Carlisle Beef Breeding Sale

14th December 2018

On Friday 14th December, Harrison & Hetherington held their monthly sale of Beef Breeding cattle.

A small show of cows and heifers in calf or with calves at foot were presented to a large ring side of buyers which ensured a much improved trade than expected.  Messrs Stevenson & Sons, Lower Langshaw Farm heifers and calved topped at £2000 for a Limousin heifer and calf, and also £1980 for a Limousin x cow and calf.  Messrs Carr & Son, Highwood Farm run of cows and heifers with calves at foot topped at £1880 for a Blue x cow and calf.  Messrs Robinson & Son, Gelt Hall farm run of heifers and calves topped a £1850 for a Limousin x heifer and calf.  In calf heifers topped at £1220 for a Blue x heifer in calf to the Limousin bull.

Leading prices:
Heifers with calves:, Limousin £2000 Lower Langshaw Farm, £1850, £1650, £1600 Gelt Hall Farm, £1580 Stonewalls, British Blue £1700 Skelcies Hall, £1500 Highwood Farm,

Cows with calves: Limousin £1980 Lower Langshaw Farm, British Blue £1880 Highwood Farm, Simmental £1480 Culcairie.

Heifers in Calf: British Blue £1220 Whinney Hill Farm, Limousin £1150 Seymour House, Aberdeen Angus  £1120 (x2), £1100 Whinney Hill Farm,

Cows in Calf: British Blue £1050 Seymour House

Bulling Heifers: Saler £980 (x2), £850 Kilnstown Limousin £850 Kilnstown.