Carlisle Blue Texel ‘Blue Blinders’ Show & Sale

29th September 2018

On Saturday the 29th of September the Society held their ‘Blue Blinders Show & Sale’ at Harrison & Hetherington, Borderway Mart, Carlisle.

Many thanks to the Judge David Thornley whose very stylish 1st prize ewe lamb, Female Champion and Overall Champion Lot 317 from Paul & Christine Tippetts – Hackney HAC/18/2004 ET a substitute on the day which is sired by Whatmore Walnut out of Hackney Yum Yum.   This classy little ewe lamb went on to secure the top price of the day of 2200gns selling to the Fyfin Blues Flock.

Lot 317 – 2200gns

Ewe lambs were very much in demand with another excellent example of the breed being the 2nd prize ewe lamb, Reserve Female Champion and Reserve Overall Champion from James Bailey – Ivanhoe Lot 316 JAB/18/4953 selling for 1700gns again a substitute lot sired by Bishops ARB/10/00515 out of a homebred ewe ACB/15/02122 selling to the Beardsley Family, Ashbourne.

Lot 316 – 1700gns

Shearling Ewes topped at 800gns for Lot 302 from David and Jennifer Alexander, Millside a big powerful gimmer DJA/17/01845 sired by the 4000gns Sams Yoyo out of Millside DJA/11/00573 this sold to Penny Troup.

Next top call on the shearling ewes again from David & Jennifer Alexander Lot 305 Millside DJA/17/01843 again sired by the 4000gns Sams Yoyo out of a Dulas Vault sired ewe this got knocked down for 650gns to Victoria & Gill Bowring.

Rams lambs topped the ram trade with lot 352 from David and Jennifer Alexander Millside DJA/18/02025 this very lengthy ram lamb sired by Beili Blues BBD/15/02194 out of a Craigalbert sired ewe achieved 1100gns and sold to Messrs Noble, Penicuik.

Lot 352 – 1100gns

The 1st prize ram lamb and Reserve Male Champion Lot 349 from Paul & Christine Tippets Hackney HAC/18/01582 sired by a homebred Joes Alvin ram out of an Import Ewe, this sold for 1000gns to Roberts Family, Llangymin.

Lot 349 – 1000gns

Shearling rams still very much in demand with the 2nd prize shearling ram Lot 339 Walston Bandit from James Orr, this Nantyderri sired ram out of a Millside ewe sold for 900gns to Messrs Butterfield, Barnsley.

Lot 331 1st prize shearling ram and Male Champion Hackney ET HAC/17/01390 sired by the 18000gns Joes Alvin again out of Hackney Yum Yum this sold for 650gns to Messrs Metcalfe, Skipton.

Lot 331 – 650gns

A packed ringside of buyers and several telephone bidders ensured that trade remained fairly buoyant despite the current farming economy.   It was great to see both old and new faces buying and we wish you all the very best with your purchases.

1 Aged Ram £525.00; 3 Shearling Rams £665.00; 20 Lamb Rams £436.80; 4 Shearling Gimmers £656.25; 20 Ewe Lambs £574.87