Broughton Christmas Fatstock Show and Sale

3rd December 2012

At Broughton Auction on Monday 3rd December, Harrison & Hetherington Ltd conducted the Christmas Show and Sale of Prime Cattle and Sheep.  A total entry of 42 cows and bulls and 486 prime lambs and ewes were forward.

Prime Cattle

The pre-sale show was kindly judged by Mr Harold Birkbeck, Castlehill, Kirkby Stephen who made the following awards:

Prize Winners:

Class 1 Steer: 

1st RW & JM Johnson, Hobkinground Farm

2nd P Ashburner, Brackenbeck

3rd J Capstick & Sons, Whicham Hall Farm  


Class 2 Heifer:

1st RW & JM Johnson, Hobkinground Farm

2nd P Ashburner, Brackenbeck

3rd J Capstick & Sons, Whicham Hall Farm      


Class 3 Bull (Any breed):

1st NA & J Temple, Blackhall Farm


Class 4 Best Beef Cow:

1st JHF Lowery, New Buildings

2nd BJ Kwles, Croglin Hurst

3rd NA & J Temple, Blackhall Farm


Class 5 Best Black & White Cow:

1st BJ Kwles, Croglin Hurst

2nd A Garnett, Mar Farm

3rd J Stubbs & Partners, Sykebeck Farm


Champion: RW & JM Johnson, Hobkinground Farm (heifer)

Reserve Champion:  RW & JM Johnson, Hobkinground Farm (steer)



Leading overall prices:

Steers: Limousin £1263.83, £1203.50, £1218.08, £1114.35 Hobkinground Farm, British Blue £1184.50 Low Stowbank.


Heifers: Limousin £1228.50, £1199.17, £1190.75, £1141.78 Hobkinground Farm, £1157.18, £1137.15 Brackenbeck, British Blue £1115.63 Beck Farm.   


Bulls: Limousin £1158.58 Blackhall Farm.


Cast Cows: British Blue £1356.08, £1277.68 Quarry Bank Farm, Limousin £1046.50 Blackhall Farm, Aberdeen Angus £971.10 High Aulthurstside Farm, Holstein 958.30 Blackhall Farm.


Leading prices per kilo:

Steers: British Blue 230p Low Stowbank, Limousin 223.5p, 218.5p, Hobkinground Farm, 209.5p Whicham Hall Farm.


Heifers: Limousin 270p, 231.5p, 216.5p, 209.5p Hobkinground Farm, 218.5p Low Stowbank, 208.5p Brackenbeck, 205.5p, 200p Blackhall Farm, British Blue 212.5p Beck Farm. 


Bulls: Limousin 191.5p Blackhall Farm.


Cast Cows: British Blue 184.5p, 171.5p Quarry Bank Farm, Limousin 149.5p Blackhall Farm, 135.5p, 129.5p Low Scales, 127.5p, 119.5p, 111.5p New Buildings, Holstein 129.5p Blackhall Farm, 119.5p Syke House Farm, 113.5p Mar Farm, Brown Swiss 126.5p Lower Hawthwaite Farm.   


Prime Sheep


The highlight of the pre-sale show was the “Young Farmers” class, which saw 22 entries forward with ages ranging from 4 years old to the late teens.  Judging duties fell to Mr James Cookson, Gilthwaite Rigg, Kendal who made the following awards:


Prize winners:

Class 1 Single Prime Lamb shown by a Young Farmer:

1st Jack Pritt, Ford House

2nd Ian Wilson, Parsonage Farm

3rd Ellie Naylor, Hill Green


Class 2 Best Pen of Suffolk Lambs:

1st K Todd, East Mount

2nd K Todd, East Mount

3rd R Holland, Low Scales


Class 3 Best Pen of Continental Lambs:

1st JW & VI Naylor, Hill Green Farm

2nd M & D Hatton, Ktt End Farm

3rd RA & C Benson, Gamswell Farm

Class 4 Best Pen of Fell Lambs:

1st D Ellwood, Scalderskew

2nd A Walton, Stable Harvey Farm

3rd WB & SA Steele, Easthwaite Farm


Class 5 Best Pen of Lambs any other Breed:

1st M & D Hatton, Ktt End Farm

2nd P Blanc, Long Garth Farm

3rd J Capstick & Son, Whicham Hall


Class 6 Best Pen of Better Bred Ewes inc Cheviots:

1st KW & A Todd, East Mount

2nd RW & JM Johnson, Hobkinground Farm

3rd WP Higgin, Ben Crag Farm


Class 7 Best Pen of Fell Ewes:

1st  JHF Lowery, New Buildings

2nd K Wrathall, Cockley Beck

3rd HS Ellwood, Baskell Farm  


Champion: JW & VI Naylor, Hill Green    Reserve: M & D Hatton, Kttend Farm


Leading price per head:

Texel £90 Hill Green Farm, £84, £74 Dyke Croft, £80 Close Foot, £78 Parsonage Farm, £78, £77, £76 Hill Green Farm, Beltex £77, £73.80, £68.50 Parsonage Farm, £75 New Buildings, £73.30 Lower Hawthwaite Farm, £71 Long Garth Farm, £70, £68.80 Wood House Farm, Suffolk £75, £73 East Mount, £70.30, £69.80 Ben Crag Farm, £70, £67 Winscales West Farm, £67.80 Lower Hawthwaite Farm, £66.30 New Buildings, £65 Hobkinground Farm, Greyfaced £70, £69.80, £68, £67.80 Whicham Hall, £66.80 Dyke Croft, £62.80 New Buildings, Hill Cheviot £66.80, £62.30 Long Garth Farm, £64.50 Bankhead, Swaledale £62, £56.80 Scalderskew, £58, £57.80 Stable Harvey Farm.   


Leading price per kilo:

Texel 200p, 171p Hill Green Farm, 197p, 181p Croglin Hurst, 183p Dyke Croft, 182p Close Foot, 172p Long Garth Farm, Beltex 196p, 175p Parsonage Farm, 188p New Buildings, 187p Long Garth Farm, 184p, 176p Wood House Farm, Hill Cheviot 161p, 156p Long Garth Farm, 154p Bankhead, 151p Skalderskew, Greyfaced 161p New Buildings, 154p Dyke Croft, 145p, 143p, 141p, 140p Whicham Hall Farm, Suffolk 160p Low Scales, 153p Parsonage Farm, 151p Lower Hawthwaite Farm, 150p (x2) Ben Crag Farm, 148p Hobkinground Farm, 147p New Buildings, Herdwick 159p, 149p Eastthwaite Farm, Swaledale 151p, 146p Stable Harvey Farm, 148p (x2) Scalderskew, 146p Low Scales.