trade was up on the week. Once again horned ewes continue to sell very well and well fleshed ewes were in greater demand. Topping the sale at £122 was a great Texel ewe from Messrs Park, Cowranside Farm. Swaledales sold to £54.50 from Messrs Smith, Roachburn Farm.

Leading Prices per Head:
Ewes: Texel £122 Cowranside, £107.50, £99.50, £91.50 Lords Close, £100.50, £93.50 Claremont Properties, £92.50, £89.50 Dykehead, £91.50 Well Head, £91, £86.50 Castlehill, £86.50 Dancing Gate Suffolk £91.50 Scarrowhill, £83.50 Jenetes Hill Leicester £88.50 Brampton Fell, £80.50 Church Farm Beltex £81.50 Lanerton Charolais £81.50 Cowranside Greyfaced £71.50 Lanerton, £65.50 Claremont Properties, £65.50 Home Farm Swaledale £54.50 Roachburn, £47.50 Dykeside, £47.50, £43.50 Haining House, £45.50 Brampton Fell, £42.50 Round Meadows, £37.50 Haining House, £36.50 Harewalls Shetland £58.50 Dancing Gate Herdwick £30.50 Fell View.

Rams: Texel £94.50 Cowranside.

For further information of Cast and Prime sheep sales at Borderway please contact James Little 07872 840685.