Broughton Store and Breeding Sheep Sale

25th September 2012

On Tuesday 25th September Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their sale of breeding and store sheep at Broughton Market. A large attendance of buyers were present and although many lambs were showing signs of the recent weather, all classes met a brisk trade throughout.

Leading Prices

Ewes: Hill Cheviot £62, £61 Scarr Head Bungalow, Blackfaced £60 Hamlet, £50 Galemire House, Jacob £59 Waltham Nursery.

Store Sheep: Suffolk £60, £53 Hollin Bank Farm, £56, £55, £51 Angerton Hall Farm, £54 Commerce Terrace, £50.50 Green Bank, Texel £56 Waltham Nursery, £53 Angerton Hall Farm, £52.50 Croglin Hurst, Charollais £53.50 Half Acre, Hill Cheviot £52, £48 Scarr Head Bungalow, Beltex £50.50 Waltham Nursery, Swaledale £38.50 Woolpack, £32.50 Greenholme Farm, Herdwick £30 Woolpack, £27 Scarr Head Bungalow, £27 Coniston Hall, £27 Wha House Farm.