Carlisle Beef Breeding Sale

25th January 2019

On Friday 25th January, Harrison & Hetherington held their monthly sale of Beef Breeding cattle.

A large entry of cows and heifer with calves or in calf were forward to a huge ringside of buyers from all parts of the UK, ensuring a flying trade for the first sale of 2019.

Messrs Bell, Haas Grove Farm sold a Limousin cross heifer and calf for £2700. Messrs Cowan, The Ash sold a Limousin cross heifer and calf for £2600. Messrs Stevenson & Son, Lower Langshaw Farm run of heifers and cows with calves topped at £2550 and £2400. Messrs Elliott, Bank House run of heifers and calves topped at £2500 and £2450. Messrs Park, Cowranside Farm sold a Limousin cow and calf for £2500.

Messrs Hodgson, Croft Farm stock cows were in great demand with Limousin cross heifers in calf selling for £1550. Messrs Pattinson, The Flatt run of in calf heifers sold to a top of £1650, £1600, £1580 (x2), £1550 (x3) and £1520.

A run of bulls topped at 3000gns for a Limousin bull from Messrs Norman, Little Orton, and finally Messrs Wainwright, Toddhall sold a British Blue bull for 3000gns.

Leading Heifer and calves averages:
Sleights House Farm 2 av £2300
Bank House 8 av £2293
High House 4 av £2225
Gelt Hall Farm 2 av £2200
Lower Langshaw Farm 5 av £2160

Leading In Calf Cows & Heifer averages:
The Flatt 35 av £1443
Croft Farm 24 av £1232

Leading prices:
Heifers with calves: Limousin £2700 Haas Side Farm, £2600 The Ash, £2550, £2400 Lower Langshaw Farm, £2500, £2450, £2300, £2300, £2200 (x2) Bank House, £2450 Cragside, £2300 Sleights House Farm, £2300 (x2), £2200 High House, £2250, £2150 Gelt Hall Farm, £2250, £2250 Old Hall Farm, £2000 (x2) Paradise Farm

Cows with calves: Limousin £2500 Cowranside Farm, £2150 Lower Langside Farm, £2150, £1900 Little Orton Farm, £2100 High House, £1820 North View, British Blue £1700 Lower Langshaw Farm, British Blue £2300 Sleights House Farm, £2200 (x2) Bank House, £2150 Paradise Farm, Simmental £2000 Lower Langshaw.

Cows in Calf: Limousin £1780, £1550, £1450 (x2) Croft Farm, Dexter £230 Reddishall.

Heifers In Calf: British Blue £1650, £1550, £1520, £1480 The Flatt, Limousin £1600, £1580 (x2), £1550 (x2), £1500 (x4), £1400, £1400 The Flatt, £1550, £1520, £1400 Croft Farm, Aberdeen Angus £1450, £2420, £1400 (x2) The Flatt.

Stock Bulls: Limousin 3000gns Little Orton Farm, British Blue 3000gns Todhall.