Carlisle Early Spring Sale of Poultry, Waterfowl, Hatching Eggs, Equipment and Pigs

22nd February 2020

On Saturday 22nd February, Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their annual early spring sale of Poultry, Waterfowl, Hatching Eggs, Equipment and Pigs

A catalogued entry of 1957 lots of poultry and waterfowl, 272 lots of hatching eggs and 68 items of equipment was presented to a crowd of buyers from throughout Scotland, all areas of England and Wales, also Northern Ireland.

The sale topped at £900 twice both for pairs of white call ducks.  The first of these was from M Hewertson which were purchased by Messrs Green from Wales.

£900 call ducks from Messrs Hewertson

The second pair at £900 were from RJ Bett and purchased by Messrs Roberts, Shropshire.

£900 call ducks from Messrs Bett

Another pair of white call ducks sold for £450, these were from J Pepper.

The large fowl section topped at £500 for pair of Welsummers from DW Johnson selling to Messrs Gray from Lanarkshire. These were followed by a pair of white Wynadottes at £300 from M Hewertson.

A trio of white Silkie bantams sold for £380 to top this section these were consigned by Messrs Goodwin. At £300 was a trio of Mottled Pekins from RJ Betts.

The hatching eggs sold to a top of £120 for a dozen French Copper Marans and equipment topped at £190 for a coop.

The pig section sold to a top of £420 for a Pietrain boar from E Campbell which was purchased by Messrs Jordan from Cumbria.

Top price pig