Carlisle Beef Breeding Sale

22nd November 2019

On Friday 22nd November, Harrison & Hetherington held their monthly sale of Beef Breeding cattle, which includes a special section for unregistered pure bred Limosuin cattle.

A massive crowd descended to the sale with the ring packed to the rafters, ensuring all classes a phenomenal demand.

The commercial breeding units saw a top of £2250 for a Limosuin cross heifer with heifer calf at foot, shown by Turner Farm Ltd, Honley.

Bulling heifers in this section sold to £1450 for a great Limosuin cross from Messrs Wilson, Hardrigg Hall, Skelton.

The unregistered Limousin section drew an enormous interest, starting off with the bulls which ranged from 8-24 month old, these saw a top of 6500gns from Procters Farm, Slaidburn, with an 8 month old bull stirk from Messrs Nixon, Hunters Hall selling for 5000gns. This section averaged £4987.50.

Recips with calves at foot sold to 4000gns from Messrs Handley, Gunnerfleet, who also topped the bulling heifers at 4000gns, with the recips and calves averaging £2821.87 and heifers averaging £2003.33 for a total clearance.

Leading prices:
Heifers with calves: Bazadaise £1700 Gelt Hall Farm.

Limousin £2250 Oldfield Road Farm, £2000 Lower Langshaw Farm, £1880, £1780 High House, £1800 Wanton Walls.

Cows with calves: Limousin £2200, £2100 Lower Langshaw Farm, £1700 Wanton Walls, Blonde £2000 Lower Langshaw Farm, British Blue £1600 Derrie Farm.

Unregistered Limousin Bulls: 6500gns, 5200gns, 5000gns, 4800gns, 3800gns Procters Farm, 5000gns, 3200gns Hunters Hall, 4500gns Oldfield Road Farm.

Unregistered Limousin Bulling Heifers: 4000gns, 3100gns, 2800gns (x2), 2600gns (x2), 2400gns, 2100gns, 2000gns, 1900gns, 1800gns (x4) Gunnerfleet Farm, 2000gns (x2), 1800gns Procters Farm,

Unregistered Limousin Recips with Calves: 4000gns, 3000gns (x2), 2700gns, 2600gns, 2400gns, 2100gns Gunnerfleet Farm.

Unregistered Limousin In Calf Heifers: 1900gns (x2) Procters Farm.