Broughton Breeding Sheep Sale

14th May 2019

At Broughton Mart on Tuesday 14th May Harrison & Hetherington held their sale of ewes and lambs within Broughton Mart.

A fabulous entry of 1200 head was forward and topped at £61 for head for Texel cross ewes with lambs from Messrs M & GM Fox, Crosbythwaite, Ulpha. Mules sold to £53 a head from Messrs Winder, Wall End Farm, Broughton. Fell sheep met a brisk trade to a top of £43 per life for Cheviots ewes and lambs from Messrs Penellum, Swinside, Thwaites. Herdwick sold to £37 per life for a pen of 46 from Messrs LM & C Whittaker, Moorlands Cottage, Kirkby. Swaledale ewes and lambs to £39 per life with Mule lambs at foot from TW Temple, Gill Bank, Holmrook.

The next sale of breeding sheep will take place on Tuesday 28th May, for any enquiries regarding sales or entries please contact the Auctioneers David Fearon  on 07764 573436 or James Little on 07872 840685.

Leading price per head:
Ewes with lambs at foot: Texel £61, £54, £51, £49 Crosbythwaite, Suffolk £54, £50.50 Wall End Farm, Greyfaced £53, £52 (x2) Wall End Farm, £53, 352 Jackson Ground, Hill Cheviot £43, £41, £40, £39 (x3), £38, £37 (x3) Swinside, Swaledale £39, £38, £36 Gill Bank Farm, £35 (x2) High Ground Farm, £35, £34, £33 Green Bank Farm, Herdwick £37, £35, 34.50, £32 Moorlands Cottage, £36, £35 Sella Farm, 336 High Ground Farm, £34.50 (x2), £34, £33.50, £32.50 Parsonage Farm, £34 Gill Bank Farm, £34 (x2) Wha House, 332 Hazel Head Farm, £32 High Ground Farm,

Shearling Gimmer with lambs at foot: Texel £58 Crosbythwaite.