Broughton Opening Sale of Ewes and Lambs

30th April 2019

At Broughton Mart on Tuesday 30th April Harrison & Hetherington held their opening sale of ewes and lambs within Broughton Mart.

The sale was met with a great enquiry, with trade seen to be well ahead of other local outlets.

The sale topped at £66 per life for Texel ewes with twin lambs from Messrs IW Barrow & Sons, Jackson Ground who also topped the Mules at £52 per life for two pens. Herdwick ewes with lambs met a brisk trade and sold to £38 for singles from Messrs P Eastham, Green Bank and to £33.50 for twins from Messrs D & SE Wilson, Parsonage Farm.

The next sale of ewes and lambs will take place on Tuesday 14th May, for any queries regarding sales or entries please contact the Auctioneers David Fearon  on 07764 573436 or James Little on 07872 840685.

Leading price per head:
Ewes with lambs at foot: Texel £66, £55 Jackson Ground, £55 (x2), £52, £49, £48 (x2) Crosbythwaite, £54 (x2), £43 High Ground Farm, Greyfaced £52 (x2) Jackson Ground, £44 Broughton Mills, Suffolk £49 Green Bank, Herdwick £38 Broughton Mills, £36, £33.50 (x2), 332.50, £30 Parsonage Farm, Swaledale £34 High Ground Farm.