Broughton Breeding Sheep Sale

26th May 2020

On Tuesday 26th May Harrison & Hetherington held their second sale of ewes and lambs within Broughton Auction Mart. All classes were keenly bid for resulting in a great return for all vendors. Mule ewes sold to £61 for a pen from Messrs Temple, Gill Bank Foot, Holmrook.  Hill Cheviots sold to £59 and £57 from Messrs Penellum, Swinside, Millom. Herdwicks sold to £47 for a pen from Messrs Inman, High Ground Farm, Coniston.

Leading price per head:  

Ewes with lambs: Greyfaced £61, £59 Gill Bank Foot, £55 High Ground Farm Hill Cheviots £59, £57, £46, £44.50 Swinside, £50 Baskell Farm Texel £57, £59 Swindale Herdwick £47, £43, £41 High Ground Farm, £45 Baskell Farm